The Hyppe Q disposable vapes review and these come from the US of A and the company does have quite a large global footprint.

I’d heard somewhere the Hype Q are among the best sellers in the American disposable vape market – let’s hope the brand survives the current PMTA carnage.

hyppe q disposable vapes review

The juices are proprietary – as in made by the company, and there’s 20 flavours to choose from.

I’ve received 16 and all are to the TPD standard.

Whatever you think about disposable vapes, they’re definitely here to stay, so is the Hype Q one of the better ones?

What Can We Expect From the Hyppe Q Disposable Vapes?

The flavours are all pretty much fruit based with most including an icy hit.

They are 2ml capacity and filled with 20mg nic salts making them ideal for smokers looking to switch to vaping.

hyppe q review

Each device is powered by a 380mAH internal battery delivering around 600 puffs.

There’s no menus or buttons as they are draw activated – make sure you remove all the bungs first!

OK, the 16 disposable vapes were sent to me direct from Hyppe – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

Right then, let’s see if the Hype Q disposable vapes do indeed live up to the hype…

Hyppe Q Disposable Vapes Lemon Soda

hyppe q lemon soda

Hyppe Q Says:

Explosively citrusy, and unapolagetically lemony, teams up with balanced carbonation to a mouth watering, tongue altering perspective on flavour.

I Say:

Bang on my flavour profile so this was the first one I tried.

One word – delicious!

Sharp lemon with a definite fizz and not over sweetened.

Just a tad too much coolant maybe – but still a very nice vape and then some.

Hyppe Q Disposable Vapes Apple Ice

hyppe q apple ice

Hyppe Q Says:

Rich, sharp and sweet apples pulped into a smooth summer juice topped with sharded ice to create a faithful sunshine beverage anyone can enjoy.

I Say:

This one smells just like an old school greengrocers, very fresh ‘n fruity.

The inhale is all about the apples and yeah, fresh not candied.

I was expecting more of an icy blast – thankfully it’s not that powerful.

This one is a very refreshing vape indeed.

Hyppe Q Disposable Vapes Pink Watermelon

hyppe q pink watermelon

Hyppe Q Says:

Bright pink ripe watermelon explodes with enough enriched fruity juices to quench the desires of the bold.

I Say:

Is it just me or do all watermelon vapes taste pretty much the same?

It smells like a watermelon but there’s a slightly muted flavour.

The ice perks things up a little and is again nicely balanced.

Not much more to say really and nope it didn’t quench my desires 😉

Hyppe Q Disposable Vapes Guava Ice

hyppe q guava ice

Hyppe Q Says:

A tropical flavourstorm of citric intensity pairs perfectly with a refreshing chilly ice finish.

I Say:

I’m quite partial to a bit of guava in my fruit salad so was keen to try this one.

Sounds weird but I’m getting the smell of sweet nettles from pod lol.

It’s not as citrusy as I’d have liked and it’s a little sweet too.

Once again the ice arrives and gives it a lift – a gentle ice too.

Hyppe Q Disposable Vapes Passion Fruit

hyppe q passion fruit

Hyppe Q Says:

You can literally taste the passion poured into this tart, sweet and exotic flavour that will transport you abroad in a single puff.

I Say:

Another fruit I enjoy both eating and vaping on.

A lovely fruity smell from the pod kit promising plenty of flavour.

The inhale does indeed deliver plenty of passion fruit and it’s perfectly sweetened.

I’m getting the merest hint of a coolant but it’s way in the back notes.

Lovely vape!

Hyppe Q Disposable Vapes Strawberry Lemonade

hyppe q strawberry lemonade

Hyppe Q Says:

Freshly picked wild strawberries bursting with classic enriched flavour are blended into a citrusy artisan liquid for the ultimate beat the heat beverage.

I Say:

The smell of fresh not candied strawberries once the plug is removed again promising a tasty vape.

The inhale deceives somewhat as it is more of a candied or over ripened fruit.

There’s that hint of coolant again – just enough to lift the flavour and calm the sweetness down.

No real hint of lemonade and certainly no fizz.

Not bad though…

Hyppe Q Disposable Vapes Strawberry Ice

strawberry ice

Hyppe Q Says:

Enter an ethereal world of berry heaven and dive deep into this ripe medley of the finest summer strawberries around. Cool to the finish and sweet to the taste, unmissable.

I Say:

They’ve certainly cranked up the ice with this one!

The inhale delivers a cccoldness but not at all what you’d call arctic.

The strawberry is a little muted and on the sweet side – but daft as it sounds I enjoyed this one.

Fruity and refreshing for sure.

Hyppe Q Disposable Vapes Chewy Watermelon

chewy watermelon

Hyppe Q Says:

Candied and sweet American inspired chewy watermelon pieces that are delectably coated in gratifying glucose. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

I Say:

You can tell this is candied fruit from the smell alone.

This is a very strongly flavoured vape with watermelon bursting over your taste buds.

Underneath it all is a sweetness but certainly not over the top sugary.

I don’t have a sweet vape tooth but enjoyed this one.

Hyppe Q Disposable Vapes Blueberry Ice

blueberry ice

Hyppe Q Says:

A Brilliantly bursting blueberry blast detonates some stupidly full flavoured icy fruit entourage in your mouth.

I Say:

Mine is called just Blueberry – so is there any ice?

The smell from this one is quite simply divine, promising to be bursting with fruity goodness.

Yes this one delivers in the taste stakes!

And nope there’s no ice in mine – only the slightest touch of coolant.

I like this one a lot!

Hyppe Q Disposable Vapes Blue Razz

blue razz

Hyppe Q Says:

Hyper sweetened raspberries smash and fuse with the unmistakable signature brilliant blue iconic flavour.

I Say:

Not much of an aroma more sweet than fruity.

The inhale does indeed bring the flavour and plenty of it.

There’s a real whack of cooling that calms the sweetness down letting the fruit shine through.

If you like those blue slushies – this one’s for you.

Hyppe Q Disposable Vapes Bloody Bull

bloody bull

Hyppe Q Says:

We can’t guarantee it’ll give you wings, but we can guarantee guarana berries at the forefront with perfected sweetness and indulgent carbonation in this energised nectar.

I Say:

I’m definitely getting the smell of a well known energy drink.

The inhale is a little on the sweeter side, but those berries really do give it a kick.

Just the right amount of coolant too – but I’m not getting any fizz.

Despite that, I found myself vaping on it a lot.

Hyppe Q Disposable Vapes Mango Ice

mango ice hyppe q

Hyppe Q Says:

An all out premeditated attack on your taste buds that’s maliciously mango, and incredulously icy.

I Say:

A very fresh ‘n fruity smell coming from the pod promising big things.

Sadly this one’s a little muted and dare I say wishy washy…

You get a hint of mango, but only a hint and the icy finish is a bit tame too.

Not one for me I’m afraid.

Hyppe Q Disposable Vapes Banana Ice

banana ice

Hyppe Q Says:

Peel back your expectations and slip into an angelic world of perfected balance between cravingly creamy fresh bananas and revivingly refreshing ice.

I Say:

No mistaking the flavour from the smell – very bananary lol.

The inhale delivers fresh rather than sweet banana and that ice is once again perfectly balanced.

Don’t expect frozen tonsils – it really is just about right.

Nice vape and I don’t tend to do banana flavours!

Hyppe Q Disposable Vapes Orange Soda

orange soda

Hyppe Q Says:

Orange you glad we made this flavour? Plentiful citrusy pith fuses with sparkle packed soda to give you an undeniable all day banger.

I Say:

Oh my – a really strong blast of fresh oranges hits the nostrils once the bung is removed.

And the inhale lives up to expectations too.

I’m getting a lovely Fanta orange flavour but without the fizz.

The ice arrives at the back of the tonsils and is a little heavy.

You aren’t freezing your mouth, but the coolant does overpower a little.

Still a very refreshing vape though.

Hyppe Q Grape Soda

grape soda

Hyppe Q Says:

Bright and full, straight off the vine purple grapes come packed in abundance into this vape. Natural Syrupy sweetness trickles and flows in a fizzed up beverage banger.

I Say:

I’ve said it before – I’ve never actually found a gape vape I like…they all seem a little over the top with perfume for my taste buds.

I’m not getting a fresh smell from this one either, though it’s not as perfumy as some.

The inhale isn’t at all bad if I’m honest – I’m definitely getting grape [well spotted me lol].

However it is rather sweet and again the ice is a little heavy.

One for the sweet vape lovers for sure.

Hyppe Q Mojito Plum

mojito plum

Hyppe Q Says:

Mint madness supports powerful plums in this mocktail monsoon that eloquently glides across your tongue.

I Say:

A mojito is my favourite cocktail though I’ve never tried a plum flavour.

Not really a discernible smell from this one – kind of sweet ‘n fruity.

I’ve had to have a few puffs on this to get the flavour to come through.

To be honest it’s a bit nondescript…

A kind of muted fruit with the merest hint of mint and a slight cooling effect.

Pity – I expected more from this one.

Disposable Vapes Final Review Verdict

A bit of a mixed bag for my vape tastes from the Hyppe Q disposable vapes, however, there’s no mistaking the quality of the devices.

They really are nicely designed and with an impressive build.


I love the kind of clear tough plastic shell – very smart indeed and gives an almost 3D effect.

They’re lightweight and fit nicely in the hand, however the mouthpiece isn’t the most comfortable.

As for airflow – they’re on the tighter side of MTL which I really enjoyed.

One thing is for sure, you can tell these are USA made e-liquids and despite a few not to my personal taste, they are quality.

Love ’em or hate ’em disposable vape kits like the Hyppe Q are here and here to stay.

Of the many I’ve tried, these are among the better ones…decent price too.


Are you a fan of the Hyppe Q disposable vapes?

What are your thoughts on disposables?

Please let me know in the comments below…

Lemon Soda
Apple Ice
Pink Watermelon
Guava Ice
Passion Fruit
Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Ice
Chewy Watermelon
Blueberry Ice
Blue Razz
Bloody Bull
Mango Ice
Banana Ice
Orange Soda
Grape Soda
Mojito Plum
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