Introduction – The Capo 100 Kit By Ijoy

Today we’re reviewing the iJoy Capo 100 kit. I’m not going to beat around the bush here, I love iJoy. Time and time again this Shenzhen vaping overlord impresses the heck out of me with off the hook performance, durable gear and solid ergonomics.iJoy Capo 100 Review

There’s hardly an iJoy release that goes by (and they release product every month, practically) that doesn’t make its way onto my favourites shelf and into my vaper heart. From the phenomenal Captain PD270 mod to the incredible Combo RDTA 2 and the RDTA Box Triple….these are all items I simply wouldn’t want to live with without. I’m a big fan.

The Capo 100 kit, which runs off a single 21700, 20700 or 18650 but, and I can attest to this…it has the battery life of a dual 18650 mod, when you insert a 20700, possibly even better. It’s an outstanding 100W kit with unique and endearing looks and a hand feel that I’ve become very fond of, very quickly. The box features the outstanding IWEPAL chip which, I already know from experience, is the business.

The kit includes the kickass mini-subohm Captain tank which, as you’ll soon learn, is the perfect round off and its just enough to earn this kit kudos as my new favourite kit…anywhere! I’m keen to get down to it, let’s leave this intro behind!

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x iJoy Capo 100W box mod
  • 1 x Captain Mini Tank
  • 1 x CA M1 Coil head (0.5 Ohm, 30-60W)
  • 1 x CA M2 Coil head (0.3 Ohm, 40-80W)
  • Toolkit with allen key, screws, o-rings, gasket and an 18650 silicon adapter
  • 1 x Micro USB Charger
  • 1 x User manual

iJoy Capo 100 Open Box

Features Mod

  • Max Wattage: 100W
  • Size : 78.2*52.3*30 mm
  • Big size fire button
  • Top battery slot
  • No overhang with 26 mm tanks
  • Battery type:
    high-rate 18650 battery(2200mah) with adapter
    (Continuous discharge current should be above 25A)
    high-rate 20700 battery(3000mah)
    (Continuous discharge current should be above 40A)
    high-rate 21700 battery(3750mah)
    (Continuous discharge current should be above 40A)
  • Personalized design, with a unique experience
  • NI/TI/SS temperature control
  • TCR function
  • Unique Custom User Mode
  • Resistance Range: 0.05~3.0 ohm
  • USB port charging support
  • Firmware Upgradeable

iJoy Capo 100 Contents

Features Tank

  • Capacity 3.2 ml/2ml
  • Diameter 22.5mm
  • Sliding top fill
  • Thread-Less Coil Head Design
  • Delrin Widebore Tapered Drip Tip
  • Unique Groove Chassis – Reduce Heat Transmission
  • The smoothest airflow and the best flavor

Build Quality & Design

Capo 100 Mod

On opening the neat, iJoy box packaging, I’m struck by the small dimensions of the Capo 100, the bright colour and the awesome decal on the front. I received the yellow version but there’s a stunning range of colours, yellow, black, gunmetal, rainbow, red, purple, white, green and stainless, all with the decorative panel which sets the aesthetic apart.iJoy Capo 100 510 Connection

The mod features a top loading single battery chamber with a screw cap, the top of which sits in line with the top of the Captain tank’s thick base…it saves a large amount of space, creates a perfect perch for your thumb when you’re firing with your forefinger and allows for a mod that’s basically the size of two batteries alongside each other and just thicker than a 20700.

The shape is a stubby rectangle, squat and just perfect when you palm it. If you perch your thumb as I mentioned and wrap your hand around the mod, your forefinger falls naturally on the massive, clicky and very solid fire button…it sits flush with the narrow side under the tank where it’s placed and man, is it a nice button!

The bottom of the mod has five small ventilation holes in a circle design under the battery chamber and the base.iJoy Capo 100 Base

The top of the mod will be in black, no matter which colour you choose, the black bits both cut into the sides of the mod at an angle, creating a cool visual effect, check out the pics to see what I mean.

One larger side features that decorative and armouring panel, in black, with a geometric design that’s very pleasing to the eye and a small Capo 100 branding at the bottom.

The other side features a screen panel of the same size and shape, with two small adjustment buttons, clicky and solid, below the actual screen…and a micro USB port for charge and upgrade below that.

iJoy Capo 100 Fire ButtonThe screen plastic does scratch, as mine did rather quickly but I hardly notice it due to the bright colour and other awesome features…such is life! The screen is 0.91” of OLED and features the comprehensive information display that’s common to most recent iJoy mods.

The top of the mod features a deep, spring loaded and gold plated 510 connection and as far as I can tell, the chassis is stainless steel, which feels particularly metallic and is actually rather unique, and then the base and top are zinc alloy…although I am guessing here.

The weight, with a 20700 installed and a full tank, is 280g, which is not too heavy and not too light, just right. The mod’s shape is similar to the SMOK AL85 and iStick Pico by Eleaf, only with a far more solid, metallic feel and hard edged inlays which give it a sharper look.

The Captain Mini Tank

The tank you receive will be the same colour as your mod, so mine is yellow. It’s also stainless steel with a very metallic feel.

The tank features a thick base that’s divided into three, a box-knurled base; an airflow adjustment ring with great machining for an easy twist. The airflow ring is lightly knurled, with two 14mm long, 1.5mm tick cyclops slots, there’s another stable ring section above that.Joy Capo 100 tank exploded-view

Above that ring, before you reach the pyrex, you’ll find what iJoy means when they say ‘groove chassis’ in the product pages…basically a groove running around the circumference, which doubles as a sort of heat sink and keeps your tank from getting too hot at the base.

The tank holds 4ml (2ml for UK) of your juiciest and has a nifty push and slide open cap, which is fixed, for top fill. It’s a very neat design that’s easy to use and not in the least bit messy. The tank is 22.5 mm wide and also has a gold plated 510 pin.

The drip tip is a tapering Delrin type and I must say, I love the taper and feels great to puff on. It is removable, of course.

Break down of the tank is easy as can be.iJoy Capo 100 Screen

How Does The iJoy Capo 100 Kit Perform?

Let’s talk about the tank first…perfect airflow and I mean perfect, easy to adjust for open or restricted flow. This tank vapes very smoothly, with its comfy drip tip, easy top fill and compact design.

The mod, can I just say that with the ergonomics on the iJoy Capo 100 mod, iJoy has in fact brought JOY to my heart. It fits the palm like it’s meant to be there and that fire button is a vapers pleasure.iJoy Capo 100 Hand

The IWEPAL chip is flawless, responsive and true throughout both wattage and TC modes. I’ve tested only the SS TC, with great satisfaction… but I know that this chip is one of the best on the market.

Not only is the screen comprehensive, the menu interface is intuitive and easy as can be to navigate. The mod operates smooth as a baby’s bum throughout the range, with a solid, almost instantaneous ramp and no qualms under pressure and extended, obsessive use (which is basically my vaping style, at all times).

Ever had a mod that has you, after a day’s use, wanting to buy the same mod in different colours…that’s me with the Capo 100 right now, I’ve got my eyes on that Rainbow edition, and the Green, and the Purple.

Smooth operator all round, basically so smooth that I have little to say about it…but I’m smiling all the way. And I haven’t even gotten to the battery life yet, which is quite simply next level!

How To Fill The Captain Mini Sub Ohm Tank

  • Find the ‘push’ marker on the cap
  • Push
  • Fill through the slot
  • Close

iJoy Capo 100 How To Fill

How To Change the Coil

  • Unscrew the pyrex from the base
  • Unscrew the coil head from its seating
  • Replace
  • Replace Pyrex

Stock Coil Performance

Okay, both included coils are mid-wattage coils, in line with the mod’s capabilities.

CA M1 Coil (30-60W)

This is a 0.5 ohm head with a range from 30 to 60W: while I won’t say it’s the best coil with these specs on the market, flavour is above par, with decent vapour production…

Since this is somewhat below my preferred range, I enjoyed this coil the most at a full 60W.

CA M2 Coil (40-80W)

This is a 0.3 Ohm 40-80 W coil and my verdict is pretty much the same although the vapour production is equalling the flavour levels on this one with performance at about 70% of the best I’ve had in this range.

As I mentioned about the M1, this isn’t a hard hitting coil like, for example, Smok’s coils in this range but I did enjoy the flavour and I felt this coil was perfect for this airflow, when less than half open. I am vaping it very merrily as we speak, at 75W. #Feeling satisfied.

The fact is, I’ve been testing some serious cloud chasing coils lately and I’m a difficult customer.

How To Operate the Menu System

  • 5 clicks on or off
  • 3 clicks to enter the main menu
  • Switch functions with adjustment buttons and select with fire
  • Intuitive layout will get you into curve settings, memory modes, puff timer, anything you could hope for in a TC vape device

How To Replace The batteries

  • Unscrew the top-load battery cap
  • Place your battery, negative up
  • Replace cap

iJoy Capo 100 Battery Chamber

Battery Life

This was one of the most impressive aspects of the iJoy Capo 100 kit. I love my 20700s but was still sceptical about the idea of a single battery mod. I was happily shocked.

Off one iJoy 20700 I enjoyed almost two full afternoons of vaping, as much as I’d get off a battery efficient, dual 18650 mod and that’s not just the 20700 battery to thank, it’s this chip and this mod. Very, very good indeed.

What I Liked

There is absolutely nothing not to like about the Capo 100 kit, awesome ergonomics and looks, good, flavourful coils and compact tank with a great fill mechanism. All the functions I could ask for in a pretty package. I like it all.

What I Dislike

I have not a single complaint about this kit. Happy days!!

Final Review Verdict

I can’t recommend the ijoy Capo 100 kit enough, from beginners to the vape mod game to experienced vaper wanting a compact kit with great performance and triple off the hook battery life and even battery versatility.

From start to finish this device is a winner, iJoy have nailed the shape and design to the point of this being, probably, one of the most convenient little kits I own. Great job from iJoy and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed in this purchase, maybe you’ll even become an iJoy fan like me.


Would I buy the iJoy Capo 100 kit if I lost/broke the device? A hundred times over, in all the colours.


  • Ergonomic design and sweet looks
  • Convenient tank design and solid coils
  • Intuitive menu system and extremely good IWEPAL chip performance
  • Outstanding battery life and versatility
  • Great kit that’s an awesome vape, for goodness sakes!!!


  • Neh!
Build & Design
Captain Tank Design
Battery Life
M1 Flavor and Cloud
M2 Flavor and Cloud
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  1. Hi
    Hope you can help! So I bought my partner the Ijoy capo 100 kit with the Captain Mini, hoping it would solve all the gripes and moans – good taste, lots of clouds, long battery.
    Well all its caused is stress – not I hasten to add the kits fault as I researched long and hard, including your review!
    One basic problem is the filling, so I bought him blunt needles and syringes, but does he actually have to stick anything into the foam bit or just squirt the liquid in and wait for it to soak down into the tank before closing?
    The other is, he doesn’t want to put it on too high a setting – nervous plus battery conservation so he’s on the M1 coils and vaping at about 40watts; and that is where our understanding for the settings ends! Is there somewhere a comprehensive, but idiot’s guide to the digital settings of the ecigs, what they mean, the combinations? What the hell are the perameters on that other setting?!? 😁
    I myself stick to a non Digi stick, sub ohm vape! A smoke 22 which I love for charge and size, but the coils are shit! Any recommendations for a better vape stick, for as good or better taste and much better coils!?
    If you got to the end of this I thank you for your patience and appreciate your answer, if you do, very very much!! Best regards, Louise 😊


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