It’s No Illusion – These Are Three Of The Best E-Liquids I’ve Ever Reviewed!

Illusions Vapor have a range of e-liquids they release in batches called chapters and I got to taste two of their latest Nirvana and The Prophet both from – Chapter III – and one from their first release – Taste of the Gods.

First off and the presentation sent to me and other reviewers was absolutely amazing arriving in a huge box packed with goodies.

Inside I found a bag – build mat – sticker and key ring plus a t-shirt that actually fits my oversized frame – so thank you very much for those!

illusions vapor e-liquid review

The latest flavour Nirvana from the new Titan range was packaged in to what all intents and purposes looked like a fantasy book – very cool indeed.

illusions vapor e-liquid reviewed

The 60ml bottles themselves are clean designs with the new flavour Nirvana a 3mg nicotine whilst the other two are short fills – I didn’t receive any nic shots but luckily had a few left so please check if ordering!

OK Jonny tells me these are the same Canadian based team behind the hugely popular 12 Monkeys range of e-liquids – ones that I absolutely bloody loved – so I was expecting great things from the sample I received free of charge for the purpose of this review.

I used the Augvape Templar RDA and the original Kaees Solomon RTA freshly wicked every time.

And despite the freebies/goodies my thoughts and opinions – as always – are not swayed and are of course my own.

UK Shipping Only

Illusions Vapor – Taste of the Gods – 65VG 35PG

Black Currant, Coconut, Pineapple

taste of gods e-liquid review

Illusions Vapor Say:

Experience the sweet exotic taste of Black Currant, infused with coconut and finished off with a hint of fresh juicy pineapple sorbet. Delicate and refreshing.

I Say:

To be honest the smell from the bottle wasn’t that appetizing – a bit chemical to my nostrils – however that was just an illusion [excuse the pun] because once this juice hits your coil its delicious.

I was a little concerned the coconut might drown everything out but whilst its there in the background its the sweet juicy blackcurrant that comes to the fore.

The coconut hangs around to the exhale adding another sweeter level before the tangy pineapple whacks your mouth leaving just a hint of coolada.

A very refreshing tropical vape ideal for those long summer days.

Illusions Vapor – The Prophet – 65VG 35PG

Dragon Fruit, Blueberry and Guava

Illusions-Vapor- the prophet

Illusions Vapor Say:

A divinely inspired tropical medley of dragon fruit and juicy blueberry with a refreshing guava finish.

I Say:

I’ve been a massive fan of dragon fruit flavoured e-liquids since Vapefest a couple of years ago and this is yet another flavour I bloody loved!

My taste buds might be a bit topsy turvy but I’m hit straight away with tangy mouthwatering guava that is almost too acidic for a mere moment before the juicy sweet blueberries calm it all down.

The warmth spiciness of the dragon fruit adds a pleasing layer before the sweeter citrus fruits combine leaving a very moreish taste.

One for those of us that like hidden depths in their vape for sure.

Illusions Vapor – Nirvana 70VG 30PG

Mango, Peach and Raspberry

nirvana e-liquid review

Illusions Vapor Says:

A blissful blend of ripe mango, juicy peach, and tart raspberry

I Say:

The latest flavour and one that I reckon will become Illusions Vapor’s flagship!

This one is bang on my flavour profile and so addictive the 60ml bottle was emptied within a couple of days.

First up and the smell is divine with the promise of a fabulous fruity fusion to come.

The inhale brings fresh raw fruit – almost the peel or skin if that makes sense – before the sweetness overpowers that almost eye watering citrus hit.

The exhale is a magical medley of the trio of tasty fruits that leaves your mouth clean sweet and fresh.

Trust me that initial sharp too tangy to be true inhale becomes VERY addictive – a seriously good vape to say the least.

Final Verdict

I had a feeling Illusions Vapor were trying a little to hard to impress with all the extras they added to the sample box I received.

I needn’t have worried – had these come in a plain brown box the taste off all three would still have blown my socks off!

illusions build matBut again I have to thank them for going the extra yard and then some – superb packaging!

As to the juices themselves – what can I say I really am blown away.

The website differs to the bottles as far as the VG and PG levels are concerned with the Nirvana bottle stating 70/30 whilst the site says 80/20.

However the end result off all three is superb sharp clean flavour and dense wet aromatic clouds.

If the rest of the range is anything as good as the three I’ve tried then you’re in for a treat!

Highly recommended and don’t forget I’m a fussy old sod when it comes to e-liquid 😉

UK Shipping Only

Taste of the Gods
The Prophet
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