Introduction – Indugence X-Tank from Unicig 

Today we are taking a look at the Indulgence Unicig X Tank, from the Chinese vape brand Unicig. Unicig aren’t as prolific in their releases but what they have given us in the past has been, on the whole, a mix of great quality and performance.

Some of their other products include Mutation X V5 RDA, Indulgence ST RDTA and Indulgence ST TANK 2ml as well as the Indulgence Hera tank I previously reviewed.

I’ve always had a liking for UNICCIG products, so today we are going to take a look at their Indulgence X- Tank. A dual purpose RTA that transforms into an RDA, take a look at what we thought about this RTA/RDA.

In The Box

  • 1  X-Tank
  • 1  Baggy of Spares
  • 1  Spare Pyrex Tank
  • 1  Quality Card
  • 1  Instruction Sheet

Main Specs/Features

  • Material : 304 SS & Pyrex glass
  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Length:55.7 mm
  • Weight:59.4g
  • Capacity:5ml
  • Contact: 510 silver plated copper
  • Insulator: peek
  • Colour’s/black

Design and Build Quality

The X-Tank is built entirely from 304 stainless steel and Pyrex, and is topped of with a Delrin drip-tip.

The build quality is excellent as is the design, for my tastes and something I’ve become expectant of from Unicig.

All threads are smooth and work well on this dual coil tank. No machine oil residue was found in this tank (always a good thing) and the X-Tank has a 5ml liquid fill capacity in RTA mode.

How to Change the Coil and Fill the Tank

  • You do not have to empty the X-Tank before changing your cotton or coils!
  • In RTA mode close off the liquid regulator.
  • Turn the RTA upside down and unscrew the base/build deck.
  • Recoil or change your wicks, pre wick your coils and re screw the deck back in to the RTA body.
  • To fill the RTA unscrew the drip-tip and fill through the kidney shaped fill holes with your bottle tip or pipette, re screw the drip-tip into place, open the Liquid regulator away you vape.
  • If in RDA mode – unscrew the RDA body from the base/build deck
  • Recoil or change your wicks, pre wick your coils and re screw the deck back in to the RDA body.
  • Unlike the RTA mode. You do not fill the RDA. Simply remove the drip-tip and drip your e-liquid directly on to your coils and cotton, don’t forget to replace the driptip 🙂Indulgence X Tank coiled and wicked

How Does The Indulgence X-Tank Perform?

The Indulgence X-Tank in RTA mode disassembles into 5 parts, In RDA mode 4 parts

  • Airflow/build deck/base (RTA/RDA)
  • RTA body with liquid regulator (RTA)
  • RDA Sleeve (RDA)
  • Pyrex glass tank (RTA)
  • Top cap/ driptip (RTA/RDA)
  • Driptip adaptor (RTA/RDA)

The Airflow/build deck and base

Measuring 25mm the base has a velocity style deck with a wick retaining ring and a cylon style single action adjustable bottom airflow.

The air goes in through the adjustable airflow and strikes your coils from the bottom.

The 510 connection pin is made of silver plated copper (RTA & RDA modes)

RTA body with liquid regulator

The Stainless Steel body with vapour chimney screws onto the deck over your coils.

Integrated into the RTA body is the adjustable liquid regulator (look for the lock and unlock symbols on the ring) this can be adjusted to allow as much or as little liquid through to your coils as desired. Of course, RTA mode only.

RDA SleeveThe Stainless Steel screws onto the deck over your coils (RDA mode only)

The Pyrex Tank/ Juice Intake

Sits over the liquid regulator an O Ring cushions the bottom of the tank, the kidney shaped liquid intake screws on to the chimney and is seated on the Pyrex tank cushioned by an O Ring (RTA mode only)

The Top Cap/ Driptip

Screws into the liquid intake (RTA mode only)

The adaptor screws into the bottom of the driptip and is held in place by an O Ring on the RDA sleeve (RDA mode only)

Flavour and Vapour

This tank was tested using an 80/20 high VG liquid Green from Anarchist and 0.4 kanthal coils.

I tested at 45 watts in RDA mode first then RTA mode on the Wismec RX300.

I found both the flavour and the quality of vapour to be excellent with whichever combination I used.

With the airflow set at half using mouth to lung style of vaping, the flavour was very good.

Opening the airflow to its fullest and pumping the wattage up to 80 watts in increments of 5w and using a direct to lung vaping style in both modes I lost no flavour at all the resulting vapour was thick and creamy.

There was an issue with condensation build up and resulting leakage through the airflow in RDA mode which was a negative for me.

I have to say, the Indulgence X-Tank is a very interesting bit of kit.

X Tank Adaptor Issue

The only thing I found I didn’t like about the X-Tank was the adaptor that is used in RDA mode.

The bore of the threads were too big to fit into the female threads of the driptip!

However this did not stop me using the RDA mode as you saw above. The O Ring around the standard driptip/top cap is strong enough to hold it in the RDA tube.

I wondered if this was unique to my tank. After watching a video on YouTube by a Russian guy I can confirm this problem is unique to my X-Tank and does not affect all product.

What I Like

I like the fact that this is a dual style tank RTA and RDA. The build quality in the main is excellent as is the design.

Also, when chain vaping it took quite a while for the tank to become hot in either mode.

The velocity deck is a delight to build on the deck itself can take much larger coils than I put in it to test it.

I love the idea of the 5ml liquid capacity and ability to turn off the liquid regulator so you can very easily change your coils or wicks in RTA mode. A great design feature for sure.

What I Didn’t Like

The As touched on above, the adapter I received in the kit didn’t fit properly.

Final Review Verdict

In RTA mode the Idulgence X-Tank does exactly as it says, however, disappointment hit this reviewer when I found that the adaptor didn’t fit in RDA mode!

While this did not affect the function, having a flat base to the drip-tip/top cap caused condensation to leak from the airflow. I found in RDA mode this tank to be a disappointment.

Would I buy this tank again if I lost or damaged it?

It’s a maybe from me, if only to see if the adaptor fits on the next one.


  • The build quality of this tank is excellent in the main
  • Great vapour production in either mode
  • The flavour is excellent with no loss at higher wattages
  • The tank is very easy to coil being a velocity deck ideal for those new to coiling
  • Very easy to use in either mode RTA or RDA


  • The only Con would be the driptip/top cap adaptor threads not being of the correct size for RDA mode.
Build Quality
Ease of use
Cloud production
Likelihood of replacing if lost or damaged
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