Today I take a look at the new Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA, a collaboration with YouTube reviewers Phil Busardo and the VapinGreek.

This RTA is part of the Platform range.

Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA

Founded in China 2011, Innokin’s extensive back catalogue of devices and tanks are impressive!

They have had some very popular tanks in the past, when I first started vaping I used their classic iClear 16 and iClear 30 Clearomizers.

These days they offer tanks such as Zenith Pro and the ISub B Tank, and RTA’s like the original Ares and Axiom and now the new Ares 2.

What Can We Expect From the Innokin Ares 2 RTA MTL RTA?

Phil and Dimi have improved the RTA over the original Ares by adding several features to improve ease of use and vape quality!

Whilst not that different in appearance from its predecessor

Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA 15

The new version is still a one coiler that now features a new internal adjustable cross flow airflow control (CAFC), the top cap and seals have been improved to prevent liquid and air seepage and now you’re able to replace fill port gasket if you so wish!

The Innokin Ares 2 RTA is a specially designed RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomiser) for those that want the mouth to lung experience; or with the right coil and airflow you have the option of a restricted direct to lung draw!

The RTA is available in two diameters 22 and 24mm and in two colours for now: black and stainless steel.

Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA tank empty

On the website Innokin has a set of how to video’s recorded by Phil which give excellent insight into the RTA.

This RTA was sent direct from Innokin for the purpose of review – thank you.

As always my thoughts and views are my own after a considerable testing period!

Inside The Box

  • Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA
  • Spare O-rings
  • Non locking drip tip
  • Tool kit
  • Organic cotton
  • Wire 26g Kanthal
  • 2 pre-built Kanthal coils
  • Top fill port gasket
  • Vape band
  • Instruction manual

Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA full kit

Key Features

  • Size: 22mm and 24mm diameter versions.
  • E-liquid capacity: 2ml/4ml
  • Cross Airflow control
  • Locking top fill cap – non locking drip tip also included
  • Single coil build deck
  • Adjustable bottom airflow
  • Tighter airflow with the added .8 AF hole
  • Detents on airflow adjustment to hold in position
  • Removable fill port cap to replace filler gasket

Design and Build Quality

The kit comes in a draw style box and I was sent the 22mm Ares 2 in stainless steel for this review.

As I’ve said before, Innokin products are always built to very high standards of quality and design.

I am amazed by the amount of spares and tools received with the kit, and they have included everything you need to get you started.
Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA comes with kit

Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA

It measures in at almost 40mm in height, (not including the 510 thread or mouth piece) and a diameter of 22mm.

The construction is stainless steel, Pyrex and delrin, the Ares 2 will dismantle into 4 parts.

Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA – Base, Build Deck and Airflow

On the bottom of the base all the normal info has been laser engraved such as design and safety marks, the standard 510 connection threads have been turned very well and the pin is gold plated.
Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA info base

The tradition mouth to lung (MTL) adjustable airflow ring has 2 airflow slots, a wide slot where all 5 holes are available for a restrictive direct to lung (DTL) draw.

Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA slot af

A single point for a much tighter mouth to lung draw!

Innokin has added an extra .8 hole for an even more of tighter MTL draw compared to that of its predecessor.Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA af single

The airflow ring is decorated with an engraved pattern, and has a click system when turned so there is little chance it will move out of place while the tank is in a pocket or purse!Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA dec af ring

The build deck has an easy two post system, designed to allow you to drop a DIY or pre-made coil into position.Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA deck build

Under the coil is where fun is, in the form of the cross flow airflow system, this consists of a metal dial that can be adjusted to increase or decrease the tightness, velocity and pattern of the airflow.Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA CAFS

Two liquid barriers are designed to keep your cotton away from the internal airflow, also as an aid to stop the coil from being flooded.Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA liquid barriers

Around the deck is threading for the bell or coil cover which has been turned well it extends around the deck, this helps to keep a better seal and keeps the wicking material in place via the wicking slots.

Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA – Glass Tanks

The kit comes with a smoked and a clear Pyrex tanks.

Top cap, Chimney and Fill Port

The bell or coil cover has well turned threading, the inside of the bell has been domed to help increase flavour and also aids returning any condensation/liquid back to the cotton/coil.

The outside of the bell has design info one side the other “ARES 2” printed, a little over the top if you ask me.Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA 2

The chimney while not fully visible is attached to the bell and extends through to the fill port, and above the bell you will see an O’ring for the glass.

The fill port is a simple slide affair a little arrow shows the way to push open, to fill the tank the child locking mouth piece has to be removed. The slide cap can be removed by unscrewing the 2 hatch screws enabling the fill port gasket to be replaced if needed. Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA port fill

The Ares 2 RTA has a 2ml fill capacity when full

Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA – Mouth Pieces

  • 510 Child proof made of delrin (pre installed)
  • 510 Food grade standard metal

Construction, quality and design of the Ares 2 are extremely good!

How Does the Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA Kit Perform?

For this review I will use one of the included premade coils 0.97Ω and will fill the RTA with Ohm Baked; Apple and Rhubarb Crumble, the device I will be using today is the Rincoe Manto X.Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA check hand

Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA – Basic Quick Start Guide

  • Make your coil, ensuring the leads face different directions or use a pre made coil.Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA tools
  • Alter your cross airflow to what suits you! I leave it wide open for me.
  • Drop your coil into the wire slots and tighten down, you may find the coil might move to overcome this hold the coil in place while screwing down.Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA place coil

I have found for me, it’s best to push the coil down nearer to the cross airflow to ensure a better coverage of the airflow!

  • Place your cotton wick through the coil and cut so the cotton just touches the deck.
  • Tuck the cotton tails through the wick slots dampen your cotton.
  • Reassemble the RTA.
  • Remove the mouth piece if you have the child locking one in position.
  • Push open the fill port and fill with liquid.Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA tank fill
  • Open the external airflow to your liking and enjoy.

Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA at 8 to 20w

I set the external airflow first to its lowest setting .8 and worked my way up until I was vaping comfortably.

I have to say for me this is one tight puppy!

Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA puff

I ended up with the airflow open to its fullest yes even at 8w, the results were OK though that low I‘m not going to blow smoke up your butts and say it was fantastic!

In fact until I reached around 15w I wasn’t too impressed with either the flavour or vapour production.

From 15w up to 20w I experienced a good low power vape the flavour was quite tasty and for such low wattage the vapour production was good.

Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA – Liquid Consumption and Other Notes

I have now settled on between 15 and 18w for this RTA depending on the coil and my mood, during my tests I have found that spaced coils give me better flavour than a touching coil.
Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA .8 AF
While I’m not much of a mouth to lung the combination of airflow and low watts the liquid consumption was pretty darn good a full 2ml tank lasts me at least 3 hours at 15w with the airflow wide open.

I have had no problem with air or liquid escaping the tank.


  • Good flavour and vapour production
  • Excellent build quality and design
  • Interesting internal airflow
  • Easy to build and maintain
  • Airflow ring click system
  • Good liquid consumption
  • Excellent amount of spares that come with the kit


Over the 2 weeks I have been testing the Ares 2 RTA, I have had no concerns with it!

Final Review Verdict

This RTA was a really quite a surprise for me as to be honest I wasn’t expecting it to be anything all that special!

It’s never going to be a cloud chasers dream but for those that are dedicated MTL vapers they are going to enjoy the Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA, the flavour and vapour production are good at low wattage, the RTA is easy to build with very good liquid consumption, the draw is as smooth as a baby’s butt with no turbulence and the tank comes with everything you need to get started!

Would I recommend the Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA ?

In one word “Yes” I would!

This RTA would suit the first time builder and for the more experienced MTL vaper, it has re-awakened me to MTL low wattage vaping.

Would I buy this kit again due loss or damage?

While I personally don’t like a really tight draw, the airflow with this one was quite enjoyable fully open so with that in mind, if anything happened to this RTA ”Yes” I would replace it!

Flavour Production
Vapour production
Build ability and Ease of use
Replace if Lost or Damaged?
Hi my name is Kevin, I started vaping back in 2009 mainly because my little boy at 3 years old was starting to copy the way daddy smoked a cigarette! Over the years I have gained a good amount of experience with different types of vaping hardware but I'm just a normal guy who enjoys sharing my experiences. This is why I started my Youtube vape review channel in 2014. To date the channel has had over 500,000 views. Being disabled, vaping has given me a gateway to meeting people from all different walks of life, many of those I would not have met under other circumstances. The way I look at my reviews is, if I can convince just one person to give up the stinky’s my job is done. I class myself as a tinkerer as I like to take things apart to see how they work and put them back together, yes that includes e-cigarette mods! One day I would like to be able to design my own mod. I am a dedicated father, and husband to my sweetheart of nearly 30 years! Family to me comes before anything else.


  1. Hello, I replaced my ares 1 with the ares 2, using the same coil/mod/liquid and the flavor is way inferior. 🙁 don’t know what I am doing wrong, I have used the first ares for 2 years and it was perfect.


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