Does the Innokin Go S Kit tick every box, or is this another disposable kit that’s only good for the bin?

We shall certainly find out in this review.

Innokin GoS Kit review

Innokin has been around since the dawn of vaping and we’ve reviewed a whole host of their vape products.

I recently reviewed the Kroma R kit which I really enjoyed using, and in the past we’ve all really enjoyed the company’s mods – kits and tanks – including the Zenith Pro tank – the Podin pod kit and the cute as a button Innokin Pebble kit.

What Can We Expect From The Innokin Go-S Kit ?

Innokin as a manufacturer pretty much covers every base when it comes to vaping products.

They haven’t really entered the rebuild-able sector as such but when it comes to starter kits and day to day mods, they’re highly respected.

Innokin GoS Kit box

Lets not forget the Innokin T18 and recently released Innokin T18-II Kit – basically the master of all starter Kits.

But is it possible Innokin have gone too far?

Are disposable tanks really what people want?

Do we really want to add to the pile of used tanks – pods and e-liquid bottles currently piling up in land-fills?

Or maybe the Innokin Go S tank is fully recyclable?

So let’s crack on and see what the Innokin Go S Kit is all about…

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Inside the Box

Innokin GoS Kit

  • 1 x Go S Mod
  • 2 x Go S Tanks
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Warning Booklet


The Innokin Go S kit is yet another Pen Style kit, with a 1500mAH internal battery and on top you can fit pretty much whatever you fancy, providing it doesn’t require more than 13 watts of power.

Innokin GoS Kit contents

Innokin are kind enough however, to include 2 disposable tanks within the kit.

Both tanks feature a 2ml e-liquid capacity, 1.6Ω Non-Replaceable coils and full airflow adjustment.

Innokin Go S Mod

  • Product Size:  128 x 20 x 20mm
  • Output Wattage: 13w
  • Charging:  Via Micro USB
  • Resistance range: 0.6 – 3.5Ω
  • Display: LED Indicator around fire button
  • Battery: 1500mAh Internal Battery

Innokin Go S Tank

Innokin GoS Kit tank

  • Height: 45.0mm
  • Diameter: 20.0mm
  • Coil – 1.6Ω Kanthal Round-Wire
  • Coil Cotton Material: Cotton & Wood-Pulp
  • Airflow: Adjustable at base
  • To Fill: Slide Top
  • Capacity: 2ml

Innokin Go S Colours

The Innokin Go S is available in 5 vibrant colours.

Innokin GoS Kit colours

Choose from Light Blue, Pink, Black, Stainless Steel and Gun Metal.

Design and Build Quality

I received the light blue version of the Innokin Go S Kit which has a lovely white to light blue fade on the device itself.

Quite pretty to be fair.
Innokin GoS Kit reviewed

And the provided tanks will match the device colour.

Nicely done.

The Innokin Go S Tank

Drip Tip and Top Cap

The Go S tank doesn’t have a separate removable drip tip, but with regards to its shape, its pretty much like a typical 510 drip tip and its fairly comfortable

Top Fill Port

It can be a little difficult to find how the Go S tank fill port is found. But eventually, after a few pushes of the top section, you find the tank will gracefully slide open.
Innokin GoS Kit side fill
Once opened, you’re presented with a fair sized fill port which has that clever little silicon seal to reduce the chances of losing e-liquid if you happen to drop the tank on its side whilst filling.

Airflow Adjustment:

I’m really pleased the Innokin Go S tank has full adjustable airflow, there are 3 small holes located near the bottom of the tank, and the adjustment ring spins nice and freely but has a nice resistance to it.
Innokin GoS Kit airflow
And there is a little bit of a difference in the restriction from all 3 holes open, to all holes closed, but not massive.

Overall the restriction is catered for a Mouth-To-Lung vaper only.

The Base

A slightly protruding 510 pin is apparent at the base, so feel free to use these tanks on any other regulated device.

Its a shame they haven’t included any information on the base, like liquid capacity or coil resistance.

Tank – Overall

Overall the tank is nothing special, no special features and nothing that makes me say Wow.

510 pin

But considering its constructed from PCTG – its fairly well made and doesn’t feel like its cheap thin plastic.

The Mod

510 Connector

A nicely spring loaded 510 connector at the top of the device, so the Innokin Go S kit can manage other tanks if you so wish, however keep in mind anything over 20mm will overhang.

Innokin GoS Kit top

Micro USB Port:

At the back of the device is a Micro-USB port for charging.

Innokin GoS Kit charging

Pity they haven’t upgraded to USB-C Type as its generally a superior port and improves charge time.

The Front of the Device

The only true moving part of this device is the square-ish shaped fire button which also has a illuminated ring around it.

It’s nice and bright and clear and will change colour depending on your battery life – more info on that later on.

The Mod – Overall:

The Innokin Go S mod almost takes me back to 2015 with the mass amount of pen style kits. Super simple with just a fire button and charge port.

In The Hand

Standing only 128mm tall and 20mm in diameter, the Innokin Go S kit feels like many other pen style systems I’ve used in the past. And its extremely lightweight, mostly due to the plastic tank on top.

The Go S is very pocket friendly and comfortable to use.

The paint finish is nice and smooth and there’s really nothing else exciting to say about the device.

How To Fill The Tank

  • Slide the top of the tank (Once you find its position)
  • Fill with your desired e-liquid
  • Slide top of tank closed
  • Leave the tank for 5mins to allow e-liquid to saturate fully

How Does the Innokin Go S Kit Perform?

Basic Operation

With no display, this super simple device really couldn’t be any easier to operate.

The fire button is the focus point. Turning on and off the device is done by pressing the button 5 times, and your battery level is displayed via the illuminated ring around the button:

  • Green = 70-100% Battery Capacity
  • Red/Green = 20-70% Battery Capacity
  • Red – 0-20% Battery Capacity

Innokin Go S Kit Flavour and Clouds

For the duration of my testing, I was vaping on Nanna’s Secrets nic salt – Blackberry Lemonade.

It’s a sweet fruity mix with a lemony kick and a fairly decent nic salt for a new vaper.

The 1.6Ω Tank

For a 1.6Ω coil, the flavour is really good.

The 13w max power from this device matches the coil resistance almost perfectly and you get a very nice, slightly warm vape, along with a decent cloud to boot.

Innokin Go S Kit Airflow

I prefer a very tight MTL draw in general, however even with the airflow closed off completely, its still not super tight – but I’m not complaining.

The draw from these tanks is very good and nice and smooth.

Innokin Go S Kit Battery Life

The 1500mAh internal battery is an excellent size considering the high resistance coils only require a small wattage, so expect a few days battery life from this device.

Charging isn’t too bad either, however I really wish they had used a USB-C port as this would have dropped the charge time down from an hour, to more like 30 minutes. 
charging vape kit
Nonetheless its not like you will have to charge the device daily.

The Elephant in the room

Lets get right to the sticking point.

There is no information in the booklets provided with the Innokin Go S kit packaging to explain how best to dispose of the tanks.

Are they recyclable or not? I would assume so, but I really don’t know?

Will these tanks end up rolling down the road like the number of pre-filled pods I’ve started to notice? Or will shops offer a recycle service?

vape kit review

This is a question that’s been asked of pre-filled pods and other disposable tanks for a while now, And I expect more from a company like Innokin to provide information on what we do with these tanks, once the coils pack in.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an Eco-Warrior by any means, but I’m not a fan of adding to the rubbish pile for no reason, and I also doubt your local brick and mortar will be stocking these tanks as most people tend to stick to tanks where they can replace the coils.

disposable vape tank

However I cant argue that for someone quitting smoking, the Innokin Go S kit could not be any simpler.


  • A very simple Starter Kit
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Decent Flavour
  • Smooth Airflow
  • Tanks last a long while


  • Disposable Tanks don’t float my boat.
  • Limited in its capabilities.

Final Review Verdict

The Innokin Go S kit is as simple as they come and as much as the flavour and general vape experience is very good, I just cant seem to get away from the idea that I will soon enough have to throw the tank in the bin.

So the 3 big questions I ask when testing a product are:

Would this device be long lasting and still work 3, 6 or even 12 months from now?

The device itself is very simple and fairly well made and the 1500mAh battery capacity is more than capable of lasting 12 months considering batteries tend to degrade over time.

Does this device deliver the flavour, vapour and general experience I require, in order to be enjoyed?

A very nice vape experience overall. The airflow adjustment is always a bonus and I think this kit will do a nice job for a new vaper.

Is the Innokin Go S Kit versatile enough to suit a new and experienced vapers?

The Innokin Go S Kit is limited in its capabilities, so I doubt this will be put in the shopping basket of an experienced vaper.

For someone quitting smoking, the Go S does a good job and I would assume people may consider giving it a try. However there are other starter kits out there that will offer more than just a battery and a disposable tank.

Did you buy the Innokin Go S kit? Or have you tried it? Let us know what your thoughts in the comments below.

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