If you have been vaping for more than a few weeks then chances are you have come across the Innokin Brand, for those that haven’t heard of them they are one of the biggest brands in the world of vaping.

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Innokin iClear x.I ReviewThere is a reason they have a large following as well with their iTaste e cig range including the MVP 2, VTR and the 134 just to name a few. Add to this their iClear clearomiser range and they have got some fantastic vaping gear.

What Can We Expect From The X.l Tank from Innokin

It’s a mouth to lung tank that comes with a Pyrex glass rather than a plastic tank. The kit comes with to spare 2.1Ohm coils that can be used at a relatively low wattage.

So, the X.I clearomiser promises lots but does it deliver? Read on to see what we thought.

X.l Setup

To start the X.l is a 510 threaded, bottom dual coil clearomiser with a 3ml capacity.

Out of the box, which is a perspex casing with a cheap feeling inlay, the X.l has all the hallmarks of Innokin’s military inspired designs.


This is something I personally love about the Innokin range of Mods/APV’s, the military designs of the Cool Fire 1, Cool Fire 2 and the game changing Cool Fire 4 really stand out and have a quality feel to them.

The X.l tank has that same style, like a shotgun shell, and while I’m not a huge fan of the branded etching and definitely not liking the ‘Taste it, Love it’ that is etched on the side, it is applied in such a way that it doesn’t stand out too much. Below the inlay you will find two spare (2.1oHm) coils.

I plonked this on top of a few different devices and it looks great on pretty much everything, for this review I was using the iTaste VTR but it looked the part sat on top of the Cool Fire 1, 2 and the Vamo V5.

Filling The iClear X.l

Before loading the tank with your favourite e-liquid I would recommend taking it apart and getting to know the bits and pieces, when you are familiar with the setup you can get it filled and ready to vape. Innokin iClear X.I Coil View

The X.l is fill from the bottom so unscrewing the bottom cap (ensuring coil head is firmly screwed in) just simply tilt and fill with e-liquid.

The great thing about this tank is that they have designed it so the coils sit right at the base where the e-liquid gathers so should ensure the wicks always get a good soaking. Once everything screwed back together we are good to go!

Innokin X.l Performance

I’m using Squid Ink for this review and I have to say the flavour being produced is very good, is it as good as the 30s that is the stock clearomiser on the VTR?

My taste-buds are saying just about, which is definitely a good thing as the iClear 30s worked a treat for me.

Notching up the watts from 7.5 to 10.5 was giving me good results and lots of vapour, higher than this and the flavour for me wasn’t so good. 8.5w hit the sweet spot for me this time around. Innokin iTaste with iclea X.I on top

So far so good but there is just one thing that I didn’t like and that is the airy draw. The X.l is very airy, this is part down to the drip tip that came with it, the tube is wiiide!

I changed it out for a swivel drip tip that came with my iClear 30b and this tightened things up a touch.

This of course (again) is a personal preference and why I enjoyed using the Kanger Aerotank and Aspire Nautilus 2 so much.

The latter two tanks both have an airflow control that, well, pretty much does what it says on the tin…controls airflow!

That aside, I still found myself happily vaping away on the X.l for a couple of weeks, I had no problems with leaking or gurgling and still rate it as one of the better tanks I have tried to date.


As you would expect from Innokin the build quality on the X.L is very good with the performance to match. It’s easy to use and I had no issues with leaking or gurgling. The only thing that I found to be a slight issue was that it was quite an airy vape.

Would be nice to see an airflow control (similar to that on the Aerotank and Nautilus) to sort this out and I’ve no doubt one will be available soon. Having said that the X.l is still a great bit of kit that I have no problems recommending.

Final Innokin X.L Review Verdict

Recommended – Great Pyrex Clearomiser.

Build Quality
Vapour Volume
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  1. i came on this site because i wanted to buy the innokin iclear x i and cant find an outlet for them anymore can you help as i have used this product for a long time and the one i have has worn out the thread on the bottom any help would be great thanks Robert Scott


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