The Innokin iSub G is the glass version of the Innokin iSub tank, reviewed earlier here.

Innokin iSub g ReviewThe iSub G has been released in conjunction with the new upgraded MVP 3.0 Pro.

You can find it packaged with the MVP 3.0 Pro as part of the Kit, which is how we received the iSub G for review.

It does of course also come available to buy separately.

What Can We Expect From The Innokin iSub G ?

The iSub G is now sporting a Pyrex glass tank section, slightly increased capacity and a removable drip tip.

So does it offer a lot more than the original iSub?

In The Box

The iSub G tank was received for review as part of the MVP 3.0 Pro Kit. Buying the iSub G on it’s own will come with the following:

  • iSub G tank with pre fitted 0.5ohm coil
  • 1 X spare 0.5ohm coil

Note that there was no replacement coil included in the package for the iSub G. It is pre fitted with a 0.5ohm coil and ready to use out of the box. Buying separately, the kit does come with two 0.5 ohm coil heads.

As with any sub ohm tank, please exercise caution when using the iSub G tank with 0.5ohm coils, the MVP 3.0 Pro is capable of handling this resistance however if using the iSub G with another mod please ensure your battery can handle this resistance safely.

Check out our guide to sub ohm vaping here for more details.

Build Quality and Looks

On first impressions the iSub G tank looks like your average run of the mill sub ohm tank, there is nothing particularly outstanding about its looks. Manufactured from stainless steel, with a thick Pyrex glass tank section, it feels solid and quite weighty on its own.Innokin iSub G Parts

A big improvement for the iSub G is that you can now remove the drip tip and replace it with one of your own choosing. It comes supplied with a stainless steel wide bore drip tip in order to help achieve maximum cloud production.

The iSub G is slightly taller than the iSub, this is owing to the fact it can hold an extra 0.5ml of juice, however the width remains at 22mm.

As mentioned, the tank section is glass (the ‘G’ in iSub G standing for Glass!) so you don’t have to worry about pouring in those tank crackers anymore.

At the bottom of the tank you will see the iSub G logo, and the wide cyclops airflow that was present on the iSub is also found here.

No Spill Coil Swap System

Innokin have used the same no spill coil swap system as what was present in the iSub. Essentially, the 510 connector is built into the coil allowing you to take the coil out of the base of the tank and replace it without having to take the tank apart.

You unscrew the airflow base and pull out the coil, replacing it with a new one. An excellent feature that keeps mess and spillage down to an absolute minimum.Innokin isubg coil

Filling the iSub G works the same way as most other clearomisers out there. Unscrew the Pyrex glass section from the base and fill, then screw everything back together.

It takes no time at all and Innokin definitely factored in ease of use into this. It’s so simple anyone can do it.


Well you can get some serious cloud production with the iSub G! The airflow is humongous and when fully open will satisfy the hungriest cloud chaser.

The airflow control ring works really well, this is operated with ease by sliding the ring around to the setting you want. Lung hitters will be at home here, this airflow system is really designed for the lung hitter.Base of the isub G

It’s the same system used in the original iSub, that worked tremendously well so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

How does The Innokin iSub G Perform?

The iSub G performs well on flavour and vapour production, I’ve been really happy with it.

Innokin recommend using the coils at a resistance of 20-30W, but I have used them with Ghetto Penguin vape juice as high as 35W with no problems to report.

I have never had a dry hit with these coils!Innokin isub g on mvp3 pro

Starting off at the recommended minimum power of 20W didn’t give me particularly great flavour or clouds to start off with. Bumping it up to 25W and the flavour got a little better as did the cloud volume.

At 30W the iSub G really began to sing. Flavour was on a par with some of the top tanks out there that I have tried, the vape really started to warm up and the clouds were really satisfying.

At 35W this was perfect. Really great flavour and massive clouds with the airflow set to fully open. A really nice warm vape too which is just how I like it.

My only problem is that the coils do not seem to last very long. My coil only lasted 5 days but that may have been because I was using it heavily between 30-35W mainly.


  • Great performance at a cheap price
  • Pyrex glass tank means no worries about using tank cracker juices!
  • Outstanding airflow control
  • Big cloud production
  • Great flavour


  • Flavour seems a little muted at lower wattage
  • Coil lifespan is a little short
  • Drains juice very quickly

Final Thoughts

I’ve been delighted with the iSub G tank from Innokin. I have always been a long term fan of their products, I pretty much have Innokin’s earlier products to thank for keeping me off the cigarettes, and the iSub G delivers on all counts for me.

Flavour is great, the clouds are brilliant and the price is cheap. The iSub G ticks all my boxes and is a sub ohm tank I can highly recommend.

Build Quality
Vapour Volume
Been vaping full time for three and a half years, started on cigalikes for a fair while then curiosity got the better of me and I moved onto an ego/ce5 set up after, a month or two later I was seeing people walking around with these interesting shiny tubes and I thought 'I gotta get one of those'. Before I knew it a trip down to my local B&M got me my first VW mod, an Innokin SVD, paired with an iClear 30, and I was hooked. Soon after that I was jumping to VW mods both box and tube shaped, before I then made the jump to rebuilding and thus sub ohming, with my first RDA and mech mod. These days I'm still preferring mechanical mods, but using VW mods with both RDA's and tanks alike whilst on the move, most importantly I am still loving vaping!


  1. Easy to fill my ass after filling you have to fiddle with two sections hoping threads line up to screw together and not dropping tank filled with eliquid .that is after. Needing a vise to unscrew both sections in the first place. The only good thing is it produces good vapor and flavor. Still unable to free glass from top section.

  2. I love this tank, so much so that I stopped using my kanger subtank mini. The flavor is excellent, and the coils last at least a week with very heavy vaping.


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