So Has This Selection Of E-Liquids Tickled My Taste Buds?

I was both surprised and pleased to be contacted by Rob over at Riot Labs to review the new Ghetto Penguin range of e-liquids…

Surprised given the absolute mauling I gave their first batch of e-liquids under the Riot Squad brand and pleased given it showed me a company capable of taking a bad review and not holding any petty grudges. Incidentally I shall be reviewing the very latest flavours under the original brand next week so keep any eye out to see if those new blends have tamed my bad tempered taste buds lol.

ghetto penguin e-liquid reviewIt is important to note that especially when it comes to e-liquid reviews and to some extent vaping hardware – taste is subjective. What I like you might hate and vice versa…trust me I took a lot of flak for that juice review lol…but hey as we all say in the review game it’s best to get a broad view.

OK Riot Labs are a UK based e-liquid company known for slick marketing and a colourful and at times noisy presence at Vaper Expo in particular. I really thought they had it in for me a couple of years ago as whilst I was enjoying a quiet pint – the guys in kilts sat next to me drowning out my peace and quiet with bagpipes and drums lol.

Right on with the review and for the record I vaped using the Augvape BTFC RDA – my personal flavour ‘banger’ – freshly wicked and cleaned out after around 10mls of e-liquid.

Both brands of e-liquid was sent free of charge direct from Riot Labs – thank you – and of course as you can guess that in no way affects my opinions.

BTW I have to say I love the name Ghetto Penguin and as you can see despite it being a cartoon image it is in no way anywhere near ‘child friendly’ – very dark.

For the record I received the short-fill 50ml bottles at 70 VG 30 PG – containing zero nic – adding a nicotine shot is optional and there are 8 flavours in the range…I didn’t get the Beaky Blue which is a raspberry slush and I vaped on zero nic…please note the taste of some e-liquids can alter when a nic shot is added.

Custard Jail Bird by Ghetto Penguin

custard jailbird

Riot Labs Say:

A devious mix of custard bread and butter pudding with spiced mixed fruits that would warm even the coolest of penguins!</span

I Say:

I’m a HUGE fan of bread and butter pudding as a pud and make my own and buy ready made from the supermarket so was intrigued to try this one.

Not being a big fan of custard vapes I was a little concerned this one might come across as a little cloying – however I was more than a little pleasantly surprised. This is bloody delicious and on opening the bottle I was whisked back by the smell to my Great Aunt’s AGA and that incredible bread and butter pudding she made.

The blend here is nigh on perfect with the sweeter custard notes leveled by the bread whilst the buttery effect is joined by spicy raisins and sultanas cleansing the palate but also adding a just right level of sweet creaminess. Juicy – unctuous and moreish – perfect for those cold winter comfort vapes…wow!

Lil Lemon Felon by Ghetto Penguin

lil lemon felon

Riot Labs Say

A devious mix of custard bread and butter pudding with a mean citrus streak that would warm even the coolest of penguins!

I Say:

A double helping of bread and butter pudding and custard? Oh my days!

If the one before had my taste buds applauding this one took them to another level and then some. It’s the same notes on the inhale as the previous version…however. The magic comes on the exhale with the merest hint of sharp lemony goodness zinging off the tongue and making me consider adding lemon zest to the next bread and butter pudding I bake.

Simply put you get the comforting gooyness of the custard tamed by the bread – zapped by those spicy fruits before the lemon makes the flavour positively zing off your tongue…oh my this is addictively gorgeous.

Bubblegum Chiller by Ghetto Penguin

bubblegum chiller

Riot Labs Say:

A deliciously sweet and chewy bubblegum candy frozen in a cooling ice pop!

I Say:

Sadly not for me…they make it clear this is sweet and sadly far too on the sweet side for me.

Sure I’m getting the perfect flavour of those old school bubblegums we all chewed on as kids but not even the hint of coolada can wash away the overly sweet vape.

Those of you with a sweet tooth and into the whole bubblegum flavour thing will enjoy it immensely I’m sure.

Blueberry Rumble by Ghetto Penguin

blueberry rumble

Riot Labs Say:

a delicious blueberry flavor and buttery crumble with sugary notes to finish.

I Say:

This is bloody lovely to say the least with the aroma on opening the bottle getting my mouth watering!

Juicy blueberries literally burst onto the tongue that just for a second suggests a too tart taste before in comes that crumbly just sweet enough crumble topping giving a hint of toffee.

That comes from the sugary topping that absolutely nails the slight crunch you get off the top of a crumble pie – perfectly blended and absolutely yummy and then some.

Harlem Rockhopper by Ghetto Penguin

harlem rockhopper

Riot Labs Say:

What’s the one thing that can make a great citrus soda e-liquid even better? Harlem Rockhopper by Ghetto Penguin combines its tart lemon and lime soda notes with a cold burst of menthol to simulate the flavour of drinking a cold soda on ice.

I Say:

Regulars will know what I’m about to say…I don’t do menthol e-liquids! However in the past a few out there have impressed me enough to ‘do the bottle’ so has this one?

Yes and no…let me explain!

The inhale is bloody gorgeous and BANG on my profile of not too sweet tangy lemon and lime however the exhale just isn’t for me. The sweet tartness is washed away by sweeter if a little cloying menthol reminiscent of a polo mint.

Nope sorry not for me…however those of you who like a fruity sweet menthol vape that doesn’t blow your head off should try this one 😉

Forest Fruit Shorty by Ghetto Penguin

forest fruits shorty

Riot Labs Say:

A delicious biscuit creates a rich base note, that is sweetened by cream and a fruit jam with hints of blackberry and raspberry to finish.

I Say:

I was actually surprised by this one…forest fruits are one of my go to flavours but I’m a little reluctant to try anything too biscuity for want of a better word.

The fruits whilst not as tangy as I might like are not too sweet either leaving a nice fruitiness on the tongue but without that sharp citrus tang I enjoy.

However the biscuit base is actually a revelation with balanced sweet buttery notes wrapping around the fruits making a very tasty vape indeed – especially with a cup of tea.

Not one I’d vape all day but certainly enjoyable in place of a proper biscuit with a cuppa…no calories either 😉

Strawberry Waddlemelon by Ghetto Penguin

strawberry waddle melon

Riot Labs Say:

If you blended frozen strawberries and watermelons until you had a smooth puree, you might have something that tastes a bit like Strawberry Waddlemelon by Ghetto Penguin. Strawberry and watermelon combine with menthol to make this e-liquid a truly refreshing experience.

I Say:

As I just said some menthol based e-liquids have impressed me and to some extent this one just about does.

Once again the inhale is bang on my flavour profile with those sweet strawberry notes calmed down by fresh watermelon giving a wonderful balance of sweetness. I’m guessing the not overly syrupy watermelon helps tone down the menthol keeping things nicely balanced.

Once again, had this just been a plain old boring strawberry and watermelon vape I’d have emptied the bottle – that hint of menthol means whilst I will empty it…it may take some time…

Final Review Verdict

As you can see I absolutely loved the two bread and butter flavours and remember I rarely vape on desserts. I don’t actually dislike any of them if I’m honest – it’s more they’re not on my personal flavour profile.

What I can say is the menthol flavours will probably be going to my brother…he likes some of the Nasty Juices and I reckon these are very similar…

I can say they are most definitely made to a high standard and taste exactly as they say on the bottle – speaking of which the packaging is superb as is the price given I’ve spotted them on sale at a tenner.

As I said at the start taste is subjective so let me know how you find them – particularly if you’re a fan of the menthols!

BTW as well as taste – review points are of course subjective however I have tried to be fair…as I always am 🙂

Custard Jail Bird
Lil Lemon Felon
Bubblegum Chiller
Blueberry Rumble
Harlem Rockhopper
Forest Fruit Shorty
Strawberry Waddlemelon
Overall Rating
Neil H
I began vaping over 7 years ago and found it easy to give up a 40 per day roll-up habit! DTL: Lost Vape DNA75C BF - Dead Rabbit SQ - MTL: JacVapour Sandstorm DNA 75 + Savour RTA...Beater set-up Lost Vape DNA 250c and Reload RTA I'm a former journalist and now a sort of writer and author.. I'm an Army veteran - adore dogs and never happier than with a good book on a beach.


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