I have never used an IQ product and didn’t know much about them, so, as I am testing out the IQ One, I dug a little deeper into who they are and what else they do.

iQ are a sister company, or part of the Hangsen group, who predominantly sell e-liquids and have been around for almost a decade.iQ One in HandEstablished in 2016, iQ released their first e-cigarette in 2018. Looking through their hardware catalogue, they mainly have Pod Systems on their books.

What Can We Expect From The One by IQ

The iQ One is rather large compared to most pods on the market, although, it does fit in the hand very well. It does have quite a lot of weight about it mainly due to the high capacity internal battery, so, you will certainly know you have it in hand, in your pocket or carry round bag.

I received a very executive looking black leather (synthetic) with gold trim. This really does look a quality product and oozes class from the off. The device only comes in two colour options in the UK, Gold Charcoal (being the one I received) and a Silver Charcoal. There are more options if buying outside the UK.

So many pod systems lately are trying to give you the best of both worlds, a mouth to lung (MTL) and direct to lung (DTL) vape.

The iQ One is no different offering two coils off the bat, 0.6ohm which it recommends for freebase nicotine e-liquids and 0.8ohm specifically for nic salts.
iQ One Close
The device was sent to me for review by Ivapeiq.eu. As always, I will give you my own, honest opinion of this product after a lengthy testing period.

See The IQ One In Action With My Video Review

In The Box

  • iQ One battery/body
  • 1 x iQ Pod
  • 2 x coils, 0.6ohm and 0.8ohm
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

iQ One Box Contents


  • Dimensions: 2 x 33.8 x 17.9mm
  • Weight: 112g
  • Battery: 1100mAh
  • LED Light: Battery level indicator
  • iQ Chipset
  • Pod Capacity: 2ml
  • Coils: 0.6ohm and 0.8ohm

Design and Build Quality

This Pod System has a luxury, premium look and feel. The weight adds to the overall quality. The leather with Gold trim also looks the part.

The design is your standard Pod design with an internal battery and fillable, replaceable pod that also has replaceable coils.

You have a 0.8ohm coil recommended for a MTL Nic Salt Vape and a 0.6ohm coil for standard e-liquid for either an MTL or restricted DTL vape.

Unsure what Direct to Lung and Mouth to Lung vaping is? Read our guide here.

iQ One size comparison

The gold trim is finished off very well as is the leather look. I’ve used this over the past couple of weeks and there’s not been a dint or chip anywhere.

iQ One Paintwork and finish

The iQ One is fired by a small button on the front of the device, simply hold it down when vaping and release when you stop. The button is also used to turn the device on and off, 5 quick clicks is all it needs.

You have an LED indicator on the side, this lights up as you turn the device on.

The LED, which is placed just under the USB port, has 3 light setting to indicate the battery level.

  • Green: 70 – 100% charge
  • Blue: 30 – 70% charge
  • Red: < 30%

iQ One LED Indicator

You have the usual ventilation on the bottom of the device for battery venting.

How Does The IQ One Perform?

The iQ One performs admirably. That’s to say, it vapes well enough.

Throughout the two week test, the device has performed well above average. You get a good MTL nicotine delivery from Nic Salts using the 0.8ohm coil and a good restricted DTL vape from the 0.6ohm coil.

Read more about Nic Salts here.

You do get a good mix of MTL and DTL from this Pod system but if you wanted to switch between the two throughout the day, another Pod would be needed.

Another great addition is that you are able to change the airflow on the bottom of the coil. This allows you to fine tune your vape.

iQ One Air Flow ControlCharging the iQ One

You simply plug in the USB cable in the provided port on the side of the device.

USB Charge Port

How to Fill and Replace the Pod

To remove the pod, firstly, you will need to remove the mouthpiece then lift the pod from the device itself.

Once the pod has been taken from the device, you will see a red rubber bung. Simply lift this up, fill your e-liquid of choice, close it all up and re-insert the pod and add your mouthpiece back to the device.

iQ One Pod Removal

Coil Replacement

To change out the old coil and put in another, simply follow the directions above for removing the pod from the device. Then:

  • Turn the Pod upside down
  • Unscrew the coil
  • Screw in a replacement

iQ One coil removal

Flavour and Vapour

The flavour from pod systems these days, is, on the whole, very good and the iQ One is no exception.

Whilst I wouldn’t say it’s up with the best out there, it certainly is well placed for flavour no matter which of the two coils you use.

Both the coils provided have performed very well and I have vaped both coils for 7 days each.

0.6Ohm Coil

The 0.6ohm coil was vaped using purely 50/50 nic salts and the flavour throughout the week was constant and very good for MTL vaping.

Whilst using the 0.6ohm coil as a restricted DTL vape, I managed to get half decent cloud.

0.8Ohm Coil

The 0.8ohm coil was vaped with 70/30 e-liquid at 3mg nicotine as a restricted DTL vape.

Again, the performance of the coil over 7 days was constant with good flavour. I didn’t have a hint of a dry hit once from either of the coils provided.

Battery Life

As you would expect from a device with a 1100mAh internal battery, the battery life is very good indeed.

With my style of vaping, using the 0.8ohm coil as a MTL Vape, I managed to use this for over 2 days without the need to charge up the pod.

I only charged up the device after the second day as I would be out and about on the third day without charging facilities.

Using the 0.6ohm coil as a restricted DTL Vape, I managed around a day and a half. It wasn’t used as my main device but it was used almost constantly throughout.

You are also looking at around 1 hour 40 minutes for to fully recharge from <30% battery life.


  • Great Looks
  • Removable Pods
  • Changeable Coils
  • Good Flavour
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Battery longevity
  • Rugged


  • No way of viewing e-liquid levels
  • Large mouthpiece
  • Small fill port

Final Review Verdict

On first looks, the iQ One is a very executive, top of the range looking device.

It is certainly something you would see sitting on the table next to your PC and iPad in a board meeting.

The pods and coils are readily available on the web from their own website and won’t cost you the earth.

The IQ One is a Pod System that has an excellent look with great flavour and a MTL or DTL vape with changeable air flow.

Build Quality of Mod
Build Quality of Pod
Design of Mod
Design of Pod
Ease of Use
Replacement if lost of damaged
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