Today I’m taking a look at the new IVG Bar Plus range of disposable vapes.

IVG are based in Preston in the UK and are multi award winning e-juice manufacturers. Last year alone they scooped up five awards here at Ecigclick, topping the best brand and best nic salt categories.

A quick look at the IVG portfolio shows other reasons for their success. Variety.

They cover every vapers needs from starter pens to sub ohm tanks. Even RDA or RTA’s are catered for. It’s made possible by their 70VG/30PG – 50VG/50PG juice ratios. Flavour concentrates are also available.

IVG Bar Plus range main imageWhether it’s menthol, dessert, beverage, fruit, sweet or tobacco – there’s bound to be something suitable to everyone’s taste buds.

It doesn’t begin or end with disposable e-cigs either. There is the IVG pod vape featuring some of their better known flavours such as Blue Raspberry and Pink Lemonade.

So it’s true to say that as a manufacturer, IVG are creating, growing and certainly adapting to current trends on the vaping scene. For that, they can only be applauded.

Does the IVG Bar Plus range vape great?

What Can We Expect From the IVG Bar Plus + Range?

Many of you may be familiar with the original IVG Bar. Our editor and very dear friend here at Ecigclick, Mr Neil Humber took a close look at them. He had plenty to get through – sixteen in total from of a range that swiftly extended to twenty two!

By way of tribute I’d like to quote Neil and his own unique style of writing.

‘A couple of flavours were not quite to my personal taste – but even those I can see vapers bloody loving them’.

I haven’t been tasked with the job of reviewing quite so many but fourteen still gives an idea of the broad flavour spectrum.

Six new flavours have been added to the IVG Plus Bar range so naturally I’ll be sampling those first. I’ll also get the chance to tread in the footsteps of one of our industry’s finest reviewers.

IVG Bar Plus Range side of outer carton image

  • Size 104mm x 19.6mm
  • E-liquid capacity 2ml
  • Puffs Up to 800 puffs
  • Battery capacity 500mAh
  • Nicotine per puff 160MCG
  • Nicotine strength 20MG/ML

The original range was only available in 20mg salt nicotine with a 50VG/50PG juice ratio. The IVG Bar Plus follows that trend.

Since the disposables are manufactured in the UK they hold a 2ml juice capacity under current TPD regulations.

They also includes the same 500mAh integrated battery so I’m not sure where the extra 200 puffs are coming from.

Nevertheless a single IVG E-cig is still going to work out less expensive than a pack of cigarettes. So if you’re considering switching to these there’s fact number one, right there!

Packaging And Presentation

I’m a big fan of detail and IVG haven’t let me down. The outer carton leaves no stone or safety requirement unturned.

Ingredients, precautions and safety warnings are all present and correct.

IVG Bar Plus Range image of Peach Rings boxedBullet icons on the front provide useful information and the E-cig image has been  embossed. Together with the reflective silver ‘I Vape Great’ slogan on the side the presentation is faultless.

Some will argue that flavour is more important. I don’t disagree but presentation always reflects a level of commitment.

IVG Bar Plus Range inner packaging image
Even the inner wrapper has the IVG touch!

Aloe Grape Ice

IVG Bar Plus Aloe Grape IceIVG Says:

‘A fruity blend with floral undertones capturing juicy grape notes paired with delicate aloe vera and ice on the finishing exhale to create a refreshing vape experience!’

I Say:

There’s plenty of sourness mixed with a tart like quality during the initial inhale. It’s not until the end of a prolonged draw that an icy cold blast kicks in. The effect is reduced on the exhale but still lingers at the back of the throat.

The grape tastes the same as many others on the market. Maybe I was hoping too much for a new take on a safe bet. That’s not to say it’s unpleasant and a level of sweetness keeps it uplifting and vibrant.

Aloe Vera? Are you there?

On hindsight it is but more so on the inhale. There’s more of a sour like quality as opposed to any bitterness usually associated with Aloe Vera.

Overall Aloe Grape Ice is a flavoursome vape. There’s a good balance between the fruit and an icy cold blast.

Polar Mint

IVG Bar Plus Polar MintIVG Says:

‘An icy blend capturing a fresh minty taste paired with ice to create a refreshing minty vape experience with a frosty exhale!’

I Say:

The cooling properties of Polar Mint build on the inhale, freezing the throat. That’s the experience I wanted and that’s exactly what I got!

Good stuff!

Traces of fresh mint can also be detected during longer inhales. There’s no escaping its prominence on the way out.

I’m convinced by Polar Mint’s menthol properties too. It help to provide a concentrated and intense taste that’s a cut above the usual standard.

It’s all helped along by a tinge of sweetness.

There’s a fantastic combination of factors in play with Polar Ice. The flavour has a nice, clean edge and is very well defined. Spearmint definitely springs to mind.

The frosty nature of the vape is very potent and the inhale culminates with a very pleasing throat tickle.

If ever there was a vape to cool the temperature during the summer months, Polar Ice is it.

Ruby Guava Ice

IVG Bar Plus Ruby Guava IceIVG Says:

‘A tropical blend capturing creamy notes of guava with sweet highlights paired with ice creating a refreshing vape experience!’

I Say:

It’s easy to pick out a few tropical notes even when sniffing the mouthpiece. It’s a pleasant aroma.

This vape reminds me of a bubble gum candy sweet.

It doesn’t take long for the taste buds to be stimulated by the sweetness. It works well as a driving force throughout.

This is a complex and delicately balanced fruit. It’s not that easy to describe. I definitely pick up traces of strawberry but I hazard a guess banana is in there too.

It’s quite unique and may very well lean towards Guava.

An icy cold inhale ensures that Ruby Guava ice is another winner. It tastes an absolute treat!

Classic Menthol

IVG Bar Plus Classic MentholIVG Says:

‘A refreshing blend capturing a crisp menthol taste with sharp highlights upon the exhale to create a refreshing minty vape experience!’

I Say:

After reading the description I was a bit concerned Classic Menthol might just be a clone of Polar Mint.

It’s actually better in all honesty. How have I reached that conclusion?

It’s based on a sweet inhale, swiftly followed by a sharp chill on the way out. Classic Menthol does exactly what it sets out to do.

The menthol does have a cutting edge and may catch the throat but that’s the intention. Long, protracted inhales will create a very chilling and crisp vaping experience.

The spearmint feels more at home in these surroundings and combined with the sweetness, creates a razor sharp exhale.

Classic Menthol is a definitive palate cleanser or an ideal vaping substitute for those suffering with the symptoms of flu.

Who needs Heisenberg when Menthol based E-liquids vape this good?

Vanilla Custard Tobacco

IVG Bar Plus Vanilla Custard TobaccoIVG Says:

‘A decadent tobacco blend with rich smoky undertones paired with a smooth vanilla custard that creates a luxurious vape experience!’

I Say:

Tearing the wrapper open produces the aroma of caramel. Caramel is the prominent flavour of this vape.

This means it isn’t quite the custard vape I was expecting. Vanilla Custard Tobacco also feels slightly harsh on the throat. That may be due to the smoky tobacco notes mentioned in the flavour description.

Virginia tobacco is present but in a very subtle way. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as it doesn’t diminish the milky quality of the dairy content.

These tobacco notes come across as more of an after taste but the sweetness of the leaf works well enough.

Vanilla Custard Tobacco doesn’t seem to balance flavours in the way others do.

Too much sweetness and too much tobacco would lead to a sickly vape so it’s an  understandably tough call.

It doesn’t follow the flavour description entirely and lacks the punch and vibrancy of others in the range.

Berry Lemonade Ice

IVG Bar Plus Berry Lemonade IceIVG Says:

‘A fruity blend with citrus undertones capturing a medley of mixed summer berries paired with zingy lemonade and ice on the finishing exhale to create a refreshing vape experience!’

I Say:

Berry Lemonade Ice makes good use of its frosty content. It’s not too harsh on the throat and lends itself nicely as an alternative to a cooling summer drink.

The fruity notes are also less amplified or scattered. They’re more concentrated.

There’s a delicate balance between lemonade and sweet forest fruits. A unique blend is created. It’s nothing new to my taste buds but still manages to stimulate them.

A few floral notes weave in and out, clashing with raspberry and blackberry. Those are the dominant fruits on offer. They hold the taste buds for a considerable length of time.

If you like lemonade vapes with a fusion of dark berries, Berry Lemonade Ice is one to check out.

Lacking any of the artificial or synthetic qualities rife in similar profiles it’s ideal for vaping over the Summer months.


IVG Bar Plus RainbowIVG Says:

‘A mixed fruit blend capturing a medley of fruits with ripe and sweet highlights that create a deliciously satisfying vape experience!’

I Say:

The vape begins with an icy cold blast to the throat with Rainbow providing enough sweetness to puncture it during the exhale.

Orange seems to be the dominant fruit, accompanied by an effective citric bitterness. Lemon appears to be in there too, undulating and fusing as it hits the taste buds.

There’s a chalk like texture to the vape, reminiscent of candy coated sweets but manages to avoid any relatable harshness.

With Rainbow the sweetness makes a big difference and enhances the fruits. Maybe a touch of lime has been included as well to enhance that bitterness.

Rainbow is very uplifting. It’s a refreshing vape and IVG have once again managed to avoid the pitfalls of a chemical, synthetic tasting profile.

Peach Rings

IVG Bar Plus Peach RingsIVG Says:

‘An all time classic taste of peach flavoured gummy candy coated with sweet sugar crystals to add extra sweetness for a perfectly balanced taste throughout’

I Say:

This definitely isn’t a fresh, ripe peach and that’s evident from the very first vape.

Peach Rings offers plenty of sweetness combined with tangy back notes. A gummy like edge only serves to makes my mouth water.

The flavour remains consistent throughout with this single flavour profile.

Sweetener pushes Peach Rings into the realms of a sweets influenced vape. The intention is obvious. To create a wine gum like texture and IVG have nailed it.

I mustn’t forget the cold blast that tops the vape. It does its bit to add depth and dimension without being too intrusive.

This is a peachy vape, for sure!

Passion Fruit

IVG Bar Plus Passion Fruit

IVG Says:

‘An exotic blend capturing tangy sweet passion fruit with tropical notes dominating the flavour throughout to create a pleasant vape experience.’

I Say:

The aroma from the mouthpiece lends itself to a freshly squeezed orange which bodes well.

As for the vape itself, there’s an immediate taste of grapefruit running through the centre of the exhale. It’s very authentic and tasty too.

Citrus notes are quite prominent and there’s a definite sharpness to the fresh orange. It spills out alongside the grapefruit and really adds a refreshing, uplifting appeal.

There’s nothing too complex about Passion Fruit. It’s very easy to spot the fruits and I appreciate that. Neither come across as fuzzy or muddled.

Expect copious levels of sweetness during the vape as well. It does an admirable job of keeping the flavour interesting.

The cooling agent does have a habit of freezing the rear of the throat and it’s an experience that lingers. So be prepared for that.

The combination of juicy sweet fruit, sharpness and cooling effect all create a tropical vape that’s ideal for the long summer months.

Cola Ice

IVG bar plus Cola Ice improved stock pic

IVG Says:

Cola Ice features a beverage blend with frosty undertones capturing a unique taste of Cola fused with ice on the finishing exhale to create a refreshing vape experience.

I Say:

The vape experience is that of a sweet one and those frosty undertones are more prevalent than expected. They have a tendency to sear the rear of the throat just after the inhale and are ever present thereafter.

Do they invade the vape? Yes I think so. The Cola is quite strong and intense but as is often the case quite flat tasting.

A thick, syrupy texture follows through and lands on the taste buds ensuring that I’m never short on flavour property.

I would have appreciated more in the way of fizz but instead the citrus nature of this drinks inspired creation takes more of a key role.

So maybe a little less ice and sweetness and a bit more fizzle would have made this popular beverage stand out from all of the others. A missed opportunity.

Blue Raspberry Ice

IVG Bar Plus Blue Raspberry IceIVG Says:

Featuring a berry blend with candy undertones capturing delicious blue Raspberry fused with ice on the finishing exhale to create a refreshing vape experience.

I Say:

There’s most definitely a heavy candy influence with Blue Raspberry Ice. It’s very similar to the taste of bubble gum and has the same texture and tone of the chewy gum.

The inhale produces some very tasty sweet notes that stick around on the tongue and taste buds once the vape is vaped!

The icy cold content isn’t particularly overpowering but stings a bit instead of refreshing the breath on the inhale. It doesn’t do anything to distract from the vape experience and helps to liven up the Raspberry content.

This is quite a rich flavour and the Raspberry also contains a few sour back notes which give the profile some added depth, in my opinion.

The level of sweetness applied means that Blue raspberry Ice is more akin to a chewy sweet than, say, a blue slushy Summer Beverage.

Strawberry Watermelon

IVG Bar Plus Strawberry WatermelonIVG Says:

This delicious coupling of ripe garden strawberries and refreshing juicy watermelon combine to create a truly memorable vape juice.

I Say:

A cooling blast is received on the inhale which tickles the back of the throat. It’s not overpowering and certainly adds to what is a very sweet and tasty vaping experience.

I have to say both Strawberry and Watermelon have been excellently fused. Neither one of the fruits is top heavy and the blending is really rather good.

An added richness and tone is created and it’s almost like tasting a hybrid fruit. I wouldn’t say either of which is authentic, however – there’s far too much sweetness involved but the exhale is jam packed with flavour.

A muskiness falls in behind the Strawberry that I can only attribute to the Watermelon. The cooling agent does a good job at making sure it stays fresh and buoyant throughout.

Strawberry Watermelon makes for an excellent Summer vape and 100% delivers on the flavour description. I’m loving this one!

Energy Ice

IVG Bar Plus Energy IceIVG Says:

A refreshing yet sharp blend capturing fizzy notes of energy drink that pair perfectly with a breeze of cooling ice that will leave your taste buds refreshed and satisfied.

I Say:

I probably don’t need to mention the popular fizzy energy drink that IVG are referring to. You’ll know what it is as soon as you take your very first vape.

One thing of note with Energy Ice. There’s a very realistic fizzy snap evident on the inhale. It builds well but seems to become lost as soon as the exhale occurs, which is a bit of a shame. It’s there – then it’s gone..

As you can imagine, sweetness levels are heightened in line with what to expect from the beverage and the taste is very authentic.

The inclusion of the icy cold blast is what stops Energy Ice from tasting like a flat lifeless rendition of the OG drink. It remains upbeat and refreshing with every vape and the back of the throat is regularly lined with the cooling agent.

It’s just a shame the fizzy content wasn’t as focussed as it could’ve been.

Pink Lemonade

IVG Bar Plus Pink LemonadeIVG Says:

Pink Lemonade features a fruity blend with citrus undertones capturing a medley of red fruits paired with zingy Lemonade to create a delicious, citrusy fresh vape experience.

I Say:

Oranges and Lemons. They’re the aroma picked up when ripping the vacuum sealed baggie open. It’s quite unmistakable.

Pink Lemonade strikes me as containing Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit. Although they are deftly mixed and combined the flavours are strong enough to identify and pick out individually.

This makes it a very tropical themed vape which is a full on flavour fest!

There’s no doubting its beverage inspired content, either because these fruits taste very juicy and mouth watering. The taste buds are certainly in for a treat.

The citrus undertones are there but never create any real level of sharpness to the inhale. Pink Lemonade also represents a cautious and sensible approach to the sweetness applied. It never becomes too sickly.

The icy cold blast is also well balanced and strikes through the heart of the vape. This is a very tasty, uplifting and refreshing experience.

I think IVG have done a great job and all the ingredients combine harmoniously.

This is the perfect Summer vape. ‘Ave it!

IVG Bar Plus + Range – Final Review Verdict

The IVG Bar Plus range of disposable e-cigs weigh very little and with a thickness of around 20mm, very pocket friendly too.

The auto draw is quite sensitive, responding to the lightest of pulls.

The moulded mouthpiece has a good shape which makes it comfortable to vape from.

An adequate level of airflow restriction ensures a satisfactory MTL vape. The balance of flavour to ice content is very effective and works well with those tested.

Vapour production is suitably stealthy and as a consequence won’t raise too many eyebrows within confined spaces.

The flavours held up well and the auto draw continued to function alongside the LED even after the e-liquid ran out. I managed a full days use under moderate to heavy vaping patterns.

For anyone new or even casual to vaping I can highly recommend the IVG Bar Plus disposable e-cigarette.

neil cozens
Neil Cozens

My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.

Aloe Grape Ice
Polar Ice
Ruby Guava Ice
Classic Menthol
Vanilla Custard Tobacco
Berry Lemonade Ice
Peach Rings
Passion Fruit
Cola Ice
Blue Raspberry Ice
Strawberry Watermelon
Energy Ice
Pink Lemonade
My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.
ivg-bar-plus-disposable-reviewThe ten IVG disposables I tested covered fruit, menthol, sweet, beverage and tobacco. On the whole they deliver high quality flavour replication which lasts the lifetime of the e-cig. They're refreshing, sometimes candy like but never synthetic or artificial tasting. It looks like IVG are going from strength to strength with the Bar Plus range.



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