The Pro Tank 3 – Jacvapour Version

Jacvapour have released some great devices such as the Series S e cig,  Series B DNA75 mod and the excellent Jacvapour S-22 vape tank.

Some of the more experienced vapers out there may recognise the Pro tank 3 name from the Kangertech line of e cigarette products.

This is essentially the same device but with the Jacvapour branding and a new gunmetal finish produced by Kanger especially for Jacvapour.

Lets get on with the review!
Jacvapour Pr Tank 3 Hands On Review

Pro Tank 3 Setup

The Jacvapour Pro Tank 3 has a nice weighty, quality feel to it and I really like the gunmetal finish. The subtle branding on the side makes this a great looking tank.

The Pro Tank 3 is a 2.5ml pyrex tank setup that has the added benefit of being built completely glue-less to avoid any contamination when vaping. The tank itself breaks down in to six parts which on first glance, especially to new vapers, will likely look pretty confusing. I can assure you though it is all very simple!

One of the main benefits of the tank breaking down in to multiple pieces is that it makes it easy to clean and maintain and if one element does need replacing you can replace just the one part instead of the whole device. Before putting the tank to use I would recommend taking it apart and putting it back together a few times just to get used to the tank and the way it works. How to fill the Pro tank 3

Kanger have again steered away from using any glue to put this together so at first glance, especially for those new to clearomizers like this, all the different parts may seem a bit overwhelming. It’s all very easy though!

Filling The Jacvapour Pro Tank 3

The Pro tank 3 is filled from the bottom. It can be a little tricky at first so a little care is needed.Just remove the base, ensure the pyrex tank is set in place and fill so as not to go over the center tube. Then screw the base/coil in and double check it feels solid and secure. You are then ready to go.

Pro Tank 3 performance

I was using the Jacvapour Banana Milkshake for this review, which I think is a great flavour. The Pro Tank 3 comes with two 1.5 Ohm coils which really do help provide a nice deep, warm flavour that gives of plenty of vapour volume so great job all round.

If you have one of Jacvapour’s variable voltage battery setups they will complement this tank very well indeed allowing you to get that little bit more in terms of performance.

Coil prices

The coils are the disposable element in this setup so the time will come when they need replacing. You will tell when the e liquid flavor begins to change, this could be after 4/5 tank refills or 15! There are different things that determine the life such as the type of e-liquid you are using, just be aware that each vaper will likely have different results.

So, when you need replacements there are two options, the 1.5ohm and 2ohm coil.

They can be bought on there own or in packs of 5. I would suggest trying the 2.0 ohm coil as well so you can gauge what best suits you. The coils can also be used in the Evod 2, Mini Pro Tank 3 and Aerotank that Jacvapour also sell. Just remember to use the Jac Vapour Coupon Code to save!


The build quality is excellent and the gunmetal is a very nice finish. Vapour volume and flavour was great with the e-liquid I was using so no issues on that front. Newer vapers may take a short while to get to know the setup but the learning curve isn’t a big one. Very happy overall and highly recommended.

Build Quality
Vapour Volume
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