The Latest Jacvapour VGO 2 Pro Kit

UPDATE: This kit has been replaced by the Jacvapour Series S17 starter kit. Even better than the VGO2 due to the universal threading options allowing you to use vape tanks from the majority of brands.

If you have been on the Ecigclick website before you may have noticed the previous glowing reviews for Jacvapour e cig products such as the Series 22, V1P kit and VIM Pod Mod. They really are great starter kits that do a great job.Jacvapour VGO2 Review

So when we heard that Jacavpour were updating their VGO range of e cigarettes we couldn’t wait to give them a try. 

The VGO 2 starter kit on review here was sent free of charge but as always we will give you an honest opinion.

In The Box

The VGO2 Starter kit comes in a zipped carry case and includes the following:

  • 2 X Manual VGO 2 Batteries (650 mAh)
  • 1 X Crystal Tank (rebuild-able)
  • 2 Coils ( One already in the tank and one spare)
  • USB Charging cable
  • Faux leather zip carry case


The two batteries included in the kit are both manual (just means you have to press a button to activate) and are 650 mAh, which for those that don’t know it basically gives you an idea of the battery life. The higher the number the longer the battery will last between charges. 

Jacvapour do also offer a 900 mAh kit and a 1300 mAh kit, one thing to keep in mind is that along with increased battery life comes increased size. VGO 2 650 mAh Batteries

If you are new to vaping or have been previously using a mini e cig then I would say the 650 mAh size is a perfect staring point in terms of both size and performance.

I was sent the black batteries that are finished off in a rubberised coating that feels great in the hand, there is also the option to choose a white or stainless steel battery, the latter of which I have had my hands on and both are good quality.

It all comes down to personal preference when choosing your colour but for me it’s stainless steel all the way, looks cool with a matching stainless clearomiser on top!

So back to the important bit, the functionality and performance.

The battery will come ‘turned off’, so when you get this out of the case 5 quick presses of the button will turn it on. If you are on the move carrying the VGo2 in your pocket then another 5 clicks and the battery is turned off. Great feature to prevent the battery firing up in your pocket without you realising.

In terms of life between charging I was getting a good 6/7 hours vaping from one battery so enough to see me through the majority of the day and with the spare battery you simply swap over and you’re good to carry on.

Even for the heavier vapers out there the 2 batteries should see you through one day and well in to the next. Keep in mind though depending on your vaping habits they may last you less time or indeed a lot more.

Whenever I’m using a kit like this I just get into the habit of rotating the batteries making sure to put the one that has just run out on the charger as soon as it needs it. This way I know it will always be ready when the other one goes which in turn means I will never be without my e cigarette, very important!

When the time comes to replace one or both of the batteries then these are available to buy separately over at Jacvapour. 

Again there are colour options and if you decide you want to try a longer life battery then sell these separately, 900 mAh, 1300 mAh. For those that fancy something smaller in size there is the Mini VGO2 400 mAh battery.

Overall – The manual VGO 2 batteries have a great feel in the hand and good battery life (in my case the 650 mAh battery lasted around 6/7 hours). So no issues at all here.

Vapour / Flavour

As with many of the Jacvapour starter kits there are options! The VGO 2 is certainly no different. The standard manual VGO2 starter kit comes with 5 cartomisers, for this review though I was sent the 2014 Pro Kit version.

This is the same but instead of the cartomisers the kit includes one refillable vape tank.

To select this you will need to choose the ‘Pro Kit’ from the drop down options box on the product page, it will cost an extra £5. Is it worth it though? For me personally, if I was buying this type of kit I would go with the clearomiser ‘Pro’ option.

Jacvapour Crystal TankThe Crystal metal tank is available in colours to match your battery, the black one I received looks and feels great being finished in the same rubberised material as the battery.

There are two narrow windows that allow you to easily check on the e-liquid remaining in the tank but the real plus point here is that the coil in the clearomiser is replaceable.

The only thing I don’t personally like about the tank is the base of it, at first glance it looks like it’s finished in tiny diamanté. Of course it is just the grooved metal that offers a grip to screw and unscrew the base, it’s not something that affects the performance though and just a personal taste.

Replaceable Coil head

As touched on before, a big plus point is the replaceable coil head. If you are new to all of this don’t worry! It is actually really simple to use and change, you will pick it up in no time. The clearomiser essentially breaks down into a number of pieces, four to be exact.

Unlike standard clearomisers that need to be thrown away when they come to the end of their life, the Crystal VGO tank can be reused. The only thing you need to dispose of and change is the coil. The big bonus here is that the coils priced well. A big saving in the long run.

The VGO2 Pro 2014 kit does come with 2 coils (2.4 oHm) to get you going so has plenty of vaping time to start.

You will know when the coil needs replacing due to a change in flavour, it will either just not taste as nice as it was or there may be a slight burnt taste. This is when you need to change coil heads and it is an easy process.

Simply unscrew the tank from the base, you will be left with a tube sticking out of the base with long wicks sticking out of the top. The small part at the top is what you need to unscrew. Then simply screw on the new coil head and replace the tank. Building the VGO 2 Crystal Clearomiser

Important! I would recommend practicing this before you put any e-liquid in the clearomiser. Take it apart and get to know how it all screws together, the problem with doing all this for the first time after you have put e-liquid in is that it can get messy.

So when the time does come at least you will know what to do to minimize that mess, I would advise to do this on a piece of kitchen towel to be on the safe side! It really is simple when you get the hang of it though.

Filling the Clearomiser

So once you have had a play around with the tank it’s time to put it back together and fill it. before I carry on it is worth mentioning that the starter kit doesn’t come with e-liquid so remember to buy some if you haven’t already got a bottle.

Check out our choices for best e liquid brands for some guidance here.

This is a top filling clearomiser so the mouthpiece needs to be removed and the e-liquid dripped down the inside of the tank avoiding the centre tube.

This can be quite tricky as there isn’t much room but I just took it slowly and filled the tank half way to begin with checking each time I squeezed a few drops in to make sure I wasn’t going to overfill, which can result in flooding.

Once the e-liquid is in let it stand for a couple of minutes, this will give the wicks enough time to soak up the e-liquid, if you try vaping straight away you will likely get a burnt taste and worst you could damage the coil itself as it will have no liquid on it to vaporize.  Refilling the VGO 2 with e-liquid

The e-liquid I am using for this review is Jacvapour’s UK made Real Tobacco Lite which says on the bottle it’s PG/VG which I would presume is a mix of the two but on the Jacvapour website it seems only to be available in EITHER 100% PG (Propylene Glycol) or 100% VG (vegetable glycerine).

So I’m a bit unsure there?

I am not normally a big tobacco e-liquid fan but I realise most new vapers out there will begin with a tobacco flavour so for you, I will subject myself to it : ).

Jacvapour Real Tobacco Lite E-LiquidTo be fair this tobacco e juice is actually pretty realistic, I was previously (many years ago) a Marlboro Light smoker and from what I can remember this isn’t far off and leaves a woody tobacco lingering aftertaste.

I am down to 6mg nicotine strength which may be too low for some, I personally still found the throat hit to be good for my tastes and the vapour volume was also decent although I would have preferred a mix of VG in there to increase this further.

Would I use this as an all day vape? Not personally, as mentioned before I have moved away from Tobacco flavoured e-liquids as my ‘go to’ vapes but for new vapers looking for a realistic tobacco then this is as good as any. 

The e-liquid itself is available in Trace (less than 1mg), Low (6mg), Medium (12mg), High (18mg) and Very High (24mg) so definitely a nicotine strength to suit all tastes and for those that want to take steps at cutting it out altogether.

Bottles are available in 10ml and discounts are offers depending on how many you buy. Just be sure to start with the small bottles in case you don’t like the flavour, e-liquid for obvious reasons cannot be refunded.

There are of course numerous other flavours to choose from including the likes of Banana Milkshake, Blackcurrant Squash, Menthol, Toffee to name just a few. The JAC PicNic ejuice range is also very interesting.

For more Jacvapour e-liquid reviews take a look here.

Overall – The Crystal VGO tank on a whole looks good and also performs well. The coils are replaceable which is a good thing and will help keep future costs down further.

I may not be a fan of tobacco e-liquids but Real Tobacco Lite does a very good job of replicating that cigarette taste and will be a great starting point for smokers making the switch.

VGO 2 Starter Kit Options

You have the option of kits with or without the PCC plus other options. Be sure to use our exclusive Jacvapour coupon code to save 15% off ALL purchases:

Mini VGO 2 Mini Kit 

  • 2 X 400 mAh Batteries – 2 Clearomisers – USB Charger

VGO2 650 mAh Manual Starter Kit 

This is the kit on review.

VGO2 900 mAh Manual Starter Kit 

  • 2 x 900 mAh Batteries – 5 X 50mm Cartomisers – USB Charger

VGO2 1300 mAh Manual Starter Kit

  • 1 X 1300 mAh Battery – 5 X Cartomisers – USB Charger

Jacvapour Guarantee / Warranty

There is a 14 day refund period offered by Jacvapour as well as warranties on batteries and other devices. Please check their website for upto date T&C’s.

Jacvapour Review – Overall

Jacvapour have always been a favourite here at ecigclick due to their quality products backed up by great customer service and this has certainly done nothing to change our minds.

The new updated VGO 2 Manual kit is a great option for new vapers or for current vapers looking to step up from cig-a-like e cigs.

The 650 mAh kit on review here is a good one to go for but there are plenty of options allowing you to pick an e cig to suit your needs exactly. I especially liked the option to add the rebuild-able clearomiser instead of the standard cartomisers. I would definitely recommend going for this option.

Not really much else to say here apart from you won’t go far wrong if you decide to buy this e cig kit.

Final Jacvapour VGO 2 review verdict:

VGO2 – Highly Recommended By

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Vapour Volume
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged (Mod)
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