Introduction: Jeffries Vintage Vape E-Liquid

Jefferies Vintage Vape E-liquid is a range of classic flavours – let’s go all old school!

Jeffries Vintage Vape RangeYou get these in short fill bottles with no nicotine. Hence these bottles can be sold in larger sizes and not fall foul of the TPD regulations. You then specify what nicotine strength you require and they send you nicotine shots to add.

The bottles I received were in the following flavours:

  • Orange soda
  • Cream soda
  • Mint
  • Iron Brew
  • Cloudy lemonade.

Jeffries Vintage Vape bottlesThe liquids comprise of 70% VG mixed with 30% PG – this is for a smother vape – less throat hit and works best on sub ohm devices.

For an explanation of VG and PG in E-liquids read here.

Jeffries Vintage Vape label

I have even had to buy a few things to help me test these liquids…

Bottles of PopMy job here is to mainly report on how close these liquids taste to their description. There will be some I don’t like but as with all e-liquid reviews taste is subjective!

I have never had Irn Bru, Cloudy Lemonade or Cream Soda so I have bought some to try out alongside testing the liquids haha!

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Cloudy Lemonade

JVV Cloudy Lemonade bottleJeffries VV says…

“Cloudy Lemonade by Jeffries Vintage Vape delivers the classically sweet and zesty sensation of a genuine lemonade stirred with a good dose of raw sugar, with just the right amount of fizz to leave your taste buds tingling for more..”

I say….

This aroma was more like a weak lemonade – like the stuff you made at school which wasn’t even fizzy!

It does taste the same too!

A sweet lemon taste – not a strong citrus – and this didn’t remind me of washing up liquid either!

This isn’t sickly or sour and this could be a lovely all day vape – I’m really taken with this considering I dislike sour lemon flavours.

I poured me a glass of Cloudy Lemonade to compare the taste…

Yep, it’s true it does taste of cloudy lemonade – the actual cloudy lemonade in the glass is slightly sourer – so I really prefer the E-liquid taste haha!

So there is my conclusion – this tastes like cloudy lemonade only better!!

Iron Brew  JVV Iron Brew

Jeffries VV says…

“Iron Brew by Jeffries Vintage Vape expertly recreates the distinct yet undeniable flavour of a Scottish classic with its faithful representation of an orange tinted cream soda bottled up for your vaping pleasure.”

I say…

Sniffing in turn between the Iron Brew E-liquid and some Irn Bru drink I cannot tell any difference smell wise!!

In fact tasting both again there is little to tell between the two!

Love this E-liquid – another which tastes exactly to description and a great version that fans of the classic drink will no doubt love!


JVV Mint BottleJeffries VV says…

“Mint by Jeffries Vintage Vape offers nothing but the purest cooling sensations in the refreshing form of mint that manages to hit all the right spots in delivering a lasting icy feel that your taste buds will struggle to forget.”

I say….

This is surprising – I was expecting a menthol cool mint hit.

This is more like a Murrays Mint – a buttery creamy type mint?

Wow this tastes exactly like Murrays mints – I wish I could describe it better!

So do not expect a cold menthol minty flavour this is gentle, smooth and takes you back to your childhood. Very very nice!

If you don’t know what Murray Mints taste like I suggest you buy a bag! Think of a Minty Werther’s.

I am having to mark this low as it doesn’t deliver the Icy blast of mint promised in the description. But I did add an extra star for it being really lovely!

Cream Soda

JVV cream SodaJeffries VV says…

“Cream Soda by Jeffries Vintage Vape brings all the fizzy carbonated goodness of a rich and high-quality vanilla infused cream soda which pays homage to the local favourite.”

I say…

Opening a bottle of cream soda and sniffing that I get a more vanilla ice cream smell than the E-liquid. The E-liquid has a more Pear Drops kind of smell?

Unfortunately for me this tastes of cleaning products to my smoking damaged tongue feelers. It isn’t very Vanillary (is that a word? It is now!) it’s so much more pear tasting.

So I am afraid this does not match the description or the taste expected of Cream Soda.

I really did not enjoy this.

Orange Soda

JVV Orange SodaJeffries VV says…

“Orange Soda by Jeffries Vintage Vape is an authentic recreation of a carbonated citrus classic that delivers on the original’s promise of a genuine orange flavour with its trademark fizzy feel.”

I say….

The smell of this is the same as opening a bottle of Orangeade as a child.

But sadly this didn’t taste quite as nice. This is more sour than sweet – so more like a fresh orange juice than a sugary soda version.

Bit disappointed with this one. It isn’t horrible but is more of a fresh orange than a sugary one.

Final Verdict

I found 2 out of the 5 liquids taste exactly as described. Cloudy Lemonade and Iron Brew were spot on!

But 3 of the liquids were quite different – the Mint wasn’t Icy, the Cream Soda was more peach than vanilla and the Orange Soda tasted more like fresh orange juice.

I really loved the Mint, Cloudy Lemonade and the Iron Brew liquids and will use them all up! But remember my ratings are about how close the taste is to the description.

The vapour from these was great as to be expected from a 70% VG liquid. I didn’t add nicotine to these so the throat hit will be a variable. Also sometimes I find Nicotine Shots can dilute the taste a bit so I kept them nicotine free for the full taste.

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