The Jinx e-liquid review and I’m trying the full range of five fruity combos.

Jinx is a UK company based in Edgbaston Birmingham and the vape juice is also made right here in the UK.

jinx e-liquid review

The branding is kind of on the spooky edgy side with a cartoonish voodoo doll the main logo.

Key here is the strapline:

Are you blessed or jinxed?

Each bottle has a scratch off panel that reveals whether you’re a winner or loser – nice touch!

Prizes are classed as Bronze, Silver and Gold with discounts to cash prizes awarded, so well worth a scratch 😉

Of the 5 I received I ‘won‘ x3 Bronze and x1 Silver – guess that means I’m blessed ha!

And yeah, given these were freebies for review I haven’t redeemed my prizes!

What Can We Expect From the Jinx E-liquid Range?

Some of the Jinx E-liquid combinations are more than little out there as you’ll see.

I can’t help but notice the word ‘sweet‘ being used a lot in the flavour notes.

blessed or jinxed
blessed or jinxed?

Regular readers of my vape juice reviews will know I’m not a big fan of over sweetened vape juice – so we’ll see!

A couple of the flavours immediately stood out, especially the Pineapple and Grapefruit – sounds bang up my street!

The Jinx E-liquid range comes in 100ml shortfills meaning you can add x2 18mg nic shots giving you 120mls of 3mg e-liquid – should you wish too.

OK, for the taste tests I’ve used my go to RDA – the flavourful Augavpe BTFC and freshly cleaned and wicked for each flavour.

For the record the Jinx E-liquid range was sent direct from the company for the purposes of this review – thank you – and as always I’m in no way influenced by freebies.

So let’s see if this range of fruity juices has blessed or jinxed my palate.

Jinx E-liquid Blueberry & Cherry – 100ml Shortfill

jinx blueberry and cherry e-liquid review

Jinx Says:

A hypnotic flavour which sees ravishing notes of meet for a classically refreshing mix.

Spellbindingly sweet.

I Say:

Not a fruit combination I’d even consider seeing together…so does it work?

Cherry is one of those flavours I find can be a little too perfumy and manufactured.

However, the aroma has an intriguing smell – almost sweet candy like rather than fruity.

The sweetness continues on the inhale with a real whack of almost too sweet cherry…

The exhale calms down a little with the arrival of again almost too sweet blueberries…

I’m mentioning sweet a lot – and yeah sadly this slowly became a little too syrupy for my jaded taste buds.

If you like sweet fruit vapes this is most definitely one for you!

Jinx E-liquid Blackberry and Pear – 100ml Shortfill

jinx e-liquid review blackberry and pear

Jinx Says:

Mesmerizing notes of blackberries and pear join forces in an e-liquid so rich it’s almost dessert like.

Effortlessly entrancing.

I Say:

This one should be bang on my flavour profile…I do like a nice juicy pear…ahem!

Again the aroma is on the sweet side a bit like a popular berry cordial before it’s diluted and no sign of the pear anywhere.

The more you sniff the more you get those flowery notes too…

The inhale is again almost too sweet for me, but you can definitely tell this is blackberry.

The pear is waiting to pounce in the back notes and comes to the fore adding a bit of warmth on the exhale.

It’s a cracking combination but again almost too sweet for me – sweet toothed vapers rejoice!

Jinx E-liquid Banana and Apricot – 100ml Shortfill

jinx banana and apricot e-liquid review

Jinx Says:

Let tropical notes of banana and sweet apricot take control in this totally oriignal e-liquid.

Dizzyingly delicious.

I Say:

There’s that word again in the flavour notes…sweet

I’ve eaten a tropical trail mix with dried apricots and banana and bloody loved it, so it’s a flavour combo I quite like.

Once the top’s off the smell is almost 100% banana and the foamy chewy candy kind rather than fresh.

It’s the same on the inhale – all candied banana with the merest hint of the apricot in the background.

The exhale is better creating a kind of tropical slushie with again the banana taking control of my taste buds.

Once again it’s all a bit too sweet for me…

Jinx E-liquid Raspberry and Rhubarb – 100ml Shortfill

raspberry and rhubarb vape juice review

Jinx Says:

Captivate your taste buds with this fusion of sweet raspberry and subtly tart rhubarb.

Bursting with bewitching flavour.

I Say:

Two of my favourite fruits…if rhubarb is a fruit lol.

Not much of an aroma from the bottle and certainly a more muted smell than the previous bottles.

Now this flavour combo is more to my taste…

The inhale gives a really juicy whack of raspberry with the tiniest hint of tartness underneath – only tiny mind.

As soon as it hits the back of the throat that sweetener arrives again.

The exhale sees the tartness of the rhubarb trying hard to calm that sweetness down and almost does it.

For me it’s just a bit too sweet again – pity as those flavours go together very well indeed.

Jinx E-liquid Pineapple and Grapefruit – 100ml Shortfill

jinx pineapple and grapefruit

Jinx Says:

Luscious pineapple and sharp grapefruit mingle in this unmistakably exotic flavour concoction.

Magnificently mind blowing.

I Say:

I bloody love grapefruit vape juice and am quite partial to a bit of pineapple too.

I’m definitely getting a whiff of grapefruit from the bottle – promising!

Strangely the inhale is all about the pineapple and again more like hard candy sweet chunks than fresh.

On the back of the tongue my taste buds are picking up a hint of grapefruit and yes it feels sharp/tangy.

However, that over-sweetened pineapple dominates leaving what I hoped to be a sour/acidic layer of grapefruit floundering to get through.

Sadly what I hoped would be a sharp fruity fresh taste is once again overpowered with sweetness.

Final Review Verdict

If you’re a lover of very sweet fruity flavour combos then you are indeed a ‘blessed‘ vaper.

If like me you prefer fresher fruit flavours than sadly you’re a ‘jinxed‘ juicer lol.

Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t totally overpoweringly sugary and syrupy, but very close!

Not my type of vape juice flavours but as I’ve said – those with a sweet tooth will bloody adore them.

BTW given the amount of sweetness I can’t help but think your coils might take a bit of a hit – especially sub ohm stock types.

I’ve been using a couple of basic Claptons and given they’ve been cleaned every time AND I’ve only had half a dozen drips off each flavour – I can’t tell.


Are you a big fan of the Jinx e-liquid range?

How are your coils standing up?

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below…

Blueberry & Cherry
Blackberry and Pear
Banana and Apricot
Raspberry and Rhubarb
Pineapple and Grapefruit
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