Designed by popular YouTube reviewer the VapnFagan in collaboration with the awesome Augvape the BTFC RDA is designed for both flavour and cloud chasers.

It features a dead simple to build on deck and both top and bottom airflow that can be adjusted to suit your vaping style – the clue being in the name: BTFC = Bottom Top Flavour Clouds.

btfc rda review

As to how all that air affects the vape experience we shall see below.

Augvape has had a solid track record for quite sometime now with both mods – tanks and drippers.

The V200 mod is a firm favourite with me and our Michelle whilst the recently released Templar RDA ticked all the boxes for me and even though the Intake RTA didn’t ‘excite’ me it’s still a highly regarded tank.

Incidentally a prototype of the soon to be released Skynet sub ohm tank from the company was sent to myself and Michelle way before release to get reviewer feedback – so look out for that one it’s very good indeed 😉

OK this was sent to me for the purpose of review direct from Augvape – thank you – is available in stainless – gun metal – black and rainbow and as always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies 😉

Inside the Box

The usual tube from Augvape and inside you’ll find:

btfc rda contents

  • 1x Screwdriver
  • 1x Accessory bag

Note: no coils or cotton included…

Augvape BTFC RDA Specs

  • Size: 25 x 33mm [without drip tip]
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • Material: SS304
  • Top and bottom double airflow system
  • Deep juice well
  • 25mm diameter for spacious building deck
  • 810 Delrin drip tip

btfc rda components

Key Features

As the name suggests the key here is the airflow.

It’s a double AF system with both top and bottom and as to how this affects the vaping experience I’ll cover later – as I said airflow is the key here with x4 air flow holes on the base of the deck.

barrel airflow

There’s two smaller holes at the top of the RDA and a larger ‘slot’ on the base both mirrored either side.

It’s a 25mm RDA with a very simple to build on deck with x4 raised posts meaning you can either single or dual coil.

Incidentally popping the coils in is very easy indeed – simply feed them through and there’s plenty of room at the rear of the posts to snip off access – BTW if you’re using the Coily tool I chose either 5.5 or 6mm.

easy snip coil legs

The juice well is exceptionally deep coming in between 10mm and 11mm depending on who’s measured it – plenty of room to slosh a lot of e-liquid in there!

Inside the box there’s a squonk pin keeping the squonkers happy!

Design and Build Quality

It’s rare you’ll find bad workmanship from Augvape and it’s the same with the BTFC RDA – it’s beautifully built with good materials.

It’s made from 304 stainless steel and comes with a shorter and slightly longer pair of 810 drip tips.

The top cap comes off easily enough but the O rings still have plenty of tension – I can hold it by the barrel whilst it’s on the Lost Vape DNA 250c for instance and it doesn’t budge.

The 510 does protrude enough to make it OK for hybrid mech mods.

btfc 510 base

Design wise it’s very much in the traditional style of dripper with little if any doming in the top cap and your 810’s will all fit over the slightly raised lip – at least mine did.

The only thing about the design I really don’t like is that laser etched BTFC logo – it’s far too in your face for my taste standing out on both the stainless and black versions.

garish logo

A little more design subtlety on that logo would make this RDA pop a little more – but then I do prefer clean looking devices.

That niggle aside the overall design and build quality is once again exceptional.

How Does the Augvape BTFC RDA Perform?

I’ve had a kind of love hate relationship with drippers – until squonking resurfaced as a thing that is.

I think the last RDA I used regularly as purely a dripper was again from Augvape – the Templar RDA which is still in rotation.

However since the Augvape BTFC RDA arrived it has not left the top of my mods and as I said over on social media – I haven’t stopped dripping for the last 3 weeks!

btfc rda performer

Yes I know the purists say RDAs give the best flavour and trust me with the BTFC the flavour you’re getting is astounding – wow!

OK before I go off on a gush fest let’s break it down a little.

Building On the BTFC RDA

As I’ve alluded to the building experience is an absolute joy.

Those raised posts are open at the back meaning you don’t need to pre-cut your coils which is great for those finger and thumb types like me.

Wicking is a doddle too but given we’re looking at an extremely deep juice well [10/11ml] you do need plenty of cotton in there.

BTW when squonking it pays to just tease the tails slightly away from the holes where the juice squonks out just to give the wicking breathing space.

Single Coil Mode As A Dripper

I used a basic Clapton coil that read 0.28 ohm – wicked with Fuzz and and began at 75.7w.

The flavour was superb to say the least and those clouds were incredible even with top and bottom AFC wide open.

Closing off the top and things got a little too restricted for me as well as the vape getting towards the hot side – flavour dropped away a touch.

Closing the bottom and nope – too hot – too restrictive and whilst the flavour was OK I did feel it dipped a little.

I vaped up to 100w and found the vape with all the AFC open gave me a warm not hot mouthful of thick cloudage with the dripper whilst warm not uncomfortably so.

Dual Coil Mode As A Dripper

Now we’re talking!

X2 claptons reading 0.2 ohms and plenty of cotton at 77.5w top and bottom airflow wide open and OMFG – the flavour was intense!

I’m still using Wick Liquor Contra and definitely got more depth from this RDA than my normal go to tanks and drippers certainly matching the Dead Rabbit for instance.

dual coil

This thing is a flavour machine with thick billowy clouds to match!

It might seem a bit daft but again closing off the top or bottom airflow definitely gave me a less tasty vape and again things got a little too on the hotter side of warm.

Squonking On The BTFC RDA

As you can see from my profile my most regular set-up is the Dead Rabbit SQ on board the Lost Vape DNA 75c Therion BF – so it goes without saying I enjoy a good squonk 😉

The squonk action off this little dripper is OK and does the job well enough.

Given the bucket like depth of the juice well you’ll be hard pressed to over-squonk especially if you tease the tails away from the holes.

Again I found the single coil saw a little dip in flavour however in dual coil it once again comes to life.

One thing I will add though if you are going to squonk with this RDA in dual coil it’s probably better suited to a dual battery squonker mod.

I have used it on the Pulse and the Lost Vape Furyan squonker and even using a 20700 the RDA in dual coil sucked the life out of those batteries in record time!

This is definitely designed for high power – big flavour and clouds!


  • Incredible flavour
  • Incredible clouds
  • Choice of airflow
  • Bucket sized juice well
  • Single and dual coil
  • Squonk ready
  • Easy build deck
  • Designed for high power
  • Great price


  • Awful etched logo
  • Slight issue with top open bottom closed airflow position?!?

VapnFagan Presents The Augvape BTFC RDA

Final Review Verdict

Augvape has been knocking it right out of the park of late with superb mods such as the V200 and Templar RDA and this traditional no fuss dripper is another big hitter.

Building on the Augvape BTFC RDA is an absolute doddle and will suit either novice or more experienced vapers without a doubt.

The top and bottom airflow is for me best left wide open to get the best vape but the beauty is you can tweak to your heart’s content.

Other reviewers have noted that closing the bottom AFC and opening up the top shifts the barrel slightly meaning the top airflow holes are slightly out of sync with the deck.

To be honest I haven’t noticed any dip in performance using this combo but then I like both slots wide open – just needed to point that out.

I haven’t used this very much in squonk mode – just a day really – because for me using this as an out and out dripper is the way to go – get me finally going old school lol.

It will take some big old coils and trust me the higher power you throw through this the better experience you’re gonna get – especially with all the airflow open to keep things on the warm side of hot!

Awesome and I mean incredible flavour with clouds to match has got me back into dripping big time.

Just wish they sorted out that garish in your face logo so design wise a real nope from me 😉

Build Quality
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged?
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augvape-btfc-rda-reviewOne for the high power vapers for sure delivering fantastic flavour and plenty of clouds - a must have RDA!


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