Introduction – The Teros by Joyetech

Times have most certainly changed since Joyetech was a less than mediocre brand that dealt in affordable vape tech with ‘affordable’ performance levels. The subject of this review is yet another slick, top quality device (Joyetech Teros) that’s firmly placing Joyetech amongst the brands to watch this year and into the future.

joyetech teros main

The fact of the matter is that Joyetech’s pod game is insanely strong, pushing out serious flavour, vapour and the utmost convenience in top notch offering’s like the Runabout and Dolphin pods, which, to be fair, had a huge hand in popularising the whole idea of convenient and tiny pods in the first place!

With the popularisation of pods came the popularisation of nic salts and the subject of this review is a nic salt delight. Sleek and buttonless, with options for photochromic and thermochromic finishes, the Teros is about the classiest pod system and nic salt device that you could hope for.

What’s In The Box

  • Joyetech Teros Battery
  • Joyetech Teros pods x 2
  • USB cable
  • User guidejoyetech teros open


  • Size: 90x29x12mm
  • Weight: 57.5g
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Output: 1.85V constant
  • Battery capacity: 480mAh
  • Battery life indicator
  • Full range of colours with thermo and photochromic (colour changing) options availablejoyetech teros contents

Build Quality & Design

The Joyetech Teros pod system arrives in a large, neat black pods with a display sleeve over it.

On opening up the package I discover that, like most pods, it consists of a cartridge/mouthpiece section, which contains both tank and coil; along with a battery section, into which the cartridge slides nice and easy.

joyetech teros hand 2The parts are shipped in their own individual seatings within the box, in order to avoid accidental firing in-transit.

The shape, with the cartridge attached, is basically en extended rectangle with completely rounded corners, more rounded and narrowed on the mouthpiece side.

The device is fairly flat and, when palmed, it practically disappears, it’s so ergonomic.

One side has a tiny Joyetech brand at the bottom, with no other features of markings.

The other side has a tiny Teros brand at the bottom with a tiny LED indicator light in the middle.

A seam runs wight around the narrow sides of the device, which are are basically 1cm thick.

When facing the indicator, the micro-USB charge port is halfway up the narrow side to your right.

The 480mAh battery module feels like solid metal, it’s heavy. It appears to be zinc alloy and the surface seems damn near scratch proof.

joyetech teros exploded viewRemoving the cartridge you will find the connective plates on its bottom with corresponding protruding connects on the battery.

There is also a protrusion on one side of the connects on the battery side which fits into a hole on the cartridge, preventing installation the wrong way around.

A decorative cutout on the battery side allows you to see the full length of the coil through the cartridges tinted, transparent plastic, even when the cartridge is installed.

There are no buttons, because fire is draw or air pressure activated.


A charge cable is included, along with an extra cartridge/coil, which is always handy!

How Does The Joyetech Teros Perform?

The Teros pod wins full marks on portability and ergonomics. In fact, the device is so slick and small that I keep on misplacing it, a factor which may count against its convenience points but, to be fair, I own the black version which literally becomes one with the inner, deeper recesses of one’s handbag or man bag.

The Teros may be designed for Mouth to lung vaping (MTL), which it absolutely excels at, producing plumes of vapour with damn good flavour at the same time…but I use it for very restricted Direct to Lung (DTL) on a regular basis, especially when I’m using it as backup for a sub-ohm vape that’s got a flat battery and man, does it perform well for a pod.

Now, I’ve seen a few reviewers comment about dry hits from this baby but, in my experience, I’ve not had to endure even one.

When filling a pod for the first time or after an extended break, remember that those tiny coils and compact wicks need extra time to soak through…I recommend as much as an hour wick soaking time, with a shake here and there just to get past any air bubbles inside the device.joyetech teros connects

I particularly like the fact that the Teros has regulated voltage and the hit strength doesn’t diminish with battery power, this actually sets it apart for me.

Now, my Teros mail got stuck in the South African postal system when it was accidentally sent by regular mail and literally took half a year to get to me. I’ve tried a number of pods in the meantime but the Teros still vapes like yesterday’s release.joyetech teros hand 3

Outstanding convenience with no maintenance and no button pressing (with a good measure of flavour and cloud thrown in, of course), this is exactly what you want out of a nic salt device and this is what you get with the Teros.

Another thing I enjoy is that in spite of it’s always being amongst the things in my bag, keys and perfume and god only knows what else, it’s hardly scratched at all after 2 weeks use.

How To Fill

  • Remove the cartridge to access the full port on the side
  • Remove the fixed stopper from the port
  • Place nozzle in port
  • Squeeze
  • Remove nozzle periodically to release airjoyetech teros refill

Fill can be messy as their is no extra hole for air to escape

How To Change the Coil

  • Simply change the cartridge

Battery Life

One of the most impressive features of this device is the battery life.
With a charge time of around 30 minutes, I enjoy anywhere between 1 day and 2 days use from this guy, much more if you’re just using it for the occasional stealth vape.

Indicator Colours: Green = 50% + Red = 20%-49% Red Flash +1 – 19%


  • Small and ergonomic
  • Low maintenance and easy to use
  • No buttons with easy draw activation
  • Full vapour on MTL and DL
  • Excellent flavour
  • Outstanding battery life with quick charge
  • 2 ml tank capacity goes far on nic salts


  • Fill can be messy due to lack of an air escape hole

Final Review Verdict

I’m hugely impressed by the ergonomics, ease of use, finish performance and battery life of the Joytech Teros Pod mod and those are pretty much all the factors that matter. Long story short, I recommend the Teros for cigarette quitters and nic salt users who want a slick device with solid performance and superior user friendliness, that’ll fit into the smallest pocket and disappear into the smallest palm.


Would I buy the Joyetech Teros if I lost/broke the device? Absolutely.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Vapour Production
would I buy It Again?
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