Introduction – The Unimax 25 by Joyetech

This past week I’ve had my hands on the new release from Chinese vaping brand, Joyetech…The Unimax 25.

Now, Joyetech’s claim to fame, other than having their name consistently spelled wrong, is most certainly the highly portable and beginner friendly eGo ONE series. Which are vape stick style devices.

All in all I’d say that Joyetech specializes in beginner devices or devices for your mainstream, newly ex-tobacco consumer.

The top filling, top-adjustable airflow all-in-one from Joyetech can be compared to the eGo range, certainly targeting the same market.

This offering hit the stores with a little brother close at hand, the identical but slightly smaller Unimax 22.

With it’s ‘leathered’ up, James Bond Looks,  3000mAh battery and 0.5 Ohm resistance coils: the proof, as they say, is in the pudding and we’re about to see whether this all-in-one is worth it’s rather considerable weight in…well, in whatever!

As for comparisons, I’d say this device is best compared to the massively popular iJust S by Eleaf (who happen to be under the same umbrella company as Joyetech) although included coil resistances vary (better on the iJust) and tank size and looks may be a little superior on the Unimax 25.

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Joyetech Unimax 25 Battery
  • 1 X Unimax 25 Atomizer
  • 2 X BFL Kth-0.5 Ohm Coil Heads
  • 1 X Spare Glass Tube
  • 1 X Alternative Pleather Sticker Pack
  • 1 X USB Charge Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warrantee Card
  • Spare seals
  • Vape Band


  • Dimensions: 25mmX134.5mm
  • Battery capacity: 3000 mAh
  • Weight: 156g including Coil Head
  • E-liquid capacity:5ml
  • Resistance range: 0.15-3.5ohm
  • Optional Heads: BFL and BFLX/BF with Adapter
    Two Function Modes, Direct Output or Constant Voltage Output (adjustable by long hold of the fire key when the device is switched off)
  • 5 Click Power and Same Button Fire System.
  • Mouthpiece, UNimax or 510
  • Available in Plain Black/S&Black/S&Brown/S&Red/S&Blue (S=Silver)

Build Quality & Design

Okay, so…on opening the neat and compact packaging, my initial impressions were that, hey, it’s a little different.

The Joyetech Ultimo 25 looks almost retro, with a slight James Bond feel due to a mixture of brushed Stainless and fake, really nicely textured leather sticker inlays.Joyetech Unimax 25 vape pen

If the iJust is for 20 Somethings, based on looks I’d say this is for 40 somethings but that’s just me.

Picking up the device I was instantly impressed the weight, a good solid feel from the weight of that 3000mAh battery and a bunch of steel.

The twisting of the top cap fulfills two functions, either to open and shut airflow or a full twist to remove the cap for a refill.

All in all I love the feel of the device, there’s nothing plastic or too-delicate about it, it feels like a solid piece of metal and on the surface, a quality vaping device.

One of the two included o.5 Ohm coil heads is already installed and it’s a good idea to charge the device in full before switching it on.


I’m glad I got an extra coil head, since I managed to burn out my first one in a sitting…something to do with too many heavy draws, trying to compensate the low power because I was in Direct Output Mode (so my power was waning), combined with a high VG juice.

This device is for light or beginner vapers, enough said.

I love the fact that I’ve got another pleather sticker in the kit so that I can change colours when I tire of the black and silver option we chose to order for the review.

I got a brown one included but the colours vary depending on your primary choice, cool!

How Does The Joyetech Unimax 25 Perform?

Here’s the crux of it…

I’ve been vaping on this device next to an iJust S, which has the same sized battery, similar proportions and specs and has been fitted with the same resistance coil head.

I’m definitely getting a similar depth of flavour and cloud consistency, possibly even better flavour on the Joyetech, plus the Joyetech has the addition of adjustable airflow, a much larger tank and while I prefer the lower resistance coils provided with the iJust 21700 Kit, I prefer the Unimax in all other respects…

How To Fill The Joyetech Unimax Tank

  • Take a hold of only the top section of grip, where the airflow is located
  • Unscrew the mouthpiece
  • Fill down any of the side openings, avoiding the central shaft
  • Be careful not to grip too far down as this will unscrew the entire top cap and coil, flooding the works with juice unless your device is completely empty

How To Change the Coil

Coil Change may be a little tricky on this device…

  • You need to get your grip below the rubber ring on the top cap
  • Unscrew as you would for a refill only a little lower down, so that the coil head lifts from it’s seating and comes out attached to that top cap

Stock Coil Performance

While the 0.5 Ohm resistance range is not unfamiliar to me, with this device in Direct Output Mode, I often felt like I wasn’t even sub Ohm vaping.Unimax BFL Kth 0.5ohm coil head

You have to use Constant Voltage Mode to enjoy the 0.5 Ohm Coil Head properly, otherwise it just doesn’t get enough power most of the time.

That said, the flavour was good for this resistance, when compared to the flavor on the iJust S, I preferred the Unimax.

Beyond that, since the device is clearly an Eleaf iJust S competitor, I’d like to see a similar range of lower resistance coils included in the pack because for yours truly, 0.5 Ohms isn’t ideal.

It is, however, perfect for light vapers and beginners or just vapers who’re not as cloud hungry as I.


I find the top airflow system very effective and with this device, I also found that a  tighter airflow gave me a better, thicker vape…simply because I tend to draw longer (without noticing) with a tighter airflow and that actually gave the coils a bit of time to heat up, since power is not exactly off the charts.

Juice Consumption

The e-juice capacity of 5ml is more than ample for this device and I felt I could go for ages on a tank…which is good in a way but could also be an indication of insufficient power.

How To Operate the Menu System

It’s a simple five click power off/on and then the same button is used for firing.

An LED behind your fire button will indicate the mode of operation, which I’ve detailed in the Battery Life section below.

Battery Life

Okay, so this is a 3000mAh battery but the extent of your battery life with this device is going to depend on whether you fit the device with one of the different optional coils and also what mode you chose to use it in.

Modes are changed by:

  • Long pressing the power button with the device turned off
  • When you switch the device on your light (behind the power button) will be either orange or white.

Direct Output Mode:

A white light means that as your battery levels flag, so will your voltage…I found that this option affected my vape far too much and when my battery was below about halfway, the power just wasn’t satisfactory.

Constant Voltage Mode:

An orange light indicates this mode and it’s my preferred mode, even though it means that the battery level will drop faster…this is the only way to achieve a consistent vape from the device.

The battery life depends on the consistency of your juice as well, I can’t say that Ive experienced very good battery life on this device and for me, it’s 3 hours max.

What I Liked

I love the look and solid, sexy feel of the device, along with the inclusion of an extra skin in the kit.

The adjustable airflow is fantastic and I, who usually enjoys an open airflow, actually found vaping this with a tighter airflow quite pleasant.

The stock coil heads have good flavour but it’ll be worthwhile to look into the BFL-1 if you fancy fitting it wither a lower resistance head.

What I Dislike

I feel like the Joyetech Unimax 25 just isn’t getting enough power, I end up taking longer hits and I end up burning through coils like no tomorrow with my high VG juice…once I get my hands on the 0.25Ohm coil option, I think things will go better for me on the Unimax.

As it stands, it’s still a great vape kit for new and light vapers.

Final Review Verdict

The Joyetech Unimax 25 is a sturdy and attractive all in one vape device with awesome, adjustable airflow and great versatility.

I don’t feel that the battery life is great but I’m a very heavy vaper and while the coils included in the kit are not as low resistance as I’d prefer, they’re the perfect choice for a beginner or a light vaper.

I’d like to add that beginners should be very aware of the difference between coil change and refill on this device…as unless you’re careful of how you unscrew, you could end up with a bit of a mess.

As for me, I intend to order the BFL-1 0.25 Ohm coil head so that I and my 90%VG, no nicotine juice, can better enjoy the Unimax.

Would I buy this if I lost/broke the device? Well, as soon as I get that new coil head, yes!


  • Sturdy Design
  • Extra Pleather Skin
  • Variable Coil Heads
  • Removable Drip Tip
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Two Operation Modes
  • Large E-liquid Capacity


  • The Stock Coils, both 0.5Ohm, don’t suit all vaping styles

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Design & Build Quality
Stock Coil Performance
Ease of Coil Change And Refill
Battery Life
Likelihood of Replacing if Lost Or Damaged (Mod)
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