US Senators Demand More Info Regarding Links To Big Tobacco and the Teen Vaping ‘Epidemic’

Vaping giant JUUL is never out of the headlines and it’s under fire again with a group of American senators demanding to know the company’s links to Big Tobacco and how it supposedly fueled the alleged teen vaping epidemic.

11 politicians have signed a letter calling for JUUL to open up the books and show how they achieved the device’s ‘popularity’ among America’s young people. Plus they also want to know more about the recent buy-in of stocks from Altria – the parent company of the Marlboro Men – Phillip Morris Inc.


The letter states JUUL is:

…more interested in padding its profit margins than protecting our nation’s children.

This demand comes after JUUL removed pretty much all of its social media presence and pulled all flavoured pods for sale from stores – including specialist vape shops. It really does seem the San Francisco based vape company can’t seem to do anything right in the eyes of the anti-vape mob of America!

The democrat politicians are particularly angry at JUUL recently selling $13 billion of its stocks to Altria:

The corporate marriage between two companies that have been the most prolific at marketing highly addictive nicotine products to children is alarming from a public health standpoint and demonstrates, yet again, that JUUL is more interested in padding its profit margins than protecting our nation’s children.

We write today seeking more information on JUUL’s tactics to hook children on nicotine and to understand what your merger with Altria means for public health.

It appears the some might say nosey [I say ridiculous] senators want even more info regarding a short lived campaign JUUL used by buying so called ‘social media influencers’ as much as $1000 for a single blog post…good money if you can get it lol.

In all seriousness IMHO this is nothing short of victimization of a lawful company that has shown it’s doing its best to tackle what in actual fact is BS…the teen vaping epidemic I mean. It reminds of of that famous example of a loaded question:

have you stopped beating your wife yet..?

These senators have already decided JUUL is guilty of single handedly creating the so called epidemic and have them convicted with sketchy if any any evidence. And remember the company might be forced out of their office in San Francisco is those virtue signalling city politicians have their way…crazy times…

JUUL ‘Happy To Help”

To say the senators are anti JUUL is an understatement – these idiots are out for blood :

While you and your investors may be perfectly content with hooking an entire new generation of children on your tobacco products in order to increase your profit margins, we will not rest until your dangerous products are out of the hands of our nation’s children.

Kevin Burns - JUUL CEO
Kevin Burns – JUUL CEO

JUUL CEO Kevin Burns said the company was more than happy to furnish the information adding:

We welcome the opportunity to share information regarding JUUL Labs’ commitment to curbing underage use of our products while fulfilling our mission to eliminate combustible cigarettes.

Very tactful mate lol…

As to the Altria deal Mr Burns said:

[it] will help us switch adult smokers off of combustible cigarettes by helping us get our product in their hands by including Juul inserts in cigarette packs, for example.

I have to say JUUL has shown considerable restraint and diplomacy in this ongoing attack, however surely at some point they’ll drop the good guy act and I dunno come out fighting?

Otherwise politicians like the 11 filled with venom will run roughshod all over them and eventually get their wish and see them stubbed out entirely.

Read the full letter HERE

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