It seems like Kanger are releasing a new e cig product every other week at the moment what with the recent release of the EMUS, Aerotank Mega and Mini not to mention the new dual coils. But hey…. New product means improvements and advancements in the way we vape which is definitely a good thing!

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Their newest release due out in July is the Kanger EMOW starter kit. Here are some of the EMOW features and a few pics of what we can expect.

I for one think it’s a great looking VV APV but the 1.8ml capacity does seem small but no doubt they are making this in accordance to the EU regs 2ml limit.

The kit should retail at around $65/£40. .

Kanger EMOW Specs 

  • Airflow control cartomizer,
  • 1.8ml content
  • Battery capacity: 1300 mAh.
  • 3 times clicks to change the voltage: White light: 4.8V, Green light: 4.2V, Red light: 3.7V

Whats In The Box?

  • 1X battery (3.7V-4.8V 1300mah Emow battery)
  • 1X clearomizer (1.8ml airflow controller Emow clearomizer)
  • 5X upgrade dual coil(1.5ohm)
  • 1X usb cable
  • AC power adaptor.

Black EMOW Kit EMOW at 4.8vNew Kangertech EMOW Release EMOW at 3.7v 

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  1. I need help I’ve had my emow a month and am trying everything to get it working I love vaping can someone help me please it charges fine just no lights and no vape?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Have you had any e-liquid leak into the top of the battery Jennifer?

      Something similar has happened to me in the past with a different battery and for me that was the issue.



  2. Best product on the market for myself. Had no problems, seems to be that people charging off laptops, tablets etc… Even though it sais its able too they recommend using the wall charger. Your most likely putting to much power into the actual device which is killing the battery off. Had no problems with a single Kanger product, seems to be that people aren’t actually following instructions tbh. If its a genuine fault then Kanger will replace the product but moat of the problems people seem to have with the product is down to misuse. Peace, happy vaping 🙂

  3. i got my emow yesterday and after using it for the day , i have noticed there is a crackling/poping noise when i use it , im not sure if this was happening when i bought it . im just wanting to know if this is normal ? if anyone could help

  4. I just got my Emow mega two weeks ago and mine leaks from around the coil nomatter how much I tighten it, I’m thinking about trying another gasket off an old coil to double up the seal.

  5. I bought this kit about 6 weeks ago, and had the same battery leakage problem and liquid in my mouth, and I have definitely never overfilled it. The tank is now useless too, as I could no longer open the bottom of the tank to refill it after I had changed the atomiser, it is a sliver of metal rather than being something you can physically get hold of, I have reported my issues back to the company I bought it from, so I am hoping they will see sense and replace it for me with a different model.

  6. I bought mine a bout two months ago. The first day I brought it back and got it replaced because it stopped working completely. The second one I have is fine I guess. It leaks all the time and I end up wasting a good portion of my juice. It sometimes burns my lip when I’m using it. I get a lot of juice in my mouth. And as of yesterday the juice leaks from around the power button, if you could figure out how that can happen. Right now I’m currently looking into a new pen of a different brand. If anyone had any suggestions it would be appreciated.

    • Hi Chris, That doesn’t sound good.

      The liquid leaking around the power button could be a that the juice has gotten into the battery and is gathering around the button. This doesn’t happen often but is normally due to the tank flooding.

      As for a different brand I can highly recommend Jacvapour 510 or VGO2 kits. Great quality and the customer service over there is top notch.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


  7. I have had battery issues with the EMOW as well. Lasted about a month- and don’t get me wrong, it was a good month of not smoking! but the battery just up and died. I liked the kit at first, the size was convenient. The tank was small but that was minor compared to the flavor and level of vape. All would be forgotten if the customer service would.. you know.. service customers. But apparently not. I hope you all enjoy your units cuz if they break, the company won’t be helping you much.

  8. These batteries are god awful. On my second one now and they’ve both failed. Charged using a laptop (not a wall socket) and after 2 charges the batteries just die.

  9. I love this but why oh why does it keep leaking and when I vape I get so much fluid in my mouth? I put in a new coil after only three days! It helped but this is not ideal. Filling it from the bottom loses liquid, ending up warpath half the liquid in a hankie I use to mop up. Am I doing something wrong, should the coils last longer than 3 days, why do the air holes leak fluid too?

    • Hey there,

      I am yet to get my hands on this kit but if I were to guess your problem is most likely to do with the coil coming loose.

      Here is what the usual cause is:

      – When you go to refill tank you will be unscrewing the tank from the base of the tank.
      – What can happen here is that when you do this the coil can become loose.

      What I would suggest:

      – Dismantle the few parts of the tank and give them all a clean and get rid of the excess leaked juice, especially in the base. Make sure to dry everything off then pop everything back together. Screwing the coil in firmly but not too tight.
      – Then, every time you go to refill just check the coil and tighten a little (not so much that you can’t get it off).

      I know it seems a little simplistic but that’s the cause for most leaking problems I have come across.

      Give it a try and let me know how you get on!


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