Kangside Release The KSD Vamo 25W ‘Super Mini’ Box Mod

Kangside, the makers of one of the most popular tube mods of all time, the Vamo series, have entered the box mod market with the release of two new boxes- the KSD Vamo 25w box mod and the KSD Vamo 50w box mod (reviewed here), both sporting very similar looks but two completely different form factors.KSD Vamo 25W In Hand

We will look at the KSD Vamo 50w box mod in a separate review, but today I’m going to look at the 25w version, which is a tiny 18350 box mod and has to be one of the smallest mods I have ever had my hands on!

Kit ContentsEven the packaging is tiny, it’s a pretty stylish little box, and inside is-

• Kangside KSD Vamo 25w Box Mod
• USB Charger
• Instruction manual

VAMO 25W Battery / Body / Build

Out of the box you are going to notice that this thing is really tiny! It gets swallowed up in the palm of my hand, and coupled with an atomiser like the Freakshow Mini you have the ultimate in out and about stealth vaping set ups! It does require an 18350 battery, so you will need to supply your own.KSD 25W Mini Box Mod

The battery is installed through the twist battery cap at the bottom of the mod itself and you can also charge using the supplied micro USB charging cable.

The spring loaded 510 connector found at the top of the mod is smooth and allows for a nice flush fit with your atomisers, you have a large power button at the side of the mod along with a plus and minus button, and a clear OLED screen as well. The buttons themselves are quite solid, I found them a little on the clicky side, but there wasn’t any noticeable rattle from the buttons.base of ksd 25w mod

All in, everything is solid and well put together, it feels nice in hand, with the added bonus that it is absolutely tiny!ksd Vamo 25w size bottle of juice

Key Features• Spring loaded 510 connector
• Tiny form factor
• Takes one 18350 battery
• Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage modes
• Voltage range- 2-8.5V
• Wattage range- 7-25w
• Resistance range- 0.2-2ohm
• Aluminium alloy construction
• Screw in battery cap
• Micro USB charging
• Available in various different colours

How Does The KSD Vamo 25W Perform?

It’s a tiny little mod, but it’s more than capable of putting out a pretty respectable 25w! I found it to work really well coupled with the Freakshow Mini and a 1ohm build, which had the added bonus of a pretty decent battery life in the 15-18w range. In hand, its a perfect stealth set up, and a world away from the high power bulky box mods on the market today.Kangside Vamo 25W review

The picture below is with the Innokin Apex iSub tank which makes it bigger than it needs to be!Kangside Vamo 25w with Apex iSub tank

It performs as well as you would expect it to, and it’s a no frills straightforward VV/VW mod. The chip functions very well and it is really responsive, with no delay when hitting the fire button.

It is limited by its size and the fact it needs an 18350 battery, as these batteries do not tend to have the highest mAh capacity I did find that I needed a couple of battery charges a day when using this unit as the battery does drain quickly. That is negated however by the fact the battery can be accessed quickly, and you can also charge via micro USB when on the move!batter of ksd 25w mod

Final KSD 25W Review Verdict

If you are looking for a little stealth mod, and you aren’t too fussed about high power or performance, this is the mod for you. The form factor in your hand is great, everything feels solidly made, the spring loaded 510 connector works like a dream and it does everything that you need from it.

Obviously it’s limited by its size, but this is going to appeal to those who prefer small form factor and don’t need as much power as what is on offer from the latest craze of high power mods!

The Good

• Tiny form factor
• Very well made
• Cheap price
• Ideal starter mod
• Spring loaded 510 connector
• Micro USB charging
• Easy access to the battery through the twist battery cap

The Not So Good

• Buttons are a little clicky
• Power is limited to 25w
• Battery lifespan is a little short from a 18350 battery

This was sent by Gearbest for the purposes of this review.

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Build Quality
Ease of Use
Been vaping full time for three and a half years, started on cigalikes for a fair while then curiosity got the better of me and I moved onto an ego/ce5 set up after, a month or two later I was seeing people walking around with these interesting shiny tubes and I thought 'I gotta get one of those'. Before I knew it a trip down to my local B&M got me my first VW mod, an Innokin SVD, paired with an iClear 30, and I was hooked. Soon after that I was jumping to VW mods both box and tube shaped, before I then made the jump to rebuilding and thus sub ohming, with my first RDA and mech mod. These days I'm still preferring mechanical mods, but using VW mods with both RDA's and tanks alike whilst on the move, most importantly I am still loving vaping!


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