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Vaping Doesn’t Normalize Smoking – Americans Think Vaping As Bad As Smoking – JUUL Backs #Vapril – South Australia Vape Ban – Vaping and Beauty! And Vaping BAD For House Sales!!!

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NO Vaping Doesn’t Normalize Smoking For Young People

Fears that e-cigarettes would ‘normalize’ smoking for youngsters have been unfounded according to a new study.

The prevalence of vaping meant that many anti vapers thought young people in particular would assume that as e-cigs became more acceptable so would smoking, particularly among young people.

However a study by researchers at Cardiff University shows this is this NOT the case – in fact youngsters in the UK have turned their backs on both e-cigarettes and cigarettes with numbers using them tumbling – there was also a fall in teen use of alcohol and cannabis.

kids smoking

In total 248,324 kids aged between 13 and 15 were surveyed between 1998 and 2015. Key here is the ‘e-cig effect’ as in did their arrival make any difference to the number of kids taking up smoking and the answer was a categorical NO with regular young smokers falling from 19% to 5% whilst kids who ‘try’ a lit cigarette fell even more from 60% to 19%.

Dr Graham Moore – an expert in youth tobacco use said:

These findings suggest that fears over a resurgence in youth tobacco smoking because of the rise in e-cigarette use are largely unfounded to date.

The nature of e-cigarettes, and the landscape in which they are sold and used, continue to change rapidly, and we need to continue to keep a close eye on how they affect young people.

However, this study demonstrates the success of public health efforts in reducing smoking among young people in the last 20 years and provides no evidence that e-cigarettes are reversing this.

The findings also back up a recent report that showed kids in the UK experiment with an e-cigarette but rarely if ever go onto long term use.

Simon Clark from pro smoking group Forest said:

The study shows there is nothing to fear from the growth of vaping.

The results support our view that government should ease restrictions on e-cigarette advertising.

It’s time too for local authorities to lead by example and lift restrictions on the use of e-cigarettes in the workplace and other public areas.

Young people’s negative views on smoking also suggest the health risks are very well understood.

Now they need to be taught about choice and personal responsibility so when they are adults they can make informed decisions without unnecessary state intervention.

Yet another nail in the coffin of the UK’s anti-vape brigade’s arguments.


Most Americans Think Vaping Is As Dangerous As Smoking

It would seen the tsunami of bad press centered around vaping in America is working with most American’s thinking e-cigarettes are as bad for health as smoking.

Researchers from Georgia State University studied data from various sources and found that even as smoking rates dropped in the USA and the use of e-cigarettes grew – 45% of American’s feel vaping is as dangerous or even more so than regular lit tobacco.


As you might expect the news thrilled the bat shit crazy anti-vape brigade of America with ‘disgraced‘ and leading anti-vape Professor Stanton A. Glantz – backing up an earlier statement of his when he said vapers should go back to smoking [yes really] said:

The risks of e-cigarette use are in addition to any risks from combustible cigarettes.

In terms of overall public health effects, this explosion of youth use swamps any potential harm reduction that may accompany adults switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

Like I said…bat shit crazy…

The study concludes:

Given the demonstration by previous studies that perception of risk plays a critical role in decisions to use tobacco, our results imply that at least some smokers may have been deterred from using or switching to e-cigarettes due to the growing perception that e-cigarettes are equally harmful or more harmful than cigarettes.

Our results underscore the urgent need for accurate communication of the scientific evidence on the health risks of e-cigarettes and the importance of clearly differentiating the absolute harm from the relative harm of e-cigarettes.


Read the full study.

JUUL Backed Research Shows Too Many Smokers STILL Don’t Realize Vaping Is Healthier

Specialist vape shops could do more to help smokers quit via vaping says new research.

JUUL Labs used OnePoll throughout March to gauge the public’s perception of vaping and found a staggering 64% of smokers still didn’t realize vaping was 95% safer than smoking. Whilst 50% of smokers thought nicotine causes cancer – which it doesn’t – it’s the combustion that creates the 7000 or so carcinogens.

John Patterson JUUL Labs
John Patterson JUUL Labs

JUUL Labs’s Sales Director John Patterson said Vapril was the perfect time to bring that figure down:

The OnePoll research demonstrates that there is still a long way to go to convince adult smokers of the benefits of switching. VApril – the vaping awareness campaign organised by the UKVIA – is the ideal opportunity for the industry to educate smokers on the role vaping products play in helping to switch away from cigarettes.

For the whole of April the JUUL vape pod system is offered at £19.99 in a bid to get more smokers off the cancer sticks.

South Australia Vape Ban Comes In To Force

Vaping is now banned in public areas and online sales have now been prohibited as South Australia brings in Draconian anti vape laws.

As I reported back in November 2018 up until then the area was the most lenient towards vaping in Australia – but all that has now changed.

ban all the vaping things

The new laws mean retailers will have to cover all vape products in their shops and vaping banned outright where smoking is prohibited and all this to protect…yeah you’ve guessed it…the kids.

Health Minister Stephen Wade said:

There will be a six-month transition period for retailers to make some of the required changes to their business.

This will provide time to remove displays, advertising, and online sales of e-cigarette products.

In a bid to cut back the number of smokers in Australia the Government imposed huge tax on lit tobacco – making cigarettes down under among the most expensive to buy on the planet. Despite this 1 in 7 Australians still smoke that’s around 2.6million with over 15,000 deaths per year from tobacco related diseases.


Love Vaping and Beauty? New Shop Combines The Two!

If you need a nail job – a cut and blow dry – a tattoo – some new coils for your vape and a bottle of Riot Squad e-liquid you can now find it all under one roof!

Abby and Emily are beauticians and have combined their love of beauty and vaping in one cool shop…literally!

The shops Love Vape and Love Tattoos are under the same roof as their new salon Enchanted Beauty, based in Abbey Hulton in Stoke on Trent UK.

Abby and Emily - photo via StokeOnTrentLive
Abby and Emily – photo via StokeOnTrentLive

The two girls say the shops have taken off “really well” – I guess customers love having a natter on all things vape while they get their nails done…I know I do 😛

Emily said part of their success since opening in February is the discounts they offer – particularly on e-liquids and have plans to bring out their own range:

Our most popular brand at the moment is our Riot Squad range. Everywhere else sells Riot Squad at £17 per bottle but our prices are much lower at £12.

We’re going to implement a lot more of the CBD products soon because they’re really popular at the moment and we have plans to launch our own brand of liquid soon which is really exciting.

Best of luck ladies and if I’m ever in the area I shall definitely pop in for a quick manicure and a some of that bloody lovely Punk Grenade with pink nails to match the bottle 😉


…and finally…Selling Your House? Stop Vaping!

If you’re a vaper trying to sell your house and not having much success…or consistently getting low offers…blame your e-cigarette!

According to one mortgage ‘expert’ the residue left all over your house isn’t at all passive when it comes to your pocket.

Writing for the Mortgage Reports website, Erik J. Martin reckons house buyers are not only put off by tobacco smells but also the odours left from vapour…yeah I know.


His article doesn’t open well either claiming that the vapour from e-cigs causes cancer…it doesn’t…

Erik says:

Whether you’re eager to sell or buy a home, it’s important to know that vaping inside that home can lower its value. This is particularly true of homes for sale that have not been thoroughly cleaned of vaping remnants.

If you’re a seller who has vaped indoors, learn how to properly prep your home prior to listing.

If you’re a buyer, find out if vaping occurred within the home and explore your options.

Erik hasn’t made this up from ‘fresh-air’ either. According to a survey conducted by The Domo Group/RE/MAX it found that over 40% of home buyers said knowing that vaping had ‘occurred’ on the premises would lower their ‘perception’ of the home’s value!

Greg Geilman from Domo said he was shocked by the findings…but not as you might expect:

I was somewhat surprised that only 34.5 percent of respondents were not sure of how regular e-cigarette use inside a home would affect their perception of a home’s value.

I almost expected that answer to make up a majority of our responses.


Mortgage specialist Michael Mesa suggested it’s boom time for professional cleaners:

Have your agent ask if the seller vapes or has vaped in the house. And have it confirmed in the purchase and sales agreement.

If they confirm it, simply add a contingency to the contract.

Insist that a professional service clean the house.

Then, make sure the seller submits a cleaning invoice or receipt prior to closing.

Wow…us vapers are a filthy bunch lol…

I rent my home however my neighbour once stopped and asked me if I was a baker given the ‘delicious smells’ coming out of my flat every time she walked passed!

And didn’t I read somewhere the smell of fresh coffee and bread makes people love your home when you’re trying to sell?

Greg quite helpfully lists a bunch of things you can do to get rid of ‘vape odour’ including washing everywhere in vinegar…which I guess will leave your home smelling like an old fish and chip shop…probably 😉

*Shuffles Papers*

More vaping news on Sunday!

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