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Shock Video Proves Vaping Safer Than Smoking – India Moves To Ban All Imports Of E-Cigs – Big Tobacco Stocks Fall To Vaping – Gottlieb Blames Vape Manufacturers For Supposed Teen Vape Epidemic – Busy Year For the NNA – And Who’s the ARSE Of The Week?


Shocking Video Proves Vaping Should NOT Be Tarred With The Same Brush As Smoking

Public Heath England has released a video that shows beyond doubt vaping is CONSIDERABLY safer than smoking.

The video features tobacco health risk expert Dr Lion Shahab and Dr Rosemary Leonard and shows three glass jars filled with cotton wool balls. A month’s worth of lit tobacco – a vape device and fresh air is pumped into them and the results as you can see are scary – yuk!

vaping vs smoking PHE video
vaping vs smoking the results are clear

Just one month of smoking shows a clear build up of cancer giving tar – whilst the wool in the vape sample is 99.99999% clean – similar to the jar containing fresh air. Now imagine what that is doing to the human lungs…

PHE says this shows without doubt they are correct in their stance that vaping IS 95% safer than smoking.

I’ll pop up a larger piece on this next week – until then watch the video for yourselves…it really is quite shocking to say the least:

India Bans Import Of All E-Cigarettes

Despite a High Court ruling saying the ban was unconstitutional the Indian Government has moved to ban the import of all e-cigarettes – HNB kits and even hookahs and e-sheesha kits.

The move means customs officials will seize all imports and hand them offer to the Deputy Drug Controller for compliance with the law on drugs. Those found not compliant will says the government face severe penalties.

However opponents to the new law say the High Court ruling means individual states are still permitted to allow imports however given the penalties involved many may not take the risk.

The threat to ban vaping in india

The ban order comes as it’s revealed the Indian Government owns 22% of shares in the country’s largest lit tobacco manufacturer and given reports last year alleged high ranking government officials had been found to be shall we say receiving ‘benefits’ from Big Tobacco – the smell of corruption is pervasive to say the least…allegedly 😉

For the record India is home to over 11% of the worlds smoking population equating to 120million users of lit tobacco – a number that’s rising particularly among the young. Last year a staggering 1 million premature deaths were recorded from lit tobacco based illnesses.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s scandalous bordering on criminal.

Checkout my article and interview about the state of vaping in India.


Big Tobacco Loses Billions As Vaping Takes Stock

Analysts say Big Tobacco has lost share value of over £100 Billion as smokers quit and turn to e-cigarettes marking the biggest loss in a decade.

The biggest loser is British American Tobacco – BAT – that saw half of its stock value wiped out on the London Stock Exchange. Little wonder they’re muscling into the vape market with buy ins recently of JUUL by Altria – parent company of Phillip Morris Inc – snagging 35% of the shares – many more are expected over the next year or so.

PMI stock price
PMI shares took a tumble

A business insider told the media the proposed ban of menthol cigarettes in the US had been factored in – however no mention was made of the FDA’s current hard-line stance on all things vape.

Big Tobacco losing out to vaping and the FDA getting tough on the e-cigarette manufacturers? Just a coincidence…nothing to see here…


Gottlieb Blames Vape Manufacturers For Teen ‘Epidemic’

FDA supremo Scott Gottlieb took to Twitter last week for a tirade aimed at vape manufacturers who he blames for the alleged teen vaping epidemic over in the states.

He says the blame for the apparent spike in young people vaping is down to the marketing practices of e-cig companies and has called for an urgent meeting with the CEOs he claims are responsible.

As to who they are is unclear though JUUL has been mentioned in the US press. Given the e-cig market share is China based I can’t see any of the major manufacturers scurrying to his offices to receive a dressing down.

gottlieb twitter rant

Gottlieb says despite assurances from the vape industry many companies are still not meeting promises they made to curb the so called teen epidemic adding:

The FDA continues to conduct our own inquiries and/or investigations of e-cig makers related to marketing activities and other product-related issues. I’ll be reaching out to CEOs to schedule new meetings. Manufacturers and management are accountable for the youth epidemic.

He really has got it in for the vape industry to say the least and as I keep saying it really is worrying times over there. One thing is clear the data he’s based this epidemic on is dodgy to say the least. And surely the policing of under-age sales is down to point of sale and parents? It works for alcohol to some extent – so why not vaping?

It’s no longer a stretch or a conspiracy theory to realize something is rotten at the FDA and if you use the phrase ‘Cui bono’ – “to whom is it a benefit?” – you only have to look to Big Tobacco and Big Pharma…

Read my article: The Great Vaping Divide – Two Countries Oceans Apart – for more of my thoughts and here’s a short storywot I writ‘ looking at what could be in store for the US vaping scene…


Busy Year For Vaping Advocacy Group the NNA

The New Nicotine Alliance says they’ve had a ‘momentous’ and busy year despite the setback to their campaign to legalize SNUS across the EU.

2018 began with the launch of the Challenging Prohibition campaign which was designed to oppose public vaping bans and ended on the advocacy charity praising the positives steps made towards vaping by the UK Government and health bodies.

Sarah Jakes NNA
Sarah Jakes NNA

Along the way the NNA played an important role in the inquiry into e-cigs by the UK’s Science and technology Committee with chair Sarah Jakes speaking directly to MPs.

To read more about the work of the NNA in 2018 read their post HERE and find out how you can support this worthwhile cause.

Donate to the NNA HereJoin The NNA Free Of Charge Here

and finally…Arse of the Week…Professor Stanton Glantz

He was once the ‘darling’ of the anti-tobacco brigade but now the shall we say ‘colourful’ professor is a HUGE opponent of vaping.

To see what I mean by my generous description of him as ‘colourful’ google him…

His latest Tweet is mind boggling to say the least:

Using e-cigs increases exposure to toxic chemicals for most users; they would be better off just smoking…

What in the actual FUCK?????

stanton glantz

The guy also uses data from a report that clearly states vaping has far far less risk to health than smoking lit tobacco…but don’t let the facts get in the way of fake news hey Prof…idiot…


Incidentally I was going to name movie star Chuck Norris as the arse of the week after he slammed vaping as a risk to the health of US youngsters…however given his reputation I thought I’d simply say ‘nicely written piece but get your facts straight mate…’ me a chicken? naw lol *ducks*

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