Vaping News Headlines: India Vape Bans – Vapouround Fights For Its Name – Smoking Levels Soar In Thailand – Apache Vape Success Story and JUUL and the Democratic Party A Delicious Irony!

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The War On Vaping In India Heats Up

As part of last week’s World No Tobacco Day yet another Indian state bans e-cigarettes whilst another will probably do so in the near future.

Rajasthan has joined the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Mizoram and Maharashtra, and now the somewhat ‘liberal’ state of Goa could be next.

india vape ban

Last week the chief minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot said the ban order was…and yeah you’ve guessed it…to save the children adding:

I hope this would prove to be effective to save youngsters from the ill-effects of e-cigarettes.


Meanwhile over in one of my favourite places in the world, Goa, the government there is also looking to ban e-cigarettes.

The none profit group the National Organisation of Tobacco Eradication (NOTE) Goa, says the state needs to enforce an immediate ban on all things vape for the ‘sake of public health’.

As I’ve said many many times India is home to a whopping 12% of the world’s smokers and records up to 1million deaths per year from lit tobacco-related illnesses.

Banning vaping is quite simply a criminal act and to some extent sponsored by the World Health Organization…shameful.

And just as I was writing this the Indian Council of Medical Research has urged the government to completely prohibit e-cigarettes in the country…crazy ain’t the word…


Vapouround Fights For Its Name

It’s not been a happy time for vape magazine Vapouround recently with last week’s burglary and now facing a legal fight to keep its name.

The company has created a petition for people to sign in a bid to boycott Vaping Doctor – Spain and other businesses owned by the couple allegedly claiming the Vapouround name.

Vapouround bus

The lawsuit stems from a business partnership with a Spanish couple ‘gone bad’ as Vapouround owner and MD Paul Caplin explains:

We entered into a partnership this time last year with a couple in Spain who wanted to work with us, and begin a Spanish language magazine as part of the Vapouround brand, which we did. Unfortunately, they turned out to only want one thing – our money.

This pair signed a contract acknowledging Mr Paul Caplin as the owner of the Vapouround brand and associated brands, which we have recorded.

Shortly after the relationship brokedown, this pair sneakily and maliciously registered our brand name as their own in Spain in bad faith and it has come from a reliable source that they wanted to do this in order to sue Vapouround for money, when we use our name in Spain.

This is being handled by our lawyers in Spain, however the Spanish legal system is slow. In the meantime, we are now calling on our friends and customers to support Vapouround by signing this petition to boycott Vaping Doctor Spain, Pablo Arranz and Maria Goñi and any titles under their name, as we are now engaged in legal proceedings against them in Spain.

Paul says his magazine owns the right to the Vaporound name across Europe and has the EUIPO trademark for all EU countries including Spain.

You can find out more and sign the petition HERE.

Smoking Rates In Thailand Soar

Despite a tough stance by the Government, the number of smokers in Thailand is on the increase.

With over 70,000 deaths from smoking-related diseases each year, the country is in the midst of a lit tobacco crisis according to the World Health Organization, this despite huge rises in tax and graphic warnings on packets.

WHO spokesman Daniel Kertesz said he was ‘saddened’ by the reports adding:

Subsequent measures to increase the tax on cigarette purchases and scare prospective smokers by using graphic images of medical conditions caused by smoking have earned Thailand applause from the World.

Just one puff of smoke is enough to expose a person to several hundreds toxic chemicals that damage the lungs.

You can’t say that about ‘one puff’ on an e-cig…but don’t let the facts get in the way one might say…

For the record, Thailand has banned and criminalized vaping since 2014 with huge fines and even some tourists being jailed for using an e-cigarette.

As I mentioned in this week’s article: WHO Are UK Vaping Advocacy Groups Taking To Task? it’s now pretty obvious the WHO’s anti-vape stance is costing lives.

Where Governments have embraced vaping – smoking numbers have dropped…it’s that simple.


Apache Vape On The Up

They’re based in Derry, Northern Ireland, and have this week announced in just the first quarter of this year, they’ve already matched 90.2% of last years turnover!

This says owner Stephen Ryan equates to £8million this year with 15million projected next year as new contracts come in.

superior eliquid apache vape

Apache Vape – Superior E-liquid, has only been trading 3 years and employs 40 people and has contracts across Ireland with stores such as Poundland and Spar.

Stephen told his local newspaper:

We started three years ago in February 2016 and the main growth we’ve had has been in the past year-and-a-half

Good to see the vape industry is still very much on the up.


…and finally…The Beautiful Irony Of JUUL Sponsoring the Democrats!

Love ’em or hate ’em the team behind vape giant JUUL have some serious game lol.

Following the complete ban of all things vape in San Francisco recently, and the persistent attack on vaping by the majority of Democrats, the company somehow managed to sponsor the California Democratic Party convention…a quite delicious irony lol…


Hene Kelly, the party’s San Francisco director no less, completely lost the plot whilst giving her speech, when the JUUL sponsorship logo appeared on the big screen…hahaha…

The lady wasn’t for laughing though especially as it’s her city that’s probably about to evict the company from its offices…she told the convention:

What committee should I go to to ask this party not to take any money from Juul, who preys on children?

What committee do I need to go to? Please tell me.

Apparently, this brought cheers from the audience…

However, boos were soon to follow when acting chair Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker asked if she’d like to join any sub-committee that could replace the cash given by JUUL in sponsorship as the party needed it to fight the next election…lol…

Unfortunately for the anti-vape crowd there’s nothing against the party’s policies accepting cash from JUUL as it’s not a tobacco company…despite Altria owning 35% shares…

As I said, JUUL has some serious game 😉

More vaping news on Sunday!

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