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Even more support for vaping and e-cigarettes from the UK Government with this excellent blog post from Public Health England.

The 8 things to know about e-cigarettes article is written by Professor John Newton – PHE’s Director of Health Improvement and really does blow away the popular myths around vaping.

The 8 points he discusses are:

  • E-cigarettes and the US lung injury outbreak
  • Vaping and heart disease
  • Harms compared to smoking
  • Harms of nicotine
  • Quitting smoking
  • Harms to bystanders
  • Vaping and youth smoking
  • E-cigarettes regulation
professor john newton
Professor John Newton PHE

The blog post should be sent to all US politicians – especially those looking to ban all things vape – and indeed forwarded to other countries such as India – Brazil and others – such as the World Health Organization – looking to eradicate e-cigarettes.

The post begins:

Vaping is not risk free but is far less harmful than smoking.

Our advice remains that people who smoke are better to switch completely to vaping but if you have never been a smoker, don’t start to vape.

It’s in a simple easy to read bullet style and should be spread far and wide.

Incidentally it was released to coincide with the PHE Vaping in England: evidence update March 2020 – Just last week I wrote a large article on the latest PHE vape report here.

I quoted Professor John Britton in that piece and he is now calling for a massive media campaign to promote the benefits of vaping:

Smoking remains the biggest avoidable cause of death and disability in the UK, and using electronic cigarettes is an effective means of quitting smoking.

So these new figures from PHE are disturbing, and highlight the urgent need for media campaigns to make sure that all smokers understand that switching to e-cigarettes is one of the most effective ways of quitting smoking and protecting their health.

I’m guessing if the media is ‘paid’ to promote e-cigarettes, then that’s what they’ll do…

Professor Newton’s article also comes out a couple of week’s after I wrote the guide: 7 Vaping Questions – Answered – trust PHE to go one better lol – however I shall be doing a part two of that one – no doubt using some of the good professor’s evidence 😉

UK GOV Says PMI Shut Out Of Tobacco Policy

Despite offering £1billion to help UK smokers switch to e-cigs the UK Government says PMI will NOT be allowed into future tobacco policy planning.

As I reported back in February, Marlboro and IQOS makers Phillip Morris Inc, was offering to stump up the cash but wanted three major policy changes to any new legislation in the next TPD.

PMI website
PMI website

These were:

  • Raising nicotine levels
  • A lifting of advertising restrictions
  • Anew category: Considerably Less Harmful Novel Smokeless Tobacco Products

However in the UK Parliament late last week, Bob Blackman MP, Chairman of All Party Group on Smoking and Health, asked if the UK Government had was still committed to article 5.3 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

In a nutshell that prohibits any vape or tobacco legislation from being ‘influenced’ by Big Tobacco companies.

In response, Public Health minister Jo Churchill said:

In answer to my honourable friend’s direct question we will absolutely remain firmly committed to the Convention and importantly Article 5.3 during the transition period and beyond.

I am very proud that in the first Global Tobacco Industry Interference Index published last year we were rated number one for the work that we do to protect public health policy from tobacco companies, but I take on board that we need to continue on that path.

It would appear the UK is still looking at introducing a ‘polluter pays’ type of tax on the Big Tobacco companies – paid at source – and this cash would be used for stop smoking services and campaigns, but no Big Tobacco corporation would be allowed in any future legislation discussions.

Big Tobacco may still have a say or some influence here in the UK via its membership of UKVIA – the UK Vaping Industry Association.

That organisation’s membership features both vape and tobacco industries.

India Faces ‘Tsunami’ Of Cancer Deaths

Cancer experts are warning India now faces an epidemic of deaths from the disease.

Current figures show a staggering 1,300 people die each DAY in the country and US oncologists say something urgent needs to be done.

india smoking

As we know, Indian is home to 12% of the world’s smokers – that’s 120million of them with many being children.

Despite that, the Indian Government outright banned e-cigarettes and all things vape from import or sale!

Now two specialist experts have been drafted in – not to lift the ban – but begin a public awareness campaign about the dangers of lit tobacco.

Jesus H Christ – as I said in my piece: The India Vape Ban Is Nothing Short Of An Act Of Democide – imagine how many lives could be saved if the country promoted vaping as a healthier option to smoking – makes my blood boil.

But no – they’re sticking to public awareness campaigns that achieve sweet F.A.

Dattatreyudu Nori, a global expert on cancer said:

There are 1,300 deaths per day in India due to cancer.

We have approximately 1.2 million new cancer cases every year in India. This indicates lower rates of early detection and poor treatment outcomes.

Unless, we take some steps, cancer is (all set to) become like a tsunami.

If you want to control the tsunami of cancer, we need to initiate, accelerate early detection.

This can cure cancers and can have less expensive treatments.

The key to success in Indian scenario for cancer care is mostly prevention if it can be done early detection.

These are the two key programmes that will change the outlook for cancer in India in next 10 years and maybe even reverse the expected incidence rates.

The country could also embrace e-cigarettes as a key prevention – but of course the government dare not upset the World Health Organization and lose valuable funding.

Shocking – and as always cash before peoples lives.


Nova Scotia Flavour Ban Means More Smokers

The ban of flavoured e-liquids in Nova Scotia comes into law – aptly – on April 1st and advocates say this will mean vapers returning to smoking.

The new legislation also means huge taxes will be slapped on remaining e-liquid flavours, tobacco and menthol, and this will cost very many lives and shutdown vape businesses.

canadian vaping association

The Canadian Vaping Association said:

The government of Nova Scotia says they are a leader.

The only thing they are leading is adult ex-smokers back to smoking.

The April 1 ban on flavoured e-liquids combined with the new by volume taxation policy will drive ex-smokers back to smoking tobacco with all of the devastating health consequences associated with smoking cigarettes.

Unfortunately, Nova Scotia seems lost on its vaping policy.

Together the flavour ban and the per millilitre taxation model will wipe out adult only vape shops in Nova Scotia and leave vaping products available to youth through the more than 930 convenience stores and gas stations across the province while eliminating the 67 adult only vape shops with the expertise to help adults use these products to quit smoking.

Crazy times in Canada with possibly more to come.

UK No Smoking Day 2020 – Try Vaping!

Next week – Wednesday March 11th – sees the UK’s annual No Smoking Day and once again the NHS is backing vaping as a sure-fire way to quit the cancer sticks.

A number of leading health organisations and charities will be backing the campaign with events planned up and down the country.

quit smoking breathe 25

One such is Breathe 2025 – a campaign to create a smoke-free generation by – as the name suggests – 2025.

It’s goal is simple:

We’re calling on everyone: health professionals, organisations, families, communities, young people and all those concerned with the health and happiness of our children, to pledge an action, big or small, on this site, and to be a part of our mission to Inspire a Smokefree Generation.

They have a huge resource page which includes support for e-cigarettes as a way of quitting lit tobacco.

It’s got a great video too – that little girl is an absolute star!

So if you – a member of your family – work colleague or friend is considering quitting smoking – then National No Smoking Day is the perfect time to stop.

nhs personal quit smoking plan

Checkout the personalised NHS Stop Smoking Action Plan which includes a suggestion to use e-cigarettes to quit linking to NHS facts on e-cigarettes and vaping adding:

These are fast-acting, can really help you manage your nicotine cravings and are at least 95% less harmful than cigarettes.

Find out more about e-cigarettes.

Your local specialist vape shop can find the right one for you.

And of course do take a look and refer smokers to our list of the very Best Vape Kits To Quit Smoking we’ve tried and tested over 500 set-ups so we know what we’re talking about 😉

Remember, you are four times more likely to quit smoking using e-cigarettes!

Good luck – you’ve got this!


More vape news on Wednesday!

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