UK Made Vape Juice By Mrs Lord’s

Mrs Lord’s e-liquids are one of the more established UK vape brands and one that has been a hit with vapers for years.

Mrs Lord & Co ReviewAs a brand they focus on classic British flavours and still make small batches is limited quantities.

Available in short fills with a 50PG/50VG and 70VG mix all you need to do is add a nic shot. The bottles in the product images below are no longer available.

For this review I purchased the 50/50 mix, good for Mouth to Lung vaping, and topped up my Innokin Endura T18 2 with a new coil each time. Let’s dive in.

As always, tastes are subjective, what may be good for me may not be for you and vice versa.

Custard Cream

Mrs Lords Custard Cream review

Mrs Lord’s Say:

“Velvety Custard flavour with a compliment of a biscuit undertone. Just like everyone’s favourite biscuit!”

I Say:

Opening the bottle there is a sweet, strong creamy aroma, one that you can smell a few feet away from the bottle, when it’s open of course. Pretty spot on compared to the smell of custard cream biscuits.

On vaping that robust vanilla creaminess comes through nicely with a touch biscuit following it up. At first I have to say it was a bit too much of a strong flavour for me, kind of like a custard cream biscuit on steroids!

But I came back to it again after a few days and although I couldn’t personally vape this all day I was half expecting to have bits of custard cream biscuit left in my mouth, quite a strange sensation!

It really was a close to the real thing, almost like they have blended the biscuit and bottled it!

Navy Cut

Mrs Lord & Co Navy Cut Review

Mrs Lord’s Say:

A tobacco flavour with a smooth coconut finish. A taste of the islands, closer to home.

I Say:

Opening the bottle offers a sweet coconut aroma but the more I smell it the more prominent the rum. So far so good.

On vaping the first thing that comes to mind is a sense of relief! This isn’t the run of the mill, bog standard tobacco flavour, the coconut provides a lovely sweet flavour but the exhale brings about a hint of rum that really makes this an interesting vape.

I have to say this is another great flavour for me despite the fact I’m not the biggest ‘tobacco flavour’ vaper.

It’s not necessarily an e-liquid I will be using all day as I do like my fruity vapes, Wick Liquor Contra and Twelve Monkeys Tropika are two I rotate regularly.

Ginger Nut

Mrs Lord's Pantry Ginger nut

Mrs Lord’s Say:

If you like ginger, this one’s for you. A warm ginger aroma and taste that is a cross between a ginger biscuit and ginger bread.

I Say:

The aroma from the bottle is a robust natural ginger, that to be honest, made me want to fill my tank up ASAP! Very nice start.

This carried on into the vape itself, I am a ginger fan in most forms and this really didn’t disappoint. It reminded me of a Ginger nut biscuit that had had a quick dunk in a cup of tea. It was on the exhale that I was getting a well rounded hit of ginger biscuit flavour lingering in the mouth.

The great thing is that the flavour really isn’t too overpowering and the ginger doesn’t taste artificial, add to that the slight lingering whiff of the ginger in the air afterwards and I was happily sat vaping this all day long.

I did also have the opportunity to pass this around to a few ‘smoker’ friends that had visited for their opinions.

The first commented – ‘first time he had tasted ginger nuts’ – I wasn’t sure if he was talking about the biscuits so I swiftly moved for the opinion of the second smoker.

They liked it so much that it was enough for them to turn to vaping, something they have been very stubborn with previously when approached about making the switch. So I can safely say this is a chicken dinner for me.

Seville Marmalade

mrs lords pantry seville marmalade review

Mrs Lord’s Say:

An English breakfast favourite, this marmalade is full of the flavour of juicy oranges.

I Say:

The aroma from the bottle was kind of like diluted orange squash rather than a marmalade for me.

The vape itself though has a really refreshing element to it, the draw gives a subtle orange flavour while you get an almost zesty taste on the exhale.

Is it like marmalade? It’s not far off for sure, I have tried orange flavoured e-liquids before and some have been far to sharp when inhaling, not something I enjoyed.

With the Seville Marmalade though the zesty finish comes across pretty smooth making it very easy to vape.

I really enjoyed this, it is a quality combination of flavours. Maybe not an all day vape for me but definitely something I could see myself vaping on a regular basis when I want something a touch on the refreshing side.


mrs lord co druide e-liquid review

Mrs Lord’s Say:

A mind blowing blend of absinthe, liquorice and aniseed. Not for the faint-hearted, this green hued flavour will wake your senses.

I Say:

The sweet aniseed and liquorice aroma when opening the bottle reminds me instantly of the drink Sambuca.

I haven’t had Absinthe (what Druide is based on) for 10+ years so comparing is going to be quite difficult for me. On vaping though it does instantly remind me of Sambuca.

I can only describe it as a thick sweet vape with the aniseed slightly more pronounced than the liquorice, there is also a very nice aniseed aftertaste left lingering in the mouth on the exhale.

I have to say once I had a sniff of this it just brought back memories of heavy nights with countless shots of Sambuca followed by a day of feeling like utter crap.

Nevertheless, I powered ahead for the good of e-liquid flavour research! I know… it’s a hard life! After the initial apprehension and a few drags I am really enjoying Druide!

I feel like I am starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to Mrs Lord & Co juices but they really have created (again) a very easy and moreish vape that I have no doubt I will find myself vaping on a regular basis.

Final Review Verdict

A small vape company that let’s it’s flavours do the talking. The Ginger Nut was stand out for me but I do have a soft spot for them in food form. All the flavours were good in their own ways and matched what they say on the tin.

Have you vaped Mrs Lord’s vape juice? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.

Custard Cream
Navy Cut
Ginger Nut
Seville Marmalade
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