The MYLE pod kit hails from the USA and I’ve been told is second only to the JUUL in closed pod sales across the pond and doing particularly well in the UAE.

It will be interesting to see, to say the least, if this pod kit can make its mark here in the UK and EU – we’re a tough bunch to please 🙂

myle pod kit review

There’s nothing you’d call innovative about this particular set-up – you get closed pre-filled pods that slot into the battery and away you vape.

As to how the MylĂ© – pronounced my-lee – vapes we shall of course find out if it’s put a vaping smiley on my face.

OK, both here in the UK and EU and in the USA of A the pre-filled flavoured pods come in 9 flavours all at a steady 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid.

I met up with sales manager Mohammed Vhora at the recent UK Vaper Expo after arranging to meet up to collect a couple of batteries and x4 of the company’s flavours.

As to how they taste and vape we shall of course find out.

What Can We Expect From the Mylé Pod Kit?

I’m hoping for big flavours – ease of use and good battery life.

The pods are relatively small at just 0.9mls and we shall see if the claim of 240 puffs per pod stands up.

The batteries and pods can be purchased separately both here in the UK and US – and there is also a disposable version – the MylĂ© Mini.


Under the TPD here in the UK/EU we can only get the 20mgs Mini – whilst across the pond vapers and smokers looking to quit can get their hands on the 50mg.

I have had a look online to see if the 20mg MylĂ© disposables are available here in the UK – but as yet can’t find anywhere selling them.

Mohammed kindly gave me a 50mg Red Apple flavour and I absolutely love it! So much so, I might try and buy a few more flavours from the US website – that is whilst it’s still up…I’m thinking the looming flavour ban 🙁

At 340 puffs at 50mg – they are perfect for that heavy smoker looking to quit – I vaped on mine every single morning for an hour or so and cut right back on my usual 18mg e-liquid!

OK, onto the MylĂ© pod kit, and as I’ve explained I picked this up at Expo free of charge for the purpose of this review – thanks mate – And as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

I also had a very interesting – and long – chat with Mohammed about all things vape so once again thank you 🙂

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Inside the Box

I got a very smart ‘presentation box’ filled with a couple of batteries – a lanyard and x4 packs of flavoured pods.

myle pod kit review box

For this review I’ll assume you’re buying the starter kit with x2 choices of flavour combos.

So inside you’ll find:

  • 1 Rechargeable ND Vape device
  • 4 Pod variety pack
  • 1 Micro USB charger
  • 1 User manual

mylee pod kit and pods

Mylé Pod Kit Quick Start Guide

  • Power up the device – mine were fully charged on opening
  • Remove rubber seals from top and bottom pod
  • Snap onto battery and vape!
  • No fire button as the device is draw activated

Battery Indicator Lights

  • x3 green lights means full power
  • x2 green lights low power
  • x1 green light time to charge!
  • Blue light solid when vaping

Key Features

As we can see this is a closed pod system with the magnetized pods snapping onto the battery and it’s a draw activated device – perfect for new vapers.

It has a tiny 240mAH internal battery that doesn’t take long to charge from flat to full – most cases just 30 to 40 minutes.

myle pod system review

The Mylé with the pod attached is light as a feather weighing in at just 2oz and is very similar in design and shape to the JUUL.

There’s also x6 colours to choose from: Aqua Teal – Classic Silver – Gun Metal – Black – Red and Sky Blue.

The pods use standard cotton rather than ceramic to wick.

myle pod

Not much more to add so let’s dig a little deeper.

Design and Build Quality

There’s no getting away from it – the MylĂ© pod kit does look very much like the JUUL.

The only real difference is the pods.

On the JUUL you can see a little bit of your e-liquid – whereas on the MylĂ© there’s no window to view your juice levels.

Obviously the light system on the MylĂ© not only adds a cool look but is also functional leaving you in no doubt as to when it’s time to charge.

myle lights

And when it comes to charging unlike the JUUL the MylĂ© can use a regular USB lead – though for some reason pass thru vaping [vape whilst charging] is not an option.

Build wise this is a solid piece of kit – extremely light but very tough with an excellent finish to it.

Despite being as squared off and flat as a proverbial pancake – it’s also very comfortable to hold and perfect for pockets or bags and I have had zero leaks.

So, it looks good and is built well with no rattling from the pods – so how does it vape?

How Does the Mylé Pod Kit Perform?

I’ll take a look at the flavours I received in a moment.

I have to say the vape off the MylĂ© is up there with the better pod kits I’ve tried – and I have tried very many!

Despite the nic salts, you do get a bit of a throat tickle and as the company’s blurb suggests it is a smooth vape, quiet too.

Vapour is as you would expect from a small powered pod – acceptable and about the same as you’d get smoke wise from a lit cigarette.

myle airflow

I lost count at around 180 puffs but could see there was around a 1/5th left in the tank.

The battery life isn’t too bad for such a small device and using this as my go to I was getting 3 hours use – at a push.

This is of course draw activated and is a tad – just a smidgen – tighter than say the JUUL.

On a scale of 1 being airy and 10 tighter than me in spandex [shudders] I’d put this at a 6 to 6.5 – so a little more air than you might think.

OK onto the flavours I received – and as always taste is subjective – especially when it comes to my tired old taste-buds – burned away by good malt whiskey I reckon 🙂

Note: there are no flavour notes – the flavours are self explanatory I guess!

MylĂ© Pod – Iced Apple Mango 20mg Nic Salt

Myle-Iced-Apple-Mango review

I’m going to say it…I’m not big on ice/iced/mint or menthol flavours lol.

The aroma is heavy on the menthol and low on the apple and mango.

The inhale gives you a gentle breeze rather than an icy blast, however the flavours are way in the background.

They are there just – and dare I say – a tad muted.

The exhale improves things with apple to the fore and the merest hint of mango.

It’s still a refreshing but not quite the crisp vape I was expecting – just a touch more fruit needed.

MylĂ© Pod – Iced Quad Berry – 20mg Nic Salt

Iced-Quad-Berry-review myle pod
I’m assuming the ‘Quad’ means there’s x4 berries in this one.

The smell off this one is absolutely gorgeous with a lovely whiff of what I’m guessing is blackcurrant or blackberry to the fore.

It’s a fresh smell that kind of comes through on the inhale.

I say kind of because once again the full flavour seems slightly diluted which is a pity.

Exhale does little to save it leaving my taste buds crying out for a tangy tarty sweetness that just isn’t there.

It’s a real pity they once again haven’t upped the flavour concentrates!

MylĂ© Pod – Sweet Mango – 20mg Nic Salt



I didn’t like this one at all I’m afraid to say.

Rather than a sweet juicy mango I’m getting a very unpleasant smell and taste from this one.

I vaped through until the pod was empty to see if once it bedded in the flavour might come through – but no – I can’t get any decent flavour whatsoever.

Not nice at all 🙁

MylĂ© Pod – Pound Cake – 20mg Nic Salt


Have I saved the best of the bunch ’till last?

Whilst not the best pre-filled pod flavour I’ve ever tasted – it’s the best of these.

I know our Jonny loves a well known brand of Pound cake e-liquid but I don’t think he’d enjoy this one quite as much!

Again the smell is really quite nice – especially from the vapour.

However and once again the flavour concentrates really do need to go up a notch or two.

Decent – not quite good – definitely not great – but the best of the quartet I’ve tried.


  • Smart looking device
  • Dead simple to use
  • Decent battery life
  • Quick charging
  • Choice of colours
  • Choice of flavours


  • Flavours are muted
  • Airflow not the tightest
  • Unable to see juice levels

Final Review Verdict

The pods I’ve tried are without doubt better than those from the JUUL.

However given I really didn’t like those I’m not giving the MylĂ© pods much in the way of credit!

Look, they’re OK if a little wishy washy – OK not a little – a lot!

The device vapes very nicely indeed and looks the business, I just wish they hadn’t skimped on the flavour concentrates.

A case of close but no cigar…

The good news is I understand the company is looking to link up with more well know e-liquid companies and manufacturers.

If that’s the case then I shall definitely be looking out for those and hopefully updating this review. As it stands though it’s still a good Juul alternative.

Until then – if you’re not into strong bold flavours then the MylĂ© pod kit might be the delicate set-up you’re looking for.

Build Quality
Iced Apple Mango
Iced Quad Berry
Sweet Mango
Pound Cake
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