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New EVALI Outbreaks?

Are there clusters of new EVALI outbreaks?

There is according to the Minnesota health department that’s reporting new cases of suspected EVALI.

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EVALI stands for E-cigarette or Vaping product use-Associated Lung Injury and was the cause of numerous deaths and illnesses across America late last year.

Whilst medical ‘experts’ have tried to link the disease to vaping on nicotine products, it’s been proven the vast majority of instances came from vaping on contaminated cannabis cartridges.

Minnesota health officials say between June and July it has seen 11 new cases the majority of who report using cannabis based cartridges, there’s also been some reports of other illnesses in California.

Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm said:

This public health threat got a lot of attention last year, and unfortunately it has not gone away.

All of those affected have responded to treatment.

One thing is clear and that’s the symptoms are eerily similar to COVID-19 – and it appears none of the new EVALI outbreaks have tested positive.

For goodness sake if you’re a regular THC vaper – buy from reputable stores.

For more info on the contaminated THC cartridges and EVALI read: Federal Failure Over EVALI Costing More Lives

Thai Government Urged To Lift Vape Ban

Advocates are calling on the government of Thailand to conduct research into the safety of tobacco harm reduction products such as e-cigarettes.

Stats show that 2 out of every 5 Thai men smoke and the recent countrywide vape ban means lives are at risk from smoking.

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Asa Ace Saligupta, from the ENDS Cigarette Smoke Thailand, wants a government backed committee to study alternative products such as e-cigarettes adding the vape ban has:

…created other problems such as the smuggling of non-standard and therefore uncontrolled products into the country, thereby depriving the rights of users of electric cigarettes and leading to the inability to control the access of youth to these products.

Given the close ties to the World Health Organization I somehow doubt they’ll shift on the current policy – but let’s hope!

New Zealand: Only Specialist Vape Shops Should Sell Flavours

Proposed new vaping laws in New Zealand has had a second reading but one health organization is unhappy.

The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ (ARFNZ) wants strict limits on the shops allowed to sell flavoured e-liquid.

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It wants to see supermarkets, inconvenience stores and petrol stations limited to selling only mint and tobacco flavours.

Dr Stuart Jones, Medical Director of ARFNZ, said:

Flavours in e-liquids may be attractive to young people, therefore restrictions on flavourings available in non-specialty vape stores must remain.

The passing of this Bill cannot come soon enough, we must take every action to prevent accelerating use of e-cigarettes and vapes in young people as has occurred in other countries.

The group also wants to see vape shops providing advice on how to quit smoking completely.

It will be interesting to see what the final Bill looks like…

SNUS UK Reprieve?

SUNS is banned here under the TPD, but could the current ban be lifted in the near future?

SNUS are those oral tobacco and none tobacco pouches users place under the lip.


Smoking rates in Sweden have tumbled due to smokers finding it the very best way to quit.

Last week Adam Afriyie MP asked Parliament:

…with reference to the US Food and Drug Administration’s designation of Swedish snus as a modified risk tobacco product, if he will discontinue the ban on snus oral tobacco.

Jo Churchill, The Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Health and Social Care, replied:

Snus is banned in the United Kingdom under the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016. The Government will consider reviewing the position on snus in due course.

‘Due course’ is an interesting answer…let’s hope the silly ban really will be lifted.

A tobacco free form of Snus called ZYN is available legally here in the UK – read my review to find out more…


Another very quiet week for vape news – summer slowdown I guess.

OK more vaping news on Wednesday 🙂

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