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The New York flavour ban was passed into law in the dead of night without any form of debate and as part of the state’s budget bill S. 7506-B.

It was a shocking – some would say sneaky – way of forcing through a bill that will probably condemn thousands of vapers and smokers to slow painful deaths.

New-york vaping

Not only that, vapers in their droves will now have to cross state lines to get hold of banned vape products OR buy on the black market, and we know how that turned out.

The news has been met with dismay and anger from advocacy groups, small and large vape businesses and vapers, with the Vapor Technology Association [VTA] calling it “reckless”.

The new vape ban bill will come into effect on July 1st 2020, and as I wrote last week, will mean a:

  • Ban on the Sale of Flavored Nicotine Vaping Products
  • Restrict Vaping Ads Targeted to Youth
  • Ban Harmful Unregulated Carrier Oils
  • Limit Online Sale of Vaping Products
  • End the Sale of Tobacco and E-Cigarette Products in Pharmacies
  • Prohibit the Use of Coupons for Tobacco and Nicotine Products

Governor Andrew – pierced nipples – Cuomo – the guy who agreed e-cigarettes WERE safer than smoking adding “so what” – is under fire for the way he’s handling the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Experts say New York City is the epicentre for the outbreak in the US, but he has still found the time to ban life saving vape products putting even more lives at risk – nice job mate 🙁

gov cuomo NY flavour ban meme

And despite claims to the contrary – vaping DOES NOT worsen the coronavirus symptoms as you’ll see from my article: COVID-19 and Vaping – UK Health Experts Reveal the REAL Facts.

In that piece, UK experts say smoking is the real issue adding severe complications to those with the virus and urges smokers to quit and switch to the 95% safer e-cigarettes.

Tony Abboud, Executive Director of the Vapor Technology Association, didn’t hold back on his thoughts about the New York flavour ban:

We’re disappointed that Governor Cuomo used a global health emergency to force the New York legislature to pass a ban on flavored vapor products through backroom negotiations and without holding a single hearing or debate.

…New York is taking actions that will only drive a widespread return to smoking and usher in a dangerous new black market.

The youth issue was addressed when the FDA banned the sale of flavored vapor cartridges and pods – the products it identified were used by youth – and when Congress raised the age to purchase products to 21 nationally.

For these reasons, the New York ban on flavored vapor products will only harm adult New Yorkers that rely on these products to quit smoking.

Now is the time that New Yorkers need more access to their flavored vapor products, not less. Now is the time for New York lawmakers to help small businesses stay in business, not shut them down.”

The New York flavor ban will shut down New York’s independent vapor industry, forcing hundreds of small businesses to close their doors and lay off thousands of workers.

At a time when the Empire State’s economy is already suffering, this anti-small business flavor ban will make it even harder for New York’s economy to get back up and running.


Vapers Should ‘Stockpile’ Vape Gear Says Advocacy Group

Advocacy group the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association [CASAA] says vapers in New York state should not return to smoking suggesting they stock-pile vape gear.


They’re also urging vapers and vape businesses to contact Gov Cuomo to lodge their opposition to the vape ban bill adding:

While we acknowledge and appreciate Governor Cuomo’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, this budget represents a profound failure of leadership, a sweeping lack of compassion, and an assault on democracy in the state of New York.

To do this at any time, let alone during such a global emergency, is bad enough, but the way it was done stinks even more.

It’s interesting to see that lit tobacco products will of course remain on sale.

Even more interesting is the fact New York state’s pension investments includes stocks and shares in…yeah you guessed it…Big Tobacco…

It’s always about the bloody money.

Altria and JUUL – Did They Lie?

The Federal Trade Commission is suing Altria and JUUL over the multi-billion dollar deal in which the Big Tobacco company bought a major share in the e-cigarette giant.

It says rather than Altria removing its MarkTen e-cigarette from the market to ‘protect the kids‘ – it was part of a ‘sweetheart deal’ clearing competition from JUUL’s sales!

juul bans own flavoured pods

If this is true then it’s a very big deal indeed.

The FTC filed the lawsuit last week and wants the deal undone as it says:

Altria’s agreement to exit the relevant market eliminated one of JUUL’s most dangerous rivals.

As a large, well-established, and well-funded company with long­ standing relationships and significant shelf space with retailers nationwide, Altria had the resources and infrastructure to drive sales and compete aggressively.

As you might expect, Altria denies the only reason the investment went through was on the premise it would remove its own e-cigarette brand to help JUUL’s profits.

I had an inkling the removal of the MarkTEN e-cig brand so suddenly was, shall we say, interesting, and mentioned it in the article I wrote 2 years ago: JUUL Capitulates.

Something had my old reporter’s nose twitching that’s for sure! I wrote:

Big Tobacco corporation Altria – parent company of Phillip Morris Inc and therefore IQOS – had already decided to remove its flavoured pods from the MarkTEN brand leaving just the mint and tobacco…great timing…move along nothing to see here.

Me a cynical old sod? probably ha!

A spokesman for Altria said:

We believe that our investment in JUUL does not harm competition and that the FTC misunderstood the facts.

You’d expect them to say that lol.

Given the sheer weight of litigation against JUUL from across America, one thing is for sure, the legal team will be kept busy for months even years to come.

It almost makes you wonder if JUUL and indeed Altria might just call it a day…

We shall of course keep a very close eye on this one.

UK MP Says Vape Shops ARE Essential During COVID-19 Pandemic

Unless vape shops are classed as essential by the government, a UK MP says more people will revert back to smoking during the coronavirus lock down.

Alex Cunningham, the MP for Stockton North, has written to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, urging him to add bricks and mortar vape shops to the essentials list.

alex cunningham mp keep vape shops open
Alex Cunningham MP keep vape shops open

He wrote:

As long as these shops are following the rules on social distancing, and operating strict procedures like other shops are doing, we should ensure that people can still pick the healthier option in life, including with e-cigarettes.

He agreed that whilst some supermarkets and corner shops stocked pod kits and e-liquid, the choices were extremely limited and many cannot order on line.

Last week I wrote about the vape shop owner arrested in Liverpool for keeping his vape shop open.

The UK Vaping Industry Association has responded to that incident and is asking all vape shops to follow the lock down ‘laws’.

Director John Dunne said:

We understand that we are talking about people’s livelihoods here, but it is paramount that the industry follows the government guidance. We have to wait until we get the green light to reopen.

In the meantime, vape retailers are offering online and home delivery services.

In addition, whilst supermarkets and corner shops, which the government has allowed to stay open, don’t have the range of vape products sold by specialist offline and online stores, consumers can still buy vape devices and e-liquids from these outlets.

Fair enough, but let’s hope the industry trade advocacy groups are indeed keeping up lines of communication with the government.

Whilst recognizing the government has enough on its plate in these trying times, I really do think they should at least consider allowing vape shops to open, but under the strictest of conditions.

BBC Health Check Live – Positive About Vaping

At last a positive message from the UK’s TV networks!

The BBC Health Check Live TV show had a large segment on how vaping can help smokers quit.

Unlike the biased ITV vape documentary, this one was positive to say the least.

Share far and wide 🙂

And let’s see more of this kind of TV programming, especially at a time like this when it’s crucial for smokers to quit or make the switch 🙂

And finally…Check Atomizer!

This vape meme I found on social media put a smile on my face 🙂

check atomizer vape meme

Ha! A little light relief in these crazy times we’re living in.


If you read my article: Beard Mites and Vaping – Scientists Say You’re Probably Already Infested – rest assured and as you can see from the date – it was indeed an April Fool post.

mite beard infestation april fool
Fancy vape beards host to copulating crazed mite sex parties [not to scale]

So there’s really no need to rub anything on your beard to kill off the ‘infestation’ lol.

Many of you out there realized quite quickly it was a spoof…

However one of our reviewers it seems at least from her Facebook comment, took it as fact 😀

I won’t mention her name – but it wasn’t Michelle 😉

And of course, thanks to Kevin Jeffrey aka the Worthing Vaper, for the perfect photo to illustrate those sex mad beard mites post copulation!

More vape news on Wednesday until then please stay safe 🙂

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