Introduction to the Flash VT-1 222W Mod By Oumier

The Oumier Flash VT-1 is a lightweight budget dual battery vape mod that looks outstanding with its wacky graphic doors, it can fire up to 222w and handle TC with all standard wires.Oumier FVT1 head

Oumier was founded in China in 2013 and is the lead brand of BYB Tech, most will know this company for their releases such as the Wasp Nano RTA, the Wasp Nano Squonk kit, the Rudder 200W and also VLS RDA.

So what did we think of this little mod; is it just a flash in the pan or will it be Very Tough to explain LOL, let’s go and take a up and close butchers at it and see if it is one of our favourite vape mods of late.Oumier FVT1 2 mods

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As always with my reviews, my thoughts and views are my own after a considerable testing period.

In The Box

  • 1x OUMIER Flash VT-1 MOD
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Battery GuideOumier FVT1 comp kit


  • Innovative rotational selection button
  • Dual 18650 cells
  • Switchable side panels
  • Lightweight for easy carrying
  • Size: 91.5 x 56 x 28.5mm
  • Output Wattage: 5-222w
  • Voltage Range: 6.2-8.4V
  • Resistance Range: 0.08-3ohm
  • USB port: 5V/1.6A
  • Temperature range: 100-300℃/200-600℉
  • Mode: VW/NI/TI/SS/Bypass
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • 9 designs and colours are available

Design and Build Quality

The Flash VT-1 comes in a standard card box with a paper over sleeve; the content includes a micro USB cable and paperwork as well as the mod.Oumier FVT1 box in

The Mod is made of a light weight plastic with a soft rubber coating; the manufacturing quality of the product is exemplary, with a very well thought out design.

Oumier Flash VT-1 Mod

Starting at the top the mod has the standard 510 connection with a gold plated, spring loaded connection pin. The threading has been well turned and the mod will hold atomisers up to 25mm with no overhang.

A raised plastic loop (for want of a better word) is situated at approx the 28mm mark this loop acts as a barrier to help stop liquid from dripping into the screen and rotating dial.Oumier FVT1 510The dial is your function and selection button, it is made of plastic and covered with a soft rubber coating. This allows you to simply dial in your wattage etc or by pressing the dial you can enter the menu options screen.Oumier FVT1 dial soft

The doors are made from plastic covered again by a soft rubber coatingOumier FVT1 doorsThey have 2 little magnets on each that match up to those under the doors, the doors fit the frame very well with no discernible movement.Oumier FVT1 doors revOne door is for decoration covering the backend of the plastic sled.Oumier FVT1 door bThe other covers the 2x 18650 batteries, in this respect the doors are similar to that of the iJoy Limitless 200w shape wise, with exception that the LMC doors are metal.Oumier FVT1 rib sled

Inside, attached to the sled, you have a ribbon for easy battery removal; the battery sled is very clean and hosts gold plated contacts.

You really have to look to see the battery orientation marks “plus and minus signs” also marked are battery A and B these marks are all the same colour as the sled and not very deeply moulded into the sled.Oumier FVT1 sled mark

The bottom of the device has the normal information printed in white; also here you will see a cluster of battery vent holes that also act to keep the board cool.Oumier FVT1 details

The work face of the device has a fire button and like the dial is made of plastic and also covered in the same soft rubber coating.Oumier FVT1 FBThe screen sits proud of the device body when in the UN-fired state the screen looks almost black!Oumier FVT1 dark wf When activated the font is bright and large it is also easy to see the screen in bright sunlight.Oumier FVT1 screenBelow the screen you have a micro USB charge point, I cannot find any info that says that the firmware can be upgraded! However I will keep my eye on the Oumier download page in case they do release an update.Oumier FVT1 usb charge

The size of the device measures 91.5 x 56 x 28.5mm, the mod has been manufactured to very high standards for such a cheap device, it is very light weight even with dual batteries installed, it’s a great all day carry around mod.

How Does The Oumier Flash VT- 1 Perform?

For this review the the version of the Flash VT-1 I am is called Party Girl, I have placed my Blue Apocalypse RDA on to match the mod with 0.15Ω dual coils installed. I am using Sherbet Apple and Mango liquid by Moreish Puff which is a delicious sharp fruity liquid.Oumier FVT1 moreish

Basic Guide to using the device

  1. Insert 2x 18650 batteries – the device will automatically come onOumier FVT1 in batts
  2. Pop a tank/RDA or RTA on the deviceOumier FVT1 soft hand
  3. Use the dial to tune in your desired wattage and vape away

How to Operate the Menu System

The menu system is really easy to understand, my only stumbling block was getting used to using the dial rather than adjustment buttons!

  • Press the dial x3 to switch between VW/Ni/Ti/SS/Bypass
  • In TC mode press the dial x2 to change wattage
  • To lock the device completely hold the dial down and press the fire button
  • To change the date and time press the dial x4
  • To turn the device on and off press the fire button x5 when the device come on it will display the “OUMIER” start screen

The only thing I can’t seem to do is lock the ohms of my coils, there is nothing in the paperwork on this so I can only presume it’s not meant to be lol.

30 to 100w

30w produced a nice amount of vapour the flavour was good, however the warmth was not there for me, so in 10w stages I put the Flash VT-1 up to 100w! 100w was a wee bit much for my micro lungs lol but did produce a very warm flavoursome with an incredible amount of vapour production.Oumier FVT1 hand I have settled on 65w as my go to with this device with my Apocalypse RDA; it give the right balance of warmth flavour and vapour for me as well as keeping the battery usage to a minimum.Oumier FVT1 test puff

TC Tests

As far as I can tell Temp Control functions well in the limited testing I did with the unit, the mod handles the normal temp range of 100-300℃/200-600℉ with all the normal TC wires.

As normal I ran my dry and damp tests with dual SS coils 420f at 50w.

Dry test

I pulsed the coils 5 times; result was a little yellowing of the cotton under the coils – which is to be expected!Oumier FVT1 Dry

Damp test

I chain vaped until the cotton felt dry to me; the test showed no markings on the cotton. Test passed.Oumier FVT1 damp


All the normal info is found on screen and set out in such a way that is easy for those of us who are sight challenged to be able to read easily with a decent sized font.

If left alone for approx 15s the screen reverts to the time and date screen, while using the mod I found that because the screen sits proud of the body, the sides of the screen if looked at straight on have what I call LED bleed; parts of the font light up the sides of the screen to give like a framed effect, which can be quite distracting.Oumier FVT1 light wf

Battery Life

At 65w I was able to enjoy 4hrs dead on vape time! At 80W the battery lasted 21/2 to 3hrs depending on how I vaped.

Battery doors

While I can’t find anywhere that sells spare doors for the Flash VT-1! I can state that if you have more than one unit, like I do, the doors are interchangeable between mods.Oumier FVT1 combat st


  • Excellent manufacture
  • Very good design
  • Very good overall quality
  • Great selection of colours available
  • A soft feel very comfortable to hold
  • Good battery life
  • Interchangeable doors
  • Cheap price point


  • LED screen bleed
  • Unable to lock ohms
  • No indication if the firmware is update able

Final Review Verdict

The Oumier Flash VT-1 has been a delight to use these last couple of weeks. It allows up to 222w of power, it’s very comfortable to hold and use.

The only things I could find wrong with the unit was the LED screen bleed but that may be because I was floundering to find something, but it’s really more of a hindrance to me than anything else lol and not being able to lock my coil ohms in TC, also a hindrance but not a big deal breaker.

It did take me awhile to get used to the dial function rather than using adjustment buttons but once learnt the device it is very easy to operate.

I would say that the Flash VT-1 would make a great transitional mod for those wishing for more power than say their pod system or other lower wattage device can provide.

Would I buy the Oumier Flash VT-1 again given the chance “Yes” I would, in fact I already did lol I have the “Street Combat” as the wife pinched the “Party Girl” version.

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Ease of use
Screen Font
Battery Life
Colours Available
Price Point
Repurchase due to damage or loss
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