Pachamama nic salts are from a sister e-liquid company to the by now legendary juice makers Charlie’s Chalk Dust.

I’m guessing pretty much most of us vaping for a while, have at some point, tasted the Charlie’s Chalk Dust flavours!

pachamama nic salt review

Based in California the company is known for the classic trademark juice line as well as the hugely popular [and very tasty I might add] Ms Merengue range and of course the more recent sub ohm salts variety Pachamama flavours.

BTW I also carried out the Pachamama CBD e-liquid review recently and they are (spoiler alert) excellent too.

So a big pedigree and one would hope the new lower power nic salt line keeps up with the company’s impressive track record.

What Can We Expect From the Pachamama Nic Salt Range?

As I always say, I’m looking for BIG flavour and in this case natural sweeteners – I really dislike overloaded sugary vapes.

Being a nic salt I’m also hoping for a smooth throat hit, which allows in particular newer vapers to enjoy higher level nicotine infused e-liquids without the harshness some high PG juices can have – [see below].

There are 6 flavours in the Pachamama Nic Salt range – I received x5 missing out on the Honeydew Melon – and the one’s I’m reviewing are designed for lower powered MTL vape tanks and pod mod systems.

Update: I’ve now received the the Honeydew Melon flavour and have added my thoughts below.

pachamama nic salts flavours

I’ve had a good snoop around the web but can’t find the actual VG/PG ratio but I’m guessing they’re 50% VG and 50% PG.

Here in the UK and Europe we can only get the max strength of 20mg nicotine whilst in the USA they have a choice of that and an eye watering 50mg nic!

OK, the x5 10ml e-liquids were sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review – thank you – and of course my views and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

And just to add – taste is subjective – in other words, something that tastes like pants to me might be your idea of heaven and vice versa!

For the record I used the awesome GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA – freshly wicked every time and vaping between 18 and 21w.

Find Out More:

UK/Europe – Spend £40 Save £12 – Code ECC

Pachamama Nic Salts – Apple Tobacco 20mg


Pachamama Says:

Apple Tobacco by Pachamama Salts is a tasty batch of freshly picked apples paired with a bale of harvested tobacco for an interesting nic salt e-liquid vape flavor.

I Say:

Interesting is very much the word here.

A very sweet appley smell coming off the bottle, and whilst filling, the scent of apples fills your nostrils.

The inhale is sheer bliss with the warm dryness of the tobacco taken on by the moist juicy apples.

For a nic salt it’s an impressive throat hit too.

It’s that exhale where the sweetness of the tobacco mixes with the the fresh juicy apples that makes this one a stunner.

How do I like dem apples?

Very much indeed!

Pachamama Nic Salts – Fuji 20mg

Pachamama Nic Salts Fuji

Pachamama Says:

Fuji by Pachamama Salts is an abundance of crisp and sweet Fuji apples with added notes of ripe strawberries and juicy nectarines turned into a flavorful nic salt e-liquid vape.

I Say:

The aroma on opening the bottle promises a blissful fruit cocktail vape.

Those naturally sweet Fuji apples are well to the fore but the sweeter strawberry takes them on and wins with just the merest hint of nectarine.

The inhale is a fruit lovers dream with the apples and strawberries adding superbly balanced natural sweet notes with the hint of things to come.

And that’s the nectarines that wash in on the exhale calming the sweetness but adding a kind of magical sweet citrus tang.

One of the freshest perfectly balanced nic salts I’ve tried for a long time.

Pachamama Nic Salts – StarFruit Grape 20mg

Pachamama Nicotine Salt Starfruit Grape review

Pachamama Says:

Starfruit Grape by Pachamama salts uses the tasty Southeast Asian starfruit and mixes it with plump grapes to create a refreshingly satisfying nic salt e-liquid vape.

I Say:

The starfruit gets its name from its shape – like a five pointed star.

So is this one a 5 star vape?

I confess to have never tried starfruit but a quick Google told me it is or can be on the tart side – bang on my flavour profile…or is it?

The e-liquid certainly smells very fresh – in particular the grape which some juices I’ve tried can be a little perfumed especially on the exhale.

It’s not the case here – that grape is very fresh and that underlying – I assume smell of starfruit – hints at a whack of citrus.

The inhale sadly let this one down for me with the grape again becoming a little too perfumed and dare I say synthetic.

But hey – I’m yet to find a decent grape flavoured or mixed e-liquid so it may just be my palate 😉

The main event of the starfruit isn’t as tangy or as citrus as I might have liked but this is a strangely warming vape.

Put it this way – my tongue was tingling a bit after a few draws.

I shall call this one an ‘intriguing vape’ – one for the more discerning vapers out there.

Pachamama Nic Salts – Honeydew Melon 20mg

honeydew-melon pachamama nic salt review

Pachamama Says:

Infusing the light sweetness of succulent honeydew melons, extracting the luscious nectar for a delightfully wonderous fruity flavored vape.

I Say:

I’ve had to wait a couple of weeks for this one to turn up – so has it been worth the wait?

Kind of – let me explain.

The smell is exactly what you’d expect and suggests a fresh refreshing fruity vape.

The inhale gives just that with just the right amount of sweetness.

However, with some melon vapes I’ve had that aftertaste – reminiscent of biting into a melon seed.

It’s kind of bitter and a little off putting when eating the fruit and that’s what I’m getting here.

It’s not overpowering but that odd taste lingers somewhat.

Pachamama Nic Salts – Icy Mango 20mg

Pachamama Nic Salts Icy Mango review

Pachamama Says:

Icy Mango by Pachamama is the tropical mango fruit added with a kick of ice that will delight you as a nic salt e-liquid vape.

I Say:

Tropical fruit flavoured e-liquids are right up there as some of the favourites of all vapers – including fussy old me.

So does this one hit the spot?

I bloody love fresh mango – especially from the fruit lady on my favourite beach in Goa.

The smell opening this one up whisked me back to those sunny skies to say the least – very aromatic.

The inhale fills your mouth with lush juicy just the right side of ripe mango, before that gentle icy breeze adds an extremely refreshing layer.

This one might be a single fruit flavour but my goodness flavour is the optimum word here – gorgeous stuff to vape on.

Pachamama Nic Salts – Sorbet 20mg

pachamama nic salts sorbet review

Pachamama Says:

Sorbet by Pachamama is a giant scoop of icy Italian ice sorbet infused with the zestiness of raspberries and mouth-puckering lemonade to create a tasty and refreshing nic salt e-liquid vape.

I Say:

Oh My God!!!

Yup I’ve saved the very best to last…

I think Ive just had a vapers equivalent of an orgasm – vapegasm – lol.

This is not only the nectar of the Gods but should come with a warning that this is literally liquid crack!

From the moment you open the bottle your taste-buds will go into overdrive.

Those raspberries tingle with tartiness on the tongue before that lemon threatens to give you a shuddering eye scrunching moment.

However, just when you think this is too tart – in washes the creamy sorbet with the merest and I mean merest hint of coolada.

If this came in a physical pudding form I’d become twice as fat as I already am lol.

Amazing mixology its as simple as that.


Final Review Verdict

My hard to impress taste-buds are without doubt impressed to say the least.

I usually give any Nic Salts I review away to staff and vaping newbie regulars in my local pub – not these!

Well maybe the Starfruit and Grape one…and now sadly the Honeydew Melon flavour.

From the clean classy simple and very adult packaging – to the labelling and flavour choices – they’ve nailed this range.

A true masterclass in mixology and blending without the need to overload with sugary nonsense.

A case of letting the flavours mingle and mix their magic without any help from Mr Sugar.

Highly recommended to new vapers and those of us who enjoy nic salts in our low power tanks and pods.

Have you tried this nic salt range from Pachamama? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

UK/Europe – Spend £40 Save £12 – Code ECC

Apple Tobacco
StarFruit Grape
Icy Mango
Honeydew Melon
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