The Pomp Tetris is from a brand where information is a little difficult to come by. When you pop along to their “About Pomp” part of their website, all it mentions is CBD with the bold heading “Pomp – Leading CBD Vaping Way”.

“R&D of Zisha Ceramic technology since 2016 based off an Ancient Chinese Teapot of more than 2,400 years old”

Uhm, ok, let’s move swiftly along.
Pomp Tetris In Hand

What Can We Expect From the Pomp Tetris

As many of you will notice, well those of us of a certain age, the Pomp Tetris takes its name from a rather ancient Russian game called Tetris and one of my old favorites as a young man. You can see it takes the Tetris name from a Tetris tile shape.

I received the Pomp Tetris pod system in luminescent Orange as you can see from the image above. The kit does come in seven colours in total.

There is no mention of the type of e-liquid to be used except for CBD. I don’t have any CBD vape juice to hand so for the purposes of this review, I have used 50/50 Nic salts throughout. If you wanted to try out CBD you should take a look at CBD Asylum and Harmony, a couple of solid options.

The device features a 0.5ml refillable pod and a 400mAh battery, all packed into a tiny shell.

Pomp Tetris Close Up

The Pomp Tetris pod system was sent to me for review. As always, I will give you my own, honest opinion of this product after a lengthy testing period.

Price (At Time Of Review): £19.50 | €22 | $24.99

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In The Box

  • Pomp Tetris Pod System
  • Pomp Tetris Ceramic Coil Pod
  • User Manual
  • USB cable
  • Lanyard

Pomp Tetris Kit Contents


Pomp Tetris

  • Product Size: 8 x 47.8 x 8mm
  • Output Modes: MTL and DTL
  • Battery: 400 mAh
  • Recharge Time: 40 minutes
  • Output 3 – 17.5W
  • 10 seconds pre-heat

Supo Tetris Specs

Pomp Tetris Pod

  • Product Size: 15 x 37.4 x 7mm
  • Capacity 0.5ml
  • Resistance: 1.5ohm

Design and Build Quality

When I first took the Tetris out of the box, my god it was tiny, in fact, very, very tiny indeed.
Pomp Tetris Size Comparison
Once you open the box, you are met by the device itself with the Pod sat right next to the main device. There isn’t an awful lot in the box as you would expect from a Pod system.

For such a tiny device, it is quite weighty, certainly for the size.

The body itself, I presume because of the weight, is metal with a rubberised coating for easy grip with plastic through the middle. This Pod System, as with all Pod’s, sits in the hand very nicely but will have to be placed between your thumb and fourth finger to vape.

The device is certainly designed for portability though and how I haven’t lost the thing while testing I will never know!

The overall design and finish is very good though there is a grill atop the device which I can not see any use for as the holes are filled in. Adds to the aesthetics I guess.
Pomp Tetris Filled in grill

Tap Interactive

You have an LED indicator on the front that can be interacted with a tap or two.

  • Three lights – Full Power
  • Two lights – 30 to 70%
  • One light – < 30%

You also have the option of changing the power output of the Tetris by tapping the front LED panel three times.

  • Green – 2.7V
  • Blue – 3.7V
  • Red – 4.2V

There is also a pre-heat mode on the Tetris. If you tap the front of the LED panel twice the device goes into a ten second pre-heat mode (basically fires the device for ten seconds) and heats the ceramic coil up and uses up some of that valuable 0.5ml e-liquid in the process.

How Does The Pomp Tetris Perform?

The Pomp Tetris is an auto fire system, meaning, as you put the pod in your mouth and inhale, the device auto fires and releases vapour into your mouth. Simple as it gets as there are no buttons to press.

One of the attractions that the Pomp Tetris may have over other Pod Systems is that they state on the front of the box that the Pomp Tetris is JUUL compatible. I was quite excited by this as I had a JUUL pod lying around, so, without hesitation I popped one in and proceeded to vape it.

The vape I got from the pod was very enjoyable, that was, until it went into a 10 second pre heat meltdown and burnt out my JUUL pod. All I got from the JUUL pod after that was a burnt taste.

Pomp pre-installed pods are fitted with a ceramic heating element that they call “Zisha Ceramic Technology”.

We started new ceramic technology R&D since 2016 and finally we achieved success – VPOCERA™ 1st generation of Zisha Ceramic Technology. Its raw material formula is inspired by the Zisha Teapot that has been used in China for more than 2,400 years. All raw materials are in food grade, lead-free and heavy metals, and do not produce any harmful matter after heating. All manufacturing processes are in compliance with environmental standards and ensure 100% safety and cleanliness.

VPOCERA™ Zisha ceramic coil is designed for CBD vape oil with customized heating wire and increased heating area, which greatly improves the overall uniform heating performance, and efficiently vaping without burned the organic cotton layer.

For me, the Pomp Tetris performs average at best. The flavour from their own pod gives out a very muted flavour.

Of course, you might say that after you have filled the Pod up a couple of times, the flavour might get better once the ceramic coil has bedded in. But, once the mouthpiece is fitted on top of the Pod, it’s there to stay unless you brute force it off.


Like most Pod Systems out there, you simply charge it via a USB cable.
Pomp Tetris Charge Port

Changing and Filling the Pod

Changing the Pod, like many others out there is a simple pull out and replace.

As mentioned previously, once the mouthpiece is fitted to the Pomp’s own pod, it’s there to stay.
Pomp Tetris Locked Mouthpiece
However, you can manipulate the mouthpiece in a way that it again releases, so you are able to remove it and re-fill it.

It’s certainly not the most ideal method but one way to circumnavigate using a new pod for every new flavour or indeed, throwing it away once the 0.5ml e-liquid has depleted.
Pomp Tetris Removed Mouthpiece
Filling the pod is very straightforward. There is a large fill port to one side at the top of the pod via a rubber bung. Simply put your chosen vape juice in there, pop the mouthpiece back on and vape away.
Pomp Tetris Fill Port

Flavour and Vapour Production

I will be straight to the point in this section of the review.

The flavour from this is very much average at best. The flavour is very muted compared to any other pod system I’ve used.

Because the Pomp Tetris is a pod system, you don’t get an awful lot of vapour from it as it is designed for a stealth, mouth to lung (MTL) vape.

Battery Life

Although the Pomp Tetris only has a 400mAh internal battery, the battery life is pretty decent. This isn’t something you are going to use as your main vape throughout the day, it is only going to be used for a nicotine boost from high strength nic salts or as a stealth vape from time to time.

I took the Pomp Tetris out and about with me on several occasions and lasted me the day as a back up device.


  • Very Small
  • Portable and stealthy
  • Optional power modes
  • JUUL pod compatible


  • JUUL Pod burnt out
  • Pods only useable once
  • Muted flavour
  • Terrible pod capacity

Final Review Verdict

Once you get past the retro Tetris look, this pod system is hardly fit for purpose. The JUUL pod that was used for the review, burnt out because the Tetris decided to pre-heat it for 10 seconds. The provided 0.5ml pod is useless once vaped as the mouthpiece is non removable once clicked into place, that is, unless you want to brute force it off.

There’s a plethora of vape pods out there on the market, to get your product out there and sold, you must have something good, something different, something that provides good flavour.

Whilst I like the design of the system itself, the design of the pods and the lack of flavour does not bode well at all for Pomp Vape.

Have you tried the Pomp Tetris? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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Build quality Mod
Design of mod
Design of the pod
Ease of use
Replacement if lost or damaged
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