Pure Evil by Vapouriz – An Introduction

Vapouriz are a Uk company that, along with hardware, such as the recently reviewed V Box, produce their own e liquid ranges through their sister company Vapour Labs.

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Pure Evil sits in their sub ohm vaping category due to the high VG mix.  And as their slogan says “For Summoning Un-Holy Clouds”.pure evil eliquid review

We have a small selection of the full range which is based of the seven deadly sins. Here are our thoughts so far.


What They Say:

“An intensely desirable juice of spiced apples and secrets.”

Pure Evil Envy ReviewAnother in the fruit family, Envy is another well blended e juice. I was vaping at 45W on the Aspire Cleito which gives a warm, slightly sweet, apple flavour.

It isn’t a sharp apple flavour that I have tried from other apple e liquids. The cinnamon running through the background ties the whole e liquid together to create a smooth, mouth watering vape.

I really enjoyed this one. I actually found it got better the more I vaped and the aftertaste in the mouth of the subtly spiced apple wasn’t far off the real thing.


What They Say:

“A raspberry blend enraged with coconut for a furiously delicious vape.”

Pure Evil Wrath E Juice ReviewRaspberry and coconut is a first for me in terms of flavour combinations.

Without sounding like a Pure Evil fan boy I have to say they have another quality e juice here.

The raspberries in this e-liquid are like the real thing, no sweet shop raspberry here.

On the exhale the coconut comes through. Again, this is like a desiccated coconut rather than a coconut water type flavour. They really do go together well.

Ramp up the wattage and the added heat gives the coconut a slightly more pronounced, warmer flavour. Very moreish.

This is my favourite out of the three Pure Evil e liquids I have tried so far.


What They Say:

“A slowly matured, and decadent blend of 7 berries for an all day mellow vape.”

pure evil sloth reviewBerries are the order of the day with Sloth.

For me I get a blueberry coming through slightly more than any other berries.

On both the inhale and the exhale I get a superb fresh berry flavour that leaves a nice after taste in the mouth.

I can agree with Vapouriz in that this is definitely an all day vape.

Great stuff for berry vape fans.

Vapour Volume

Vapour volume as would be expected from a high VG sub ohm range of vape liquids is very good. I can’t find what the actual VG ratio is but I think, at a guess, it would be 70% VG.

Throat Hit

Again, the nature of these e liquids and that the max nicotine strength is 3mg all ensure they provide a smooth throat hit. They do suit the flavours very well though.

Production Details

Vapouriz produce Pure Evil e liquids to the highest standards, in terms of both ingredients and facilities in the UK.

Final Pure Evil E Juice Review Verdict

From what I have tried so far I am very impressed. While they are not super complex flavours they do what they do very well and make for some great vapes. I can’t wait to try the others in this UK e juice range.

If fruit e liquids fit into the type of flavours you like vaping then I would recommend giving Pure Evil a try.

Vapour Volume
Throat Hit (To suit the flavours)
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