Overview Of Vapouriz & The 40W V Box

Vapouriz are another UK vape company that has been trading and developing their own e cig products since 2011.

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They stock a number of vape pen starter kits and more advanced sub ohm devices as well as a great selection of e-liquids. So pretty much all a vaper needs to start with and maintain e cigarettes.Vapouriz V Box Review

This review is taking a closer look at the Vapouriz V Box mod which is a 40W device that comes with.

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In The Box

The Vapouriz V Box comes in a professional, tidy looking presentation box and contains the following:

  • 1 X V Box 40w Box Mod
  • 1 X Sub Tank LITE Clearomizer (4ml Capacity)
  • 1 X 0.5ohm Sub Coil
  • 1 X Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 X Instruction manual

Key Features

  • Power Output: Fixed 40W
  • Battery Capacity: 2200 mAh Battery
  • Fires Coils from: 0.3 Ohms
  • 5 Click On/Off

Looks & Build Quality

The Vapouriz V Box is a great looking little vape mod. I don’t have the biggest of hands but this mod fit comfortably in my hand with just the tank popping out of the top. It’s also light weight when compared to other box mods.

Despite the weight it still has a good feel to it as well as a smooth finish that is great in the hand.Vapouriz V Box Review

It’s all very simple. The only other things on the V Box mod body is the power button, 4 lights which indicate battery level and of course the branding. On the base there is also the Micro USB charging port.Vapouriz V Box Review

So all nice and easy, especially for vapers that are new to box mods for sub ohm vaping.

The only real downsides for me are that the power button does have a bit of rattle. Also the 510 connection isn’t spring loaded (screw adjustment) but that isn’t a huge issue as if you are buying this product my guess would be that the only tank used would be the one supplied with the kit.510-vbox-40-mod

Apart from that the build quality is good.

How Does The Vapouriz V Box Perform?

The V Box itself is set at a fixed 40W. This takes out the guess work for new users. Initially 40W fixed setting with a 0.5Ohm coil seemed just a touch on the high side for me. I usually vape around 25-30W with a 0.5 ohm coil.

It’s safe to say with this set up this is not a vape mod for a vaping pro.

The V Box comes with the Vapouriz Subtank Lite clearomizer tank with a 0.5Ohm coil already installed.Vapouriz V Box Review

The tank itself has a respectable 4ml capacity and is a bottom fill. Simply remove the base fill the tank, place a couple drops of e juice directly on the coil and then screw back together. Just be sure not to put too much juice directly on the coil.

You can actually skip dripping e liquid directly on the coil if you want. The most important thing is that you wait 5 minutes after you have filled the tank. This just allows the e cig liquid to soak into the cotton.Vapouriz V Box Review

I was vaping Pure Evil Sloth by Vapouriz which is a max VG juice perfect for sub ohm vaping.

The 0.5 Ohm coil at 40W with this fruit flavor works well. The vape is warm and the berries pronounced with plenty of clouds.

As mentioned I normally vape 0.5 Ohm coils at no more than 30W as i do tend to prefer a slightly cooler vape. While the V Box does work well with the fixed wattage in this instance, for my tastes I would like the ability to be able to power this down to 30W.

That’s just me though, it will all depend on how you like to vape.Vapouriz V Box 40W Review

The tank was great overall, it’s sealed well with no leaking. The 4 cyclops airflow control allows you to adjust the tightness of the draw to fit your needs.

Me, I like to have them fully open for a more airy draw.

Battery Life & Charging

The 2200 mAh battery is good and with moderate vaping managed a good 1.5 days of vaping. The LED power lights on the side of the mod indicate battery power remaining. Even when the battery level reached 2 lights I was still getting a consistent vape with minimal loss of power.Vapouriz V Box 40W Review

Charging is done by way of a Micro USB port. The V Box does still work when charging but vaping while charging is not recommended according to the instructions. So keep this in mind if that is a feature you are looking for.

What I like

The build quality and small form factor are great. The Subtank Lite performs very well and the fixed wattage makes this a plug and play type of mod for vapers that are new to sub ohm vaping.

What I Dislike

There is slight button rattle but that is just a personal dislike and isn’t a reason not to buy. I also prefer a slightly cooler vape at around 30W, having said that the fruity e juice I vaped with was very flavorful in this tank.

So nothing necessarily that should be off putting, these are more personal preferences.

Final Vapouriz V Box Review Verdict

For what is essentially a basic vape mod for vapers new to sub ohm vaping I really enjoyed using the Vapouriz V Box.

The sub ohm tank included is cheap as well, especially for the quality you are getting.

If you are a more advanced vaper or simply looking for more control from a mod then this isn’t going to be for you.

Also, check out their Pure Evil e liquid range, it’s superb and is perfect for use with this kit.


  • Great Price
  • Good Build Quality
  • Good entry point into sub ohm vaping
  • Subtank Lite provides good flavor and vapor production
  • No leaking from the clearomizer tank


  • Limited flexibility with fixed watts (That is the whole point of the kit though)
  • Slight button rattle


Build Quality
Ease of Use
Recommended (For New Sub Ohm Vapers)
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  1. Anyone have trouble unscrewing the tank from the base to fill up? I have to use pliers to grip it to unscrew and guess what yea I cracked the glass !

  2. I received my vape today and having been using.it throughout the day but it seems to taste.more like burning than fruity why is this?

    • Hi Raymond,

      When filling with e-liquid dod you wait around 5-10 minutes before vaping? Or did you accidentally press the fire button when the coil was dry?

      A burnt taste generally indicates the cotton in the coil as been burnt.

  3. If you are looking to buy this product then below you will find the Pros/Cons of this product, not all of which are outlined in the review of the above.

    Good build quality.
    Plenty powerful for most.
    Good battery life

    Very long charging times – You will have to charge whilst asleep or have alternatives available.
    Inflexible & very short charging cable
    Incorrectly placed micro USB port compounded by poor charging cable.

    So it’s an ok piece of kit but it’s not amazing and for the price you might be better of looking for something else that will tick more of the boxes.
    Worthy of no more than a rating of 3 out of 5.

    • Hi Darrel,

      Not used this one for a while but from what I can remember:

      You need to unscrew the base so you are left with the glass section and mouthpiece.

      Then fill the glass section (avoid the middle tube) and replace the base. Let it sit for 5 minutes before vaping to allow the cotton in the coils to soak up the juice.

      Let me know how you get on.

  4. Hi please can you tell me which coils I need to buy for this vbox mod as I’m new to vaping and I purchased the wrong ones so I’m looking for the correct ones for this mod thankyou


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