The Quit Angel e-liquid range come from UK based juice manufacturer Key Vape.

The company is what you’d call multi-faceted, with a number of e-liquid flavour brands as well as the Honeyberry concentrates line.

Those are both shelf ready to be sold to the public, and the company not only supplies flavours to the e-liquid market, but can also tailor make specific flavours to each customers individual requirements.

I mentioned the other e-liquid brands, and we’ve already reviewed the Firestarter juice line – which reviewer Mike Murphy thoroughly enjoyed.

I was given a sample bag at the recent UK Vaper Expo – thanks Katie – sadly it was filled with Firestarter and just 3 from the 5 in the Quit Angel range – hence just a quick review on the trio I have!

katie honeyberry

To make matters worse – lol – of the three I have put to the taste test – 2 are menthol, a flavour I don’t tend to go for or enjoy come to that matter!

Oh dear!

But Hey – I might like them ๐Ÿ˜‰

What Can We Expect From the Quit Angel E-Liquid?

At the moment they’re only available in 10ml bottles and they are competitively priced.

There’s a choice of nicotine strength: 3mg – 6mg and 12mg and they are a 50/50 VG and PG blend.

OK, let’s put them to the taste test.

For the record I was using the Geekvape Ammit MTL RDA on top of the cute as a button Innokin Coolfire Pebble – love that mod – at between 18 and 21w.

And I of course freshly wicked every time!

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Quit Angel High Berg – 10ml 50/50 VG/PG – 3mg

quit angel high berg review

Vape Key Says:

A collection of berries with menthol.

I Say:

Regulars know I ‘don’t do menthol’ flavoured e-liquids.

However I have warmed to some over recent months – no pun intended.

The smell is actually very nice indeed promising a gentle menthol breeze – rather than a brain shuddering iceberg – and that fruit really does smell sweet.

I actually like this one!

The inhale is extremely refreshing with the fruits smashing together with the menthol quite beautifully.

The inhale really does bring in a gentle polar wind of fresh menthol rather than an Antarctic gale.

Not one for those who like menthol juice to blow their socks off – but one I could happily vape on now and again.

Quit Angel Menthol – 10ml 50/50 VG/PG – 3mg

quit angel menthol review

Vape Key Says:

A crisp, refreshing menthol.

I Say:

With the top off I was getting a not too unpleasant whiff of peppermint rather than the expected icy blast.

The inhale wasn’t as strong as I was expecting either.

It’s a real tongue warmer and that 12mg 50/50 VG/PG mix gave me a right smack in the tonsils – great throat hit!

The exhale has a lovely palate cleansing freshness about it with just the right amount of sweetness.

I’m thinking those tiny peppermint lozenges that come in a fancy tin in UK chemist shops.

Really quite a nice vape – but again one that I’d use only occasionally.

Quit Angel Lemon Sherbet – 10ml 50/50 VG/PG – 3mg

quit angel lemon sherbet review

Vape Key Says:

A delightful, fresh lemon sweet with a zing of sherbet.

I Say:

This is more on my flavour profile to say the least!

I adore good quality lemon vapes and quite like the fizz of sherbet every now and then.

The smell from the bottle will whisk you back to your childhood and those lemon sherbet sweeties.

I used to munch on those until my tongue bled as a kid lol.

The inhale is a delight – tangy lemon just the right side of sweet with that sherbet kick.

The exhale brings it all together beautifully – a lovely vape and I’ve emptied this one!

Final Review Verdict

The two flavours from the Quit Angel e-liquid range I missed out on are: Summer Fruits and Tobacco.

That’s a shame as those two are most definitely among my favourite e-liquids.

However, all is not lost and despite 2/3rds being menthol based – I actually quite liked them.

Not at all harsh and not too gentle either – indeed they’re nicely balanced.

I’d call these a very good budget line and well worth a punt of your hard earned readies ๐Ÿ˜‰

High Berg
Lemon Sherbet
Neil Humber
I began vaping in 2012 and found it easy to give up a 40 per day roll-up habit! DTL: Lost Vape DNA75C BF - Dead Rabbit SQ - MTL: JacVapour Sandstorm DNA 75 + Augvape Merlin Nano RTA...Daily set-up Lost Vape DNA 250c and Geekvape Zeus X I'm a former journalist and now a writer and author.. I'm an Army veteran - adore dogs and never happier than with a good book on a beach.


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