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Quit Your Way Scotland – Says Fart To Quit!

Vaping is proven to be the very best way to stop smoking, however, the Fart ooops sorry – Quit Your Way Scotland NHS campaign suggests using a straw rather than an e-cigarette.

And as you’ll see, that can lead to excessive farting…and other ‘conditions‘ – so yeah, this is yet more idiotic [and in this case foul smelling] hot air from so called ‘health professionals‘.

quit your way scotland NHS campaign

In fact, it completely ignores e-cigarettes, and as well as suggesting smokers looking to quit suck on fresh air, it’s pushing Champix – a stop smoking drug with horrendous side-effects such as suicidal thoughts.

Yes really…and I wrote about that evil drug at length in the article: FDA Approved Drugs to Quit Smoking | Suicide Or Vaping? – You Decide – Big Pharma hey!

And of course, high on its list of quit smoking tools are a bunch of NRTs [nicotine replacement therapies].

Actually they don’t list them, so I guess they’re pushing patches, gums and sprays that science says doesn’t work: Vape To Quit Smoking – It’s Better Than Patches and Gums Say Experts – Big Pharma hey!

Quit Your Way Scotland – Says Suck On Fresh Air!

The Quit Your Way Scotland is part of the country’s ambitious – some might say impossible – goal of making the country smokefree by 2034.

The number of smokers in Scotland is extremely high with 28% of men and 25% of women lighting up, and with many smoking more than 20 per day. A recent survey showed that over 5,000 people were diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017 alone – a frightening figure.

So it’s little wonder with those figures, NHS Scotland is doing its bit to get smokers to stub out the killer habit – however by ignoring e-cigarettes have they missed a golden opportunity?

I tried out the Quit Your Way Scotland personalized ‘Quit Plan’ – telling it I wanted to quit for health reasons – ticked the triggers that make me want to smoke, but ticking the box that says Do you need to keep your hands and mouth busy? left me surprised…

quit your way scotland

The way to combat those cravings is and I quote:

Try holding a straw in your hand and breathe through it.

Play with a coin or paperclip to keep your hands busy.


This is an NHS website and they’re suggesting smokers suck on air..?

Pretty sure that’s not a good idea – as in sucking in air repetitively through say a straw..?

Indeed it can lead to Aerophagia and according the doctors:

People with aerophagia gulp so much air, it produces uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms.

These symptoms include abdominal distension, bloating, belching, and flatulence.

The main causes can be drinking through a straw and taking in too much air…

So not only are they pushing a suicidal drug to quit smoking – NHS Scotland is also turning smokers into belching and farting wind machines.

Things that make you go ummm…or in this case makes you hold your nose.

OK, and in all seriousness, obviously any NHS backed campaign to help smokers quit has to be applauded.

However, by ignoring e-cigarettes as the very best and probably the safest way to quit, NHS Scotland is doing a disservice to smokers.

e-cigarettes substantially safer than smoking

Quite simply the Scottish Government needs to stop targeting vaping and embracing it as a safe stop smoking tool. For instance it is a HUGE supporter of the Draconian TPD laws…

And come to think of it, it was only 2 years ago NHS Scotland kind of came out in support of vaping as a cessation tool…albeit reluctantly.

Its own website kind of accepts the benefits of vaping – but with a rider:

There is agreement that on the basis of current evidence that using these devices is definitely less harmful than smoking tobacco.

Thus, it would be a good thing if smokers used them instead of tobacco.

However, using e-cigarettes without stopping smoking (i.e. “dual use”) does not provide health benefits.

Anybody dual using should be encouraged to stop smoking tobacco as soon as possible.

I’d rather see dual users cutting back on lit cigarettes and vaping in between if I’m honest.

Anyway, there you have it, NHS Scotland would rather see you belching and farting your way to quitting smoking…or…and more worryingly…prescribe a drug with known side-effects including suicidal thoughts.

Big Pharma hey!

New HnB Device Planned As Japan Tobacco Cuts Workforce

Japan Tobacco says it will be sacking staff as it concentrates on the launch of a new Heat Not Burn kit.

The Big Tobacco company will be laying off 1,000 workers and says profits of its lit tobacco products will show a loss of around 23% this year.

ploom heat not burn
Ploom HnB kit

It says it will now concentrate on the blossoming Heat Not Burn market and has a new device soon to go into production.

JT Group President and CEO Masamichi Terabatake, said the market was moving towards reduced risk products and they planned to take on the hugely popular Phillip Morris HnB device the IQOS adding:

The RRP category in Japan is the most mature and competitive in the world.

Reflecting this and the decline of sales volume in recent years… we had to take some difficult yet necessary decisions.

The popular Ploom device will remain on sale…not sure what the new kit will be called or the release date.

UKVIA Slams EU ‘Cancer Plan’

The UKVIA has joined the condemnation of the EU’s grand Beating Cancer Plan calling it “out of step“.

I wrote last month that as part of its big idea to eradicate cancer – the EU was more than considering a vape ban in public places and a complete ban of e-liquid flavours: Leaked Documents Say EU Vape Ban Is Possible.

european war on vaping

As I said, given lung cancer is a number one killer, and vaping is 95% safer than smoking and none carcinogenic, why the need to ban it!!!

Now John Dunne, director general of the UKVIA, has joined in with the chorus of complaints about the ludicrous idea saying:

We at the UKVIA are seriously concerned by reports that the European Commission is considering such regressive action, which will likely reduce the positive impact that vaping has on people’s lives.

While we completely support efforts to combat the scourge of cancer in our society, the creation of artificial barriers to harm-reduction products is clearly counterproductive.

Adult smokers must be empowered to make positive change, rather than being discouraged.

Cancer Research UK, along with the Royal College of GPs, have confirmed vaping’s significant harm-reduction compared to cigarettes, as well as its efficacy in smoking cessation.

The EU’s plans are out of step with this latest evidence.

It is vital that the UK now take advantage of the legislative and regulatory independence afforded by Brexit, to safeguard this country’s proportionate, evidence-based approach to vaping.


As to if those idiotic un-elected faceless mandarins of the EU will listen, who knows.

and finally…Can Vaping Give You Chlamydia..?

There’s one sentence I never thought I’d write…

Indeed when I first read about this…my initial reaction was what end was she vaping on…

can you get chlamydia from vaping
Tik Tok user: germanshepardfanaccount

Yeah…I know I get worse and any STD is no laughing matter…including chlamydia [see link for symptoms and concerns].

However, this time the chlamydia in question is oral…must resist a pun…and NOT an STD…

The story stems from one of those Tik Tok kids or ‘influencers‘ as they prefer to be called.

A video from one young lady complaining about contracting chlamydia from her ‘vape‘ has gone viral with over 2 million hits and rising – warning it contains a shit ton of swearing…ooo get me being all prudish!

BTW, she also like, says like, like, a lot, like…which is like annoying…

So is there any truth in this?

Can you catch chlamydia from vaping…nope I’m not going to say it depends on where you stick it…

According to one doctor – it’s possible…

Wait – don’t panic!!!

Dr. Luis Chug a specialist in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine told BuzzFeed it sounds like she’s contracted Chlamydia Pneumoniae – which is NOT an STD adding:

It is believed that most cases have no symptoms, but those who do develop symptoms tend to have mild ones, such as cough, shortness of breath, and fever.

I would say if you’re going to vape, only purchase your pens and cartridges from a reputable source — and don’t share your pen with anyone else, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wise words doc…

So it’s a bit of a sore throat then…in this case maybe [not definitely] contracted from like a vape device…


And hey hey…don’t forget to vape safe out there…wherever you’re sticking your vape kit 😉


More vape news on Sunday!

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