So Has the Smoant Naboo Vaping Music Mode Got Me Dancing Or Headbanging?

The Smoant Naboo vape kit is the latest release from a company that has brought us some outstanding vape gear – so how does this one rate?

It’s a dual 18650 device with an upgraded chip that apparently hits 225w and is lightning fast to fire and comes topped with a matching Naboo or Nebulizer sub ohm tank featuring a couple of mesh coils.

smoant naboo kit review

Research tells me Naboo is a planet in the Star Wars universe and Google tells me that it’s pretty much a paradise and somewhere Luke Skywalker longed to live…make it so…

OK there’s not a lot new to this vaping set-up apart from that is the new Smoant ‘music mode‘ which I’ll get into later – however I haven’t been able to dance along since receiving this as I dropped the box on my toe managing a split nail and hairline fracture…I know I know lol.

So Smoant vape gear is on the whole very well received by vapers and reviewers with the Cylon and Battlestar Mini mods receiving high praise – so let’s find out if the Naboo can live up to its predecessors.

This was sent to me for the purpose of this review direct from Smoant – thank you – and despite that and the fact it gave me a very sore foot and back [from hopping around like a big baby] my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies or indeed revenge…honest lol…

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Inside the Box

naboo kit box

A simple yet sturdy box – heavy enough to bust my toe so be careful lol…inside you’ll find:

  • 1 x Smoant Naboo MOD (Battery not included)
  • 1 x Smoant Naboo Atomizer 4ml
  • 1 x Spare Glass Tube 2ml
  • 1 x Extra Mesh Coil
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 2 x User Manual

naboo kit contents

Naboo Kit Specs

  • Size: 48mm (L)* 31mm(W)*91mm (H)
  • Dual 18650 batteries
  • Screen: 2.4inch TFT color screen
  • Output range: 1-225W
  • Output modes: VW (Min, Normal, Max)/ VW Curves/Temp (Ni, Ti, SS)/ TCR/TC Curves
  • Resistance range: 0.1-2.0ohm for TC mode/TCR mode/TC Curves
  • UI modes: Dial mode/ Classic mode/ Music mode
  • Reverse protection/Over-heating protection/Low voltage Protection/Overload/ Short-circuit protection/Over-time protection


  • Diameter: 2.5cm
  • Capacity: 4ml – 2ml included
  • Thread: 510

Quick Start Guide

  • X5 clicks of the fire button on and off
  • X3 clicks of the fire button to enter menu
  • X1 click of the lock/unlock button to show up/down buttons
  • Scroll through menu options use fore button to choose
  • Hold fire button down to leave menu
  • Coils added/removed from base of tank [not when filled]
  • Fill tank via top fill ports

Key Features

This is a full vape kit powered by x2 18650 batteries and allegedly able to hit 225w.

It’s topped with the Naboo sub ohm tank – called the Nebulizer on some sites – that features mesh coils and has a 4ml capacity – and the box includes a 2ml glass tank.

naboo vape kit in hand

To all intents and purposes the Smoant Naboo mod is pretty much like many others with a strong similarity in looks to the Smoant Charon Mini.

However what sets this one apart is the huge 2.4inch colour screen and the ability to use the lock/unlock button [underneath the fire button] to completely lock in your settings.

naboo buttons

Not only that on activating this feature the up and down buttons appear on screen as if by magic and it becomes touch screen with harpic feedback – in other words it vibrates.

There’s x3 UI [user interfaces] to choose from two that regular Smoant users will recognize and the new ‘music mode’ which in effect looks like one of those equalizer animations.

The Naboo is also utilizing the new and updated Ant225 chipset that Smoant says is lightning fast with a 0.015 second fire – it is fast but as to 225w…? Ummm…smoant naboo size comparison

As for the tank the kit comes with x2 coils – both mesh – a 0.17ohm firing between 60/100w and the 0.18ohm happier at 40/80w.

It has humongous airflow which can obviously be adjusted – however swapping out the coils has to be done when the tank is empty as it leaks bloody everywhere if filled.

Incidentally some photos out there show a pretty plain drip tip – whilst others show a very colourful resin one…

Design and Build Quality

As I’ve already hinted at there’s nothing ground breaking about the design of the Naboo – mod or tank and it really does look like the Charon Mini.

naboo and charon mini
naboo and charon mini

It’s available in four colours the rainbow version I received – black – stainless steel and red.

The fire button is on the left of the mod which means if you thumb fire with your right hand the screen can’t be seen.

The screen is crystal clear and the menu lock/unlock button is a nice touch bringing up the up/down buttons that are extremely responsive.

naboo battery door

Smoant has stuck with the battery door on the back – again with that geometric design which I have to say looks better against the rainbow than other colours.

naboo battery sled

The magnets on the battery door are very strong indeed and snap together with a satisfying click – mind those fingers.

naboo battery ventilation

Toe Breaker

In fact mind those toes – I managed to drop the box when it arrived on my left toe splitting the nail at the base and causing a hairline fracture – and that’s without batteries – this is one heavy well-built kit.

So design wise it’s not earth shatteringly different from many others out there but the build quality is very good indeed – trust me lol.

How Does the Smoant Naboo Kit Perform?

The actual mod performs very well indeed and despite an upgraded chip there’s nothing a regular Smoant user or new vaper will find tricky on the menu – dare I say it’s so simple it’s almost basic…but in a good way!

naboo music mode
‘music mode’

The new up and down buttons appearing on screen is a nice touch and they work very well indeed as does the new ‘music interface’ which for this old vaper was a bit too full on – pretty though – lol.

0.18ohm Coil – 40 to 80w

OK out of the box the Naboo tank was installed with the 0.18 mesh coil with a suggestion of 40/80w.

I primed hard as there looks to be a lot of cotton in there and left it for 15 minutes.

I began at 50w and got a pretty ‘tinny come metallic’ taste – not nice at all.

naboo tank filling

Bumped up to 70w and nothing changed really apart from the metallic flavour getting warmer – the same at 80w.

I removed the coil –leaving it to soak in e-liquid overnight – and cleaned the tank out thoroughly to see if maybe machine oil was causing the issue.

OK I’ve run x3 tanks now – that’s 12mls of e-liquid give or take and that nasty metallic flavour isn’t shifting at all.

Could be my coil was tainted or just a bad one – no way of knowing.

naboo tank and coil

0.17ohm Coil – 60/100w

After the troubles with the previous coil I let this one prime for half an hour.

I knew the tank was clean of any excess machine oil but still washed it thoroughly again leaving it to ‘air dry’ overnight.

I began at 70w with a well saturated coil and again that sour nasty metallic taste came to the fore – almost like burning oil!

naboo 510

For the purposes of this review I bumped the wattage up in 10w increments to 100w but again the taste remained – just hotter.

I wasted a further 12mls of e-liquid to try and shift the taste but no go…

Oh dear…hopefully I’ve just got a couple of duff coils…because trust me compared to the other stock mesh coils I’ve tried the ones out of my box are woeful…


  • Solid build
  • Clever lock/unlock button
  • Crystal clear BIG screen
  • Choice of UI


  • My coils sucked
  • Uninspired design

Final Review Verdict

I think myself and most of the reviewers on EcigClick have been here before – “decent mod shame about the tank!

It might just be the coils I received however trust me I needed a nebulizer after vaping 24mls of e-liquid through both coils…

Although in this case the outer design of the Smoant Naboo mod is nothing new – sure it’s ergonomic if a little on the heavy side – but it looks so much like the Charon Mini the designers haven’t stretched themselves much if at all.

I do like the lock/unlock button that brings up the up and down touch screen buttons and I guess the ravers [is that still a thing] and disco goers [is that still a thing] will dig [is that still a word] the flashy music mode.

In a nutshell the mod works the coils I received don’t – for me at least – and to be honest the whole kit looks and has a very Smok feel to it.

Compared to the awesome Smoant Cylon this just doesn’t do it for me…

Free WorldWide Shipping
USA Save 10% With Code DNA10

Build Quality
Mod Functions
Ease of Use
Likelihood of Replacing if Lost Or Damaged
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  1. I just got my kit. The coil that came pre-installed is perfect ! Absolutely perfect. Maybe you just got a bad coil batch. It shouldn’t be a common thing though.

    For me this kit is a complete win ! <3 I love it !

    • I’m afraid I didn’t! I stopped using the tank and gave the kit to a mate who now uses a different tank! Sorry I can’t be more helpful…


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