Introduction To The Mag Baby Kit by Smok

The Smok Mag Baby kit is from a brand, who are without a doubt, a HUGE name in the vaping scene and have had their fair share of good and bad devices. I would probably put money on saying that most, if not all vapers have owned or used a Smok device at one point in their vaping journey.

So today we are looking at one of their latest kit combos, The Smok Mag Baby Kit!SMok Mag Baby Kit review

The Smok Mag Baby Kit consists of the Smok Mag Baby mod and the TFV12 Baby Prince Tank. It is a scaled down version of the original Smok Mag released last year!

So is the Mag Baby Kit going in the good or bad pile? Find out by reading my review below!

The Mag Baby Mod houses an internal 1600mAh battery and has a maximum output of 50w. It also supports multiple temperature control modes as well as TCR.

The TFV12 Baby Prince Tank is available in a 4.5 or 2ml capacity and comes in 26 and 23mm diameters depending on what version you purchase. Included with the kit you get a Baby Q2 coil as well as a Baby M2 coil.

The Smok Mag Baby Kit currently comes in 9 different colours ranging from black, to purple, to pink along with a matching colour tank, so there should be one to suit most peoples tastes!Mag Baby SidewaysIn this review we will be looking at the silver version of the kit!
This was sent to us for the purposes of review, as always, my opinions are honest and my own.

SMOK MAG Kit Video Review

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What’s In The Box

  • Mag Baby Mod
  • TFV12 Baby Prince Tank
  • Q2 Coil
  • M2 Coil
  • Replacement Glass Tube
  • USB Charge/Update Cable
  • User Manual
  • Spares BagSmok Mag Baby Kit Boxed


Mag Baby Mod:

  • Size: 61 x 46 x 27mm
  • Weight: 144g
  • 0.96” OLED Screen
  • 510 Threading
  • Cell Type: Internal 1600mAh
  • Power Range 1w-50w
  • Output Modes: VW/TC-Ni/Ti/SS
  • Resistance Range: VW – 0.21-2.5 / TC – 0.05-2
  • TC Range: 100-315c/200-600F
  • Output Voltage Range: 0.5-9V
  • Upgradeable Firmware

TFV12 Baby Prince Tank:

  • Height: 53.7
  • Diameter: 26/23mm
  • Weight: 55/56g
  • Capacity: 4.5/2m
  • Smok Mag Baby Kit Build Quality & Design

TFV12 Baby Prince Tank

The Drip Tip:

The drip tip is made from a resin/honeycomb mesh material. It is 510 sized and held into the top fill port with two o-rings located on the drip tip itself.Baby Prince Drip Tip

Top Fill Port:

This is accessed by pushing a button located above the Smok logo. It protrudes from the tank a couple of mm, so you won’t miss it at all!Baby Prince Top Fill ClosedOnce you’ve pressed the button, rotate the top cap assembly around and it will reveal the top fill port which is a kidney shaped hole to one side of the chimney.Baby Prince Top Fill Open

Tank Glass:

In my kit I got the 4.5ml bubble glass as well as the standard 2ml glass.Baby Prince Glass

Airflow Base:

Your usual airflow base that you see on most tanks. Dual cyclops airflow slots controlled by an outer ring. The AFC ring moves very smoothly around the base straight out of the box.Baby Prince AirflowAt the base of the tank we have nothing special except for ‘Designed By Smok’

TFV12 Baby Prince Tank – Overall:

Overall, the construction and look of this tank isn’t too bad. My main issue to begin with is the button to unlock the top fill. I just think that it’s not needed and the tank would function absolutely fine without it, as did previous versions of the Smok tanks.

Smok Mag Baby Mod:

At the top of the device we have the 510 connector that is located more in the centre of the device. It has a stainless steel surround that would happily accept larger tanks than the one included. The 510 pin also has a nice amount of throw to it.Smok Mag Baby TopWorking our way to the front of the Mag Baby, we have the 0.96” OLED screen which looks similar, if not, the same as the original Smok Alien screen. It is nice and easy to read in all lighting conditions and is very easy to navigate through the menus using the fire button as well as the + and – buttons located on the side.Smok Mag Baby Front
On the side of the device, we have the trigger style fire button as well as the + and – buttons.Smok Mag Baby SideWe can also see where the two halves of the mod meet. On my version, they don’t meet very well, which is a bit disappointing in all honesty. Mag Baby Imperfection 3Mag Baby Imperfection 2
The back of the Mag Baby has a small fake carbon fibre insert as well as a USB charge/update port. Above that there is a reset button, just in case you would like to factory reset the device.Smok Mag Baby BackNext to my charge port there is a small imperfection in the paint. You can’t feel it through the clear coat, but there’s an obvious mark in the paint below.Mag Baby Imperfection 1At the base we have the Mag Baby, CE and bin logos and a couple of screws.Smok Mag Baby Bottom

Smok Mag Baby Mod – Overall:

Overall, the Mag Baby Mod is absolutely TINY! The definition of a mini vape mod. It gets lost in your hand if I’m completely honest with you! The paint imperfection and the joins in the two halves were extremely disappointing as said previously. Poorly placed buttons too. The + & – would have been a lot better placed below the screen.

How Does the Smok Mag Baby Kit Perform?

TFV12 Baby Prince TankSmok TFV12 Baby Prince Tank

Q2 Coil

The Smok Q2 Coil has a dual coil and is rated at 0.6 ohms. It has a usage range of 20-50w and is recommend to be best between 30 and 40w. So let’s see how it performs throughout the wattage range and see if we can find a sweet spot. All tests will be conducted with the airflow fully open unless stated otherwise.


Slow ramp up, virtually no flavour.


Now the flavour and ramp up time has started to pick up. Still not amazing though.


The flavour is getting better! A lot more vapour production too. I think this is going to be the sweet spot for me!


More or less the same as 40w but with a bit more heat, clouds and a faster ramp up time. Vaping at this wattage for extended periods of time, you’ll be draining your battery in no time though.

The Sweet Spot:

For me, I find that the sweet spot is around 40w depending on what e-liquid I’m using. You get a nice balance of flavour, clouds and ramp up time.

Coil Life:

So, after using this at the sweet spot, with 70/30 e-liquid. I got through about one or two refills of the 4.5ml tank before I started getting a serious degradation of flavour. Disappointing? Yes. Surprising? No.

Smok coils have never really impressed me in the long term in terms of longevity and flavour production, and the TFV12 Baby Prince Tank follows form with previous editions of the tank and produces little to no flavour.

M2 Coil

The M2 Coil is a dual coil and is rated at 0.25ohms. It has a usage range of 30-50w. Again, we will be testing with the airflow fully open at all times unless stated otherwise.


The flavour, ramp up and vapour production at this wattage again is extremely poor. Do not vape at this wattage whatsoever.


Again, the flavour is poor, but definitely better than at 30w.


Now we’re getting into the ‘best’ wattage range. The flavour is noticeably better and so is the ramp up and vapour production. But it isn’t great.

The Sweet Spot:

To be completely honest with you, none of the recommended wattages do it for me. I’ve had to crank it up to around 54w on another device to get any sort of ‘decent’ flavour out of this coil. I think it’s a mismatched coil to the Mag Baby mod.

Coil Life:

Yet AGAIN, another disappointing coil from Smok. About half a tank and the flavour plummeted like a lead balloon.

Smok Mag Baby Mod

I have been using the SMOK Mag Baby mod at roughy 40w most of the time and the battery life has been noticeably poor for an internal 1600mAh battery. Could this be a false mAh reading? I’ll leave that up to Mooch to decide. I am getting about half of a day MAX before having to charge the device again.Smok Mag Baby Screen

Other than that, I like how easy the menu is to navigate and how clear the screen is. It’s definitely reminiscent of the Smok Alien device.

A few things I would like to point out. This mod is suited to left handed vapers. As when you hold it in your right hand with your finger on the trigger, the screen is hidden by your hand. Now I know that Smok released a right-handed version of the original Mag, so will we be expecting a right-handed version of the Baby Mag mod.SMok Mag Baby Kit Wrong Way

I also find that the + and – buttons are in completely the wrong place. I would have much preferred to see them below the screen.


  • Fits nicely in the hand
  • Screen easy to read
  • Menus easy to navigate
  • Tank is well made and machiened


  • Poor construction
  • Paint imperfections
  • + & – buttons badly placed
  • Poor battery life
  • Poor coil life

Final Review Verdict

To round things off, I would say that the Smok Mag Baby Kit was a big disappointment for me. I could let the poor tank go, as I have plenty of ADV tanks that I prefer. But, it didn’t come as a surprise to me due to my previous experiences with Smok coils.

As for the mod. It functions well, it performs well, but the battery life is a little poor for my liking. I think a 0.5ohm coil rated around 35-40w would have suited this kit a lot better. It would also help the battery life improve too!

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Build Quality - Mod
Build Quality - Tank
Ease Of Use
Flavour - Q2 Coil
Flavour - M2 Coil
Clouds - Q2 Coil
Clouds - M2 Coil
Likelihood of Buying if Lost or Damaged
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