Introduction – The The MAG 225W TC Kit By Smok

Well, no doubt the name Smok rings all kinds of bells if you’ve ever visited a vaping shop online or in the mall…they’re a household vaping name, known for killer tanks like the SMOK TFV16 tank, the TFV12 Cloud Beast and the beautiful TFV12 Prince, which actually forms a very fitting part of the novel and rather ‘gangsta’ kit I’ll be reviewing today…the SMOK Mag 225W TC Kit.

Now, Smoktech has come up with a lot of the best box mods available in the past which offer high wattage performance, striking visual elements and outstanding ergonomics but…I gotta say that the SMOK Mag 225W TC Mod is in a league of its own.

Ergonomically, it is unrivaled, although it’s heavy and solid enough to take a mofo down with one fell swoop if you feel so inclined.

Now, you may mark my aggressive allusions with disdain but really, it’s all well within theme with the MAG mod, since it’s clearly and very effectively fashioned in the form of a handgun grip, it’s actually kinda freaky.

Seriously though, reloading and locking your battery chamber in preparation to do a hit (that won’t actually send you to the slammer), pulling the trigger: well, dang! It’s just interesting.

Truth be told, I’m not a gun lover by any means and when I first laid eyes on this strange kit I thought it particularly ridiculous since it really is not a very streamlined design, visually speaking.

It’s flash as *&%#, it’s over the top X 2 but man oh man does it sit well in the hand and fire like…a gun.

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Mag Mod
  • TFV12 Prince Tank
  • Preinstalled V12 Prince Q4 Quadruple coils, 0.4 ohm
  • 1 x V12 Prince T10 Decuple Coils, 0.12 ohm
  • Replacement glass
  • USB cable
  • User manual
  • screwdriver and bag of spares

smok mag 225w kit contents

  • dimensions 92 x 65 x 30 x 265 mm
  • Wattage range 6-225 W
  • Voltage 0.5 to 9 V/li>
  • resistance range: 0.1 to 3 ohm in VW and 0.05 to 3 ohm in TC
  • Temp range 200F to 600F and 100C to 315C
  • Weight 265 g
  • Standby current <500uA

Features Tank

  • 63 x 28 mm
  • 8 ml capacity (2ml for TPD countries)
  • stainless steel
  • 60 g
  • 510 threaded
  • lock and swivel top cap
  • top fill
  • cobra drip tip

Build Quality & Design

Well, on opening this standard black Smok box, one thing comes clear…this mod most certainly looks like a gun grip, what more can really be said. It’s busy and it’s rather weird.smok-mag-225w-front

The Mag comes in a range of awesome colours, purple, pink, red, silver, blue, green, gold, two toned black and red and black, white, rainbow and more.

I’ve seen a red skull and a rainbow blue that look absolutely berserk. Also, the mod has a full range of unique colour options for both the left and right handed versions (yes, Smok really thought this one through) and there’s something there that will catch the eye of absolutely anyone.

It runs on a pair of 18650 batteries which, with the help of a flower shaped silver knob, which you press with gusto, will drop out the bottom of the grip just like a gun clip.

To my (and surely everyone’s) infinite satisfaction, reloading makes a killer ‘cha-cha-ching, wamb’ noise as you reload. It honestly sounds like a gun…I am well-pleased by this but it makes me want to keep taking the batteries out for no reason.smok mag 225w kit battery chamber

Now, I received the black version with red inlays, in the base side panel, the trigger (fire button), the up and down adjustment buttons below the massive screen and the base of the battery chamber and mod (same thing).

The massive, bulky mod itself weighs 265g without cells and the Prince TFV12, a further 60 grams, which definitely adds to the GUN feel of the kit.

Battery vents are six holes at the top of both larger faces of the mod and they’re set within two tapering rows of decorative indentations in classic Smok style. The inner grip inlay, where your palm rests, is adorned with 5 more, big, round air vents.smok mag 225w kit side

The 510 connection is deep and springy and surrounded by a protective steel tank seating. The 510 sits in the middle of the upper surface, which, I must say, looks a little unbalanced, I’d have liked to see this 510 slightly off to the side. Take a look at the pics and you’ll see what I mean.

The big, full colour OLED screen is fantastically comprehensive and you can keep yourself entertained by changing the colour scheme every day of the week.

While the one larger side features the screen, battery chamber knob, adjustment buttons and charging port, the other side is rounded off with a cool, upside down L shaped carbon fibre inlay, with the Smok and Mag 225W TC branding at the bottom that side.smok mag 225w 510

The trigger, which is not exactly what I would call clicky, as well as the grip for the rest of your fingers below it, is indented to perfection so that it feels made for your hand.

On the opposite side, the grip is shaped like a wave so that it cups the two pads at the bottom of palm like an absolute dream. The ergonomics on this one are through the roof, no one could ask for a better hand feel.

The kit includes the spectacular TFV12 Prince tank, which I’ve reviewed in full right here: and my first impression was: “awesomeness…now I have THREE princes. “Princes…princes who adore you”, anyone remember that early nineties tune?

smok mag 225w kit base


All the necessaries are included, from screwdrivers, not actually included for tinkerers who want to take their mods apart though. The reason for inclusion is actually to tighten the flower shaped battery chamber knob in the event that it loosens slightly, which it may after extended use.

Also included are a spare glass and a spare coil head for your TFV12 Prince tank.

How Does The Smok Mag 225W TC Mod Perform?

Okay, so I’m currently vaping on my second Mag kit, since after my first shut down, I couldn’t switch my original mod back on again. It seems to be an issue with the trigger and Smok was quick to send me a replacement: hence my brotherhood of Princes.

The replacement shows some of the same issues but thankfully it always works after a few tries and I’ve no intention of shelving it anytime soon because the hand feel and performance are excellent.

The trigger just wont make contact to power on, when you quickly press it five times, especially not on the first 2 attempts… it’s a little frustrating. I usually summon my inner Jedi and focus like crazy and I usually get it switched on within about 4 attempts.

I’ve concluded that a very fast 6 click is the likeliest solution, with a 2 attempt warm up. I hope Smok will look into that because the shaky button becomes a worry when you’re out to dinner and have to ask the Force to please help you get your mod switched on so you don’t die of cloud withdrawal.Mag vape mod side view

I needn’t say more about the joys of changing cells on this weird device, it is the business.

Now, ramp time is definitely up to Smoktech standards and I’ve had no problems covering the wattage range with ease and effectiveness on a wide array of sub-ohm tanks but I think the TFV 12 Prince is the perfect partner for this mod, it’s a killer kit.SMOK TFV12 Prince Coils

The trigger button has more of a trigger feel, with a slight click… and while it’s ideal for firing, it’s not the funnest button to try and multi-press quickly during navigation and setting and especially not during power up.

The mod boasts a full array of TC options for SS, Ni, Ti, as well as preheat settings that will see you through from soft to maximum vape usage. Having tested the TC for Ti and Ni as I usually do, I’ve had no issues and I’m confident about the accuracy of both temp and power on this one, very nice.

One thing I like about this mod is the weight and the way it stands like a bastion of vape on the desk, not likely to ever get knocked over. Indeed, you’d have to actually pick it up and put it on its side because it sits so well.

Smok Mag Kit Menu System

The menu system is easily accessed with three clicks and you can scroll through functions without too much brain work. I like the inclusion of a puff counter and six cool colour settings to change your screen up and match it to your setup.

One aspect of operation that I do find less than intuitive is the fact that Power Off is only accessible 4 items deep in your settings scroll. If the device is locked, a five second fire will switch it off but even then you’ll still have to select the yes option on your screen display to power down.

You’ll want for nothing with this mod and other than a dodgy power up, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the performance and features on my weird, half-a-handgun MAG mod.

How To Operate

  • 5 clicks in 2s to switch on
  • 3 clicks to access the menu system
  • Scroll with up or down adjustment buttons and select with trigger
  • 5 clicks on the trigger will lock your device

How To Replace The batteries

  • Press down on the big, flower shaped, silver coloured knob, being careful to catch the ‘clip’ so it won’t drop out onto the floor
  • Place your batteries in the clip as shown by the + and – in the battery clip
  • Replace the ‘clip’ with vigour to enjoy that satisfying sound and feel, briefly, like a total badass

Battery Life

Well, given the groovy display screen and the excellent, high powered performance of this mod I must say that the battery life has held up well. Standard 7-8 hours high powered usage on this guy with 2500s.smok mag 225w kit lock and load

What I Liked

I like the fact that Smok thought out of the box on this mod, coming up with such a flashy, hardy and ergonomic design.

I also like the fact that they provide for both left-handed and right-handed uses with an incredible range of colours. I enjoy the bright, colour display which is easy to change up, as well as the sweet features which all work a charm.

I love the battery changing ritual on this mod and the fantastic TFV12 Prince tank. This mod and kit are a match made in vaping heaven. Impressed by the ramp time and great performance through the higher wattage range.

What I Dislike

Well, the faulty trigger action on startup is a bit of a letdown and I’m hoping that Smok smooths it out.

I find the trigger a bit heavy to use for fast click, 3 click and five click selections, it’s just not made for that sort of operation. I also find the power down a little cumbersome but other than that I’m very, very stoked about my MAG.

Final Review Verdict

Ever wondered what it would feel like to hold a firearm, only you don’t much like guns…well here’s a non-dangerous way to have your cake and eat it too.

The Smok Mag 225W TC Kit is totally gangsta and really just a whole lot of fun to have, even if welding it feels kind of like lifting weights. Jam packed with cool quirks and sweet features, I definitely recommend it for vape and firearm enthusiasts who’d like a durable talking piece that hits those sub-ohm coils like a boss.


Would I buy the SMOK Mag kit if it was lost or broke? I most certainly would, only it might be too much for me if I’m forced to choose between all those flashy colours, I’ll have to ask the Force.


  • Unique and novel gun themed aesthetic
  • Off the charts ergonomic feel
  • Excellent and accurate high wattage and TC performance
  • Huge, colourful display with a comprehensive spread and fun colour options
  • The incredible TFV 12 Prince tank with its 8 ml capacity and impressive range of kick ass coils
  • Heavy metal chassis and gun styling that’s super realistic, from the lock and load to the trigger squeeze.


  • Issues with 5 click startup

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Build Quality
Features and Performance
Likelihood I'd Buy It Again If Lost or Damaged
Ease of Use
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  1. I just got this mod and I like it a lot but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to lock the settings so they don’t get changed while I’m vaping. I’ve had this happen a few different times while hitting the fire butt to hit it one of my fingers bumps a button and next thing I know I’m getting that burnt coil taste. I’ve scoured the book, and the internet, and don’t see anything about locking the settings. Yeah you can lock it but the fire button doesn’t work when it’s locked. Is there a way to make it lock the settings and the fire button still work? That’s my only complaint otherwise it’s great.


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