Introduction – The TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition

There was, at least where I live in South Africa, a time when Smoktech was the biggest name in vaping…their Alien 220W mod was a game changer, as was their Cloud Beast tank range, of which the TFV8 Baby beast forms a part.

Smok may have been somewhat drowned out by the host of huge Shenzhen brands vying for the vaping prize but recent winners like the latest SMOK TFV16 Tank tank and their dazzling retake on the good old TFV8 Big Baby, in the Light Edition, are at least keeping them securely stationed on the vape map.

Let’s face it, we vapers, when not in stealth mode, can be flashy types. I don’t know about you but I do like my vape to be something of a fashion statement and the TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition is here to help with that. It doesn’t fall short in the flash department and with an array of colour options provided with every setup, you won’t get bored soon.

It’s not all about the bling though, aside from making you really noticeable and keeping you warm and fuzzy at night, this baby isn’t called a beast for nothing.

This is the same Big Baby Beast we all know and love, it’s just that baby now has BLING. And yes, it comes with very decent range of high flavour and high cloud coils that I’ve been savouring all week and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 x TFV8 Big Baby
  • V8 Baby- Q2 (0.4Ohm), T8 (0.15Ohm), X4 (0.15Ohm) coil heads
  • 1 x Replacement glass
  • 1 x 510 drip adaptorli>
  • 6 colour sealing o-ring sets
  • User manual
  • Spares
  • Vape bands


  • LED under bottom 0-ring lights during vape
  • Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable bottom airflow
  • Wide bore drip tip
  • Top fill with locking hinge top cap
  • 510 Threaded
  • 5 ml capacity
  • Available in a full range of colours
  • Dimensions: 24.5 x 56 mm

Build Quality & Design

Okay, after opening the good quality, black Smok box packaging and delighting in all the included accessories, I inspected my metallic red Big Baby with enthusiasm. Being a mini-sub-ohm tank, the dimensions measure in at 24.5 x 56 mm.

The 510 pin is tiny, about a mm across but, as yet, I’ve had no conductivity issues here.

The SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Light edition tank is a sturdy stainless steel construction, with a prominent base and top cap. The base has a knurled band to cater to your airflow adjustment, two 1.7 cm long openings on either side of the band will provide all the airflow you could hope for.

Directly above the glass, a thin SS band features similar knurling , as well as the SMOK Logo in small but obvious white print. Above that band, a thinner band reveals a step notch which serves as a lock for the swivel cap.

The cap, when lightly pressed and twisted right, opens out, taking it’s half of the ‘locking band’ with it. There is an engraving atop the cap with an arrow and the word ‘open’. I kinda think they could have done without this but they’re just trying to be helpful, I suppose.

Once you’ve opened the cap, it’s easy to fill through a port in the silicon gasket.

I don’t fancy the thin cast, tall drip tip, Delrin or no…I feel a sexier drip tip would have been the bizz, this one looks very cheap and feels uncomfortably thin. Never mind though…it is, of course, removable and a 510 adapter is included.

When dismantling the tank, which is easily done, I lift out the beefy, stepped, bottom O-ring (which is pre-installed in red on the metallic red version) to reveal the LED light source, below a plastic film, in a ring beneath the seal.SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition Exploded view

The accessories bag includes (no matter which colour your buy) both a bottom and top o-ring of every colour in the rainbow and when you swap out, the colour of your light will change as the light shines through the lower silicon seal and is caught by the upper seal.

It’s hard to see the top seal’s light in day (although the bottom is bright) but at night it’s startling and looks like there are, in fact, two ring shaped light sources. I took a few nighttime pics for your benefit…

I know they’re blurry but I needed to show way they shine in the dark! That second pic is with my own drip tip BTW. The light will shine whenever you fire, enjoy!

The 5 ml tank is ample for a mini-sub-ohmer and…while many of us know the good ‘ol Baby Beast…the Halo of Glory is entirely a new, rather entertaining, innovation.

Break down of this tank is particularly easy because of the extra high quality of these seals and o-rings.

While the old-school design isn’t as sleek and beautiful as one would necessarily like (it would look tops without all the knurling, I think), the construction is durable and strong and the lights definitely make up for all manner of aesthetic ills.


As well as your drip tip adapter and a round of three fantastic coil heads, this bag of coloured o-rings is delightful. The colour changes are so effective and it’s been a lot of fun to change the look with them at the end of every day this week.

Smok could have given us just one colour to play with but instead they’ve given us the tools change up our light show whenever we get bored, it’s groovy, baby. I’d have included picks of every colour but I’ll control myself and leave the rest to you to discover for yourself!

How Does The Smok TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition Perform?

Okay, besides the unpleasant feel of the drip tip, which is far too thin for my liking, I’m very pleased with the airflow, which can be adjusted with ease from crazy-open to a very decent restricted setting.

I’ve not had a hint of leaking out of the airflow whatsoever and I’ve found the swivel top cap to be very effective. It makes filling easy and the lock, while not childproof like, for example, the Vapesoul Vone tank, does do the job… provided you see to it that you lock the thang!

So we have airflow on point, a good 5ml capacity and a tank that doesn’t leak…all we need is a huge range of coil options to make the most of it and that we have! I believe there are about 8 coil heads available for this tank. 3 Of these are included and as you’ll see in my Included Coils section below, they are all BEASTLY.

How To Fill The TFV8 Light Edition Tank

  • Lightly press the top cap
  • Swivel right
  • Fill through the port
  • Replace and Lock

How To Change the Coil

  • Shut the airflow
  • Unscrew the glass from the base
  • The coil head will either be seated in the base or screwed into the upper shaft (I’ve had both happen)
  • Unscrew the coil head
  • Replace
  • Wet the new coil directly
  • Replace all components and fill

Stock Coil Performance

I was mightily impressed by all three…and that’s in terms of both flavour and clouds from the juice I was using.

For recommendations you can check out what we class as some of the best vape juice brands available.

Yes! So we have three coils included, one is 0.4 Ohm (Q2, dual core), the other two are 0.15 Ohm (T4 and T8, quadruple and octuple coils respectively).

Q2 Coil Head

The Q2, with its dual core and a range of 40-80W sits pretty for me at 60W and is best enjoyed with a half open airflow. For 60W, it chucks clouds and the flavour is outstanding.

T4 Coil Head

The T4, quadruple coil head, with its 30-70 W range is impressive. It comes into it’s own around 45W and provides a beautiful flavour burst and cumulous could action when enjoyed around 70W, I like this one with the airflow half way too.

I realise I’ve listed its supposed upper wattage limit as my sweet spot but if you want to know the truth…here it is, I spent an entire afternoon vaping this coil at 90W before realising which coil I was vaping and I experienced no burn, no unpleasantness, just a whole lotta love. Not bad coil heads at all.

Q8 Coil Head

Now, the real cumulonimbus flavour punch in this trio is the Q8, what a killer! You simply couldn’t ask for more out of a pre-maid coil head. Octuple coils in this guy, it has a range of 50 to 110 and vapes an absolute dream at 90W…I LOVE this coil head, it’s my favourite of the three but then, this is my wheelhouse.

Truth of the matter is, all three coils are fantastic.

What I Liked

Great airflow on the SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition and a score of sweet accessories. I love the fact that the lights are bright as can be and easy to change into any colour you want! All three coils were sweet as marshmallows. The tank is sturdy and, as always, the swivel top is a pleasure. Outstanding flavour, cloud and COLOUR!

What I Dislike

I don’t fancy the included drip tip and feel that the tank would look better with less knurling but thats all entirely personal taste!

Final Review Verdict

100%…if you’re looking for a compact tank setup with a good capacity, sturdy build, a range of coil options, beautiful included coils and the ability to outshine the smokers by a lightyear…in any colour you desire, then the Smok TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition is for you. Enjoy!


  • Good 5ml capacity
  • Easy top fill with convenient swivel and lock
  • Changeable coloured LED light!!!!
  • Superb coils for flavour and cloud
  • Effective, easy to adjust airflow


  • The drip tip

WorldWide Shipping – Save 5% With Code ECC

Build and Design
Light Feature
Q2 Flavour & Cloud
T4 Flavour & Cloud
T8 Flavour & Cloud
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  1. I just received this baby today and I’m loving the light display! But. After I’ve taken a hit, the tank continues to blink off and on about 20 times. Have you heard of anyone else experiencing this issue?? LOL


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