Introduction to The Air 50S Micro Kit by Smokjoy  

SmokJoy is a very well know brand from the Chinese Company “Shenzhen Wanna Technology” founded in 2011. Since 2013  they have been concentrating on the brand development of SmokJoy.smokjoy air 50s micro review

In the past they have bought us Cfiber kit, the Talos 70w and of course the Air 50.

Air 50S Micro Kit.

That brings us to the SmokJoy Air 50S Micro. An update to the popular Air 50 Kit.

They say never to judge a book by its cover and the Air 50S is no exception.

Not only does it have the power of an E-cigarette twice its size it also functions with temperature control.

In The Box

  • Air Tank
  • Air 50S
  • 2x 6ohm stock coil heads (1 pre installed)
  • Spare Pyrex Glass Tank


Main Specs/Features

  • Air 50S
  • Dimensions: 34 *22.5*61mm
  • Battery Capacity: 1400mAh
  • Power Mode: 7.0W-50.0W
  • Power Mode Compatibility: 0.2Ω-3.0Ω
  • TC Mode Compatibility: 0.15Ω-1.0Ω
  • TC Mode: Three Heating Coil to select (Ni /Ti /Ss )
  • Temperature Control Range:  100℃-315℃ / 212℉-600℉
  • Spring loaded 510 Thread
  • Pass through: Enjoy vaping when charging
  • Chip Add resistance lock function.
  • Chip Add ordinary memory function.
  • Air Tank
  • Capacity: 2.0ml
  • Size: W20mm L44mm
  • Material: Pyrex Glass and Stainless Steel (Air Tank Coils are compatible with Mix Tank Coil)

Design and Build Quality

When I first saw the Air 50S I couldn’t believe how small a mod it is!

It kind of reminds me of the Innokin cool fire 4 but about half the size, dinky is the word I’d use for it.


The Battery

Is made from Aluminium and stainless steel, with a 1400mAh internal battery.

A small but bright L.E.D screen is located on the side of the mod. On the opposite side is printed Air 50s.smokjoy air 50s micro kit

On the front of the mod is the fire and adjustment buttons which are nice and clicky!

The micro USB charge port is on the bottom of the mod along with plenty of battery venting holes.

The 510 connection is made of stainless steel and has a spring loaded gold plated pin.smokjoy-air-tank-base

Overall the battery has been designed and built to a high standard.smokjoy air 50s kit complete

The Air Tank

The Air Tank is made from Pyrex Glass and Stainless Steel. The tank boasts a 2ml (TPD compliant) capacity with top filling. smokjoy-air-tank-componants

A small dual Cylon airflow system and a Delrin drip tip. It has a gold plated non-adjustable connection pin.

It will take stock coils and comes with x2 0.6ohms heads that are compatible with the mix tank coil. Like the mod, the tank is very well built.

How Does The SmokJoy Air 50S Micro Kit Perform?

I found the vapour quality I experienced from the Air 50S Micro Kit to be acceptable and with the airflow fully open very flavoursome.

I used the stock kanthal coils that came with the Air 50S0.6ohms at 40w I felt it was a little restrictive for a direct-to-lung hit but is perfectly fine for a mouth-to-lung hit at 25w.smokjoy-air-50s-510

Air Tank

Comes in 5 parts including the coil making for an easy to clean tank.


I found that filling the Air Tank was easy. Removal and replacement of the top screw cap was smooth with nice threading.

Just make sure your coil is firmly screwed in to the base or it will come undone when you fill the tank.

I tested this mod with 2 different liquids, Cluster 80/20 (strawberry cheesecake) from Sub Ohm Syndicate and (Raspberry Cream Danish) 70/30 from Apollo Vapes.


Smokjoy only supply x2 Kanthal coil heads I would have preferred to see at least one temp control capable coil.


The airflow is acceptable for mouth to lung hits but a little too tight a draw for straight to lung hits for me.

O rings

The O rings fit well I have not experienced any leaks with the Air Tank in the time I have used it.smokjoy-air-50s-battery


The menu system is very easy to understand

  • To turn the Air 50S on 5 clicks on, 5 clicks off
  • To change modes click the Power/Fire button 3 times and use the + and – buttons to cycle through the different modes: Power Mode | Ni,Ti,SS Modes | Bypass Mode
  • Press the Power/Fire button to confirm
  • In TC Mode click the Power/Fire button twice to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit use the + and – to change the temperature.

Temperature Control

While no TC coil came with the unit I was able to fire a ss316 0.5 ohm coil in my little derringer on the Air 50S – TC is handled very well.

See The SmokJoy Air 50s Micro Kit In Action

What I Like

The small size. I put the Smokjoy Air 50S Micro battery up against a Zippo lighter the Air 50S is slightly taller but not by much.

The menu menu system, very easy to use.

The tank is a breeze to fill, as long as the coil is firmly screwed into the base!

Battery life is excellent approx 4.5 hours from fully charged at 25w

What I Didn’t Like

The 2ml tank is too small at 40w it doesn’t take long before you have to refill it.

The airflow is slightly too small not good for STL but fine for MTL.

The micro USB charging port is on the bottom of the mod, nit picking i know but I prefer to stand my mods to charge, laying it down can result in leaks from the airflow.

One thing that did disappoint me. SmokJoy gives you 2 stock coils both of which are kanthal; I feel that it’s as if they are playing down the TC functions by not including at least 1 TC coil.

I also dislike the fact that you cannot update the firmware.

Final Review Verdict

The Air 50S Micro Kit from SmokJoy is a nice little vape mod that literally hides in the hand.

I will be happy to use the Smokjoy Air 50S at those times I need a stealthy mod.

The Air 50S would be a great starters kit or for those that want to move up from an evod or an ego pen device, or for the ladies who want a handbag mod.

I am happy to recommend this kit; but would I buy it again if I lost this one?

I would definitely buy the mod again but the tank I think I’d replace with something with a little more airflow and liquid capacity.


  • Flavour was top notch.
  • Non leaking in the time I was testing.
  • Extremely easy to use and to understand the menu.
  • Excellent build quality and presentation in the box.
  • The length of time to discharge at lower watts for me a bonus.


  • 2ml liquid capacity.
  • Airflow is a little restrictive for STL.
  • Doesn’t come with TC stock coils.
  • No up-gradable firmware
Build Quality
Ease of use
Cloud production
Likelihood of replacing if lost or damaged
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