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Smoko Starter Kit

smoko premium starter kitUK based Smoko is very much a new brand that I had not heard of until a few weeks ago when I was contacted to review their electronic cigarette starter kit.

I took a look at the website which is nice and professionally set up and notice that they also sell and promote the product in shopping centres, as the likes of E-Lites and VIP continue to do.

They have a small offering targeted towards the new e cig user with just 2 starter kits available, today I will be reviewing the Premium Starter Pack.

In the box / Presentation

The presentation packaging is solid and the branding clean. Inside we have the following:

  • PCC (Portable/personal charging case)
  • 2 Batteries
  • 6 Cartomizers
  • Chargers (USB lead & Plug)
  • Info card


smoko e cigarette batteryThe Smoko e cig is designed to look like a real tobacco cigarette so the batteries in the Premium Starter Pack are finished in white with the ring effect design.

The light on this e cig illuminates blue when in use and the overall feel is nice and solid, it all feels of a good quality.

The battery itself is very responsive when taking a drag and helps everything flow nicely, the switch is good meaning there were no incidents of the battery activating seemingly on it’s own.

Although I now think this is a problem that has stayed in the past as I have not seen any e cig suffer in this way for a while.

The actual life of the battery (for me) after 2/3 cycles or charges was around the 1.5 hour mark, this is of course the amount of time the battery lasts when vaping regularly not when it’s just sat not being used!

This is about average for an e cigarette with a battery this size. This is why I harp on so much about it being important to have at least 2 batteries with these mini e cig kits and if possible a Portable Charging Case or PCC as it is known for short. Luckily this kit does have a PCC, which we will look at now.

Portable Charging case

smoko pccThe PCC itself is a ‘cigarette packet’ style design made from plastic, nothing that hasn’t been done already by other brands but it is finished well with the Smoko branding and a smooth white gloss finish that makes it easy to slip in and out of your pocket.

The whole point of these kind of packs is to enable you to charge your batteries without the need for a direct power source.

You simply charge the PCC and this in turn will allow about 5 battery charges on the move.

The PCC has 6 slots for cartomisers and one slot to charge a battery with charging time being around 2.5 hours. All you need to do is remember to keep your PCC fully charged!

The only gripe I have with this PCC (and many others) is that it doesn’t have room to fit in a fully made up electronic cigarette, or even just the spare battery.

This isn’t such a big deal though, in fact it is probably just me as they would also have to make the pack slightly longer as well which might not be ideal!

Overall – 3/5 The battery life is just OK but the addition of a PCC kind of makes the battery life not so much of an issue.

Vapour / Flavour

smoko e cig cartomisersThe Smoko Premium Starter Pack is sold as standard with 6 Original 24mg nicotine Tobacco flavoured cartomisers that are in the design of a traditional cigarette filter, flecks and all.

Straight off the bat it would be nice to see some other options available at checkout as they do sell 4 alternative flavours, Menthol, Cherry, Virgina, Apple and what I think is an ‘energy drink’ flavour.

The Tobacco flavour itself is not really doing it for my taste buds, a touch too ‘ashtray’ tasting for me. But like all things flavour related it’s all personal preference.

They actually reminded me of the VIP Electronic cigarette flavours but I didn’t really care too much for these either at the time although many people do like the taste of these.

The cartomisers are said to last for 300 drags but this doesn’t always quite work out how you expect, especially if you are new to vaping. Most brands use a drag of a tobacco cigarette to compare to but in reality when vaping your drags are about twice as long.

I myself was got around 140-160 drags from one cartomiser, this will of course work out more or less depending on the way you vape!

smokoThe throat hit on the 24mg is good as is the vapour volume so no issues on these two fronts.

The cartomiser packs include 5 cartomisers and are available in 3 nicotine strengths, 0mg – 16mg – 24mg.

Compared to other brands such as Jacvapour, Vapour2 Cigs, VIP and even Green Smoke when you take into consideration their multi pack options they are quite a bit more expensive.

This is another area that would be nice to see a few more pricing options available, maybe a discount for multiple pack purchases would be good.

Overall – 2/5 Vapour and throat hit are both good but the flavour is not so great (for me) and the price is a touch on the high side in comparison to some other brands.

SMOKO Starter Kits

SMOKO offer two main e cig kits:

SMOKO Premium Starter Pack 

This is the kit reviewed.

SMOKO Standard Starter Kit 

This kit includes the following:

1 rechargeable battery
2 Cartomisers
1 USB Charger


Smoko offer a 14 day refund policy if you are not completely happy.

As always, please check their website for full return/warranty policy details.

Customer Service

ROK Smoko are available via phone and email. They also have Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Overall – For those that skipped To The End!

The Smoko electronic cigarette with it’s cigarette looks is targeted at those that are new to e cigarettes. I found the Smoko kit to be good on a whole although there is nothing that necessarily makes it stand out from other brands that are going for the same customer base.

The only real downside for me was the tobacco flavour which I didn’t really like but taste is without a doubt a subjective thing so it doesn’t mean to say you won’t like it!

If you are new to vaping then you won’t be disappointed with whats on offer from Smoko but there are in my mind better products for a similar price.

For me, the starter kits from epuffer and Vapour2 Cigs offer that little bit more in terms of not only quality but also the customisable element that allows you to tailor your vaping to fit your needs as you progress.

If you are new to vaping and you have your heart set on this particular brand then I will say you won’t be disappointed with what you get.

I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick was started to take a closer look at the mixed bag of e cigs that were available at the time. Along with the rest of the team we have gone from a handful of reviews in 2010 to now covering a huge range of vaping gear with over 500 reviews and counting today with the help of the great review team we have here! If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say high then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!


  1. This review seems to have different packaging then what I am used to with SMOKO, maybe this is an old review?
    I have used their product for a few months now and I love it, the customer service great but the flavours are where this product really shines.
    In the last month I have started using the cola flavour with caffeine it tastes just like cola sweets and it gives me a little caffeine boost through the day.
    I have now quit smoking and I just use my Smoko instead I feel better healthier and my clothes don’t stink now 🙂

  2. Simple design, nice tin with it, with regards to the flavours they are very adventurous Even producing roast chicken! but not really my cup of tea, i prefer apple, havana, virginia and original (tastes slightly vanilla but its lush) have no had any problems with my smoko yet, It’s made me cut down from 40 to 5, highly recommend there are pretty good deals on the website, if you get a friend to buy with your reference then they get a starter kit for £15 and you get £% in credits, ideal!

  3. This is clearly a money making machine that is almost catching up with the price of normal ciggs. Equivalent to 200 ciggs NOT. It took me 3 weeks or so to get through 200 giggs and I find it only takes 2 to 3 days to get through this so called packet of 200 ciggs and find I am spending £14.00 every 3 days. Alarm bells started ringing. The first few pulls are quite satisfying then start to weaken. I also believe they are designed to be in your mouth all day to get satifaction where when smoking normal ciggs would never be the case for them I’d smoke 1 or 2 an hour so with this you go back to the smoko stand a lot faster. The battery is unpredictable, could take 30 mins to charge and sometimes 3 hours and does not last long at all. When I went back with complaints I just got fobbed off and fed with a load of bull and its like it was my fault. I had a battery problem where after a few days of purchasing it failed to charge, took it back and again was fobbed off and was told I’d have to pay £5 for a new battery. I refused to leave until it was replaced for free as I did threaten them with trading standards and of course a new battery was instantly in my hand which after 2 months is now failing. I am thinking of getting trading standards to look into this money making machine and would advise anyone not to purchase this product. which I feel is clearly a rip off. I purchased the atomiser that seems to be so much better and lasts a lot longer with no issues..Yet.

  4. Smoko are great. They stopped me and my wife at the mall and showed us how the product works and what it is. My wife bought me an E lite once from a petrol station which was awful, absolutely crap! So therefore I was very skeptical. However after having 3 puffs I was converted. The girl on the stand was so helpful and showed my wife and I everything we need to know.

    I usually buy the refills from the store but one day I was sick so I ordered over the phone, and it was as easy as going in to the shop. The parcel arrived next day and was free because I spent £40.

    However the battery could last longer, but in smoko defense I do leave it on charge over night which according to them drains the battery.

    Over all I will recommend smoko to any one! its local and you got someone to talk to.

  5. The product that ecig click reviewed is the older stock that smoko used to do. and their new stuff is fantastic. I am an older fella that struggles with online orders and the fact that smoko is the only company that I found to have retail stores is a great plus!

    The staff is amazing and regularly give us help and support when ever we go to buy refills.

    My daughter orders online from them, and she always receive free samples with every order she makes. Only once she had an issue with a delivery that took a day longer, and she was given a free box of refills sent out to her.

    I read the other comments and I think they are not really genuine considering that smoko is one of the only companies to make their liquids in the UK and not in dirty China.

    I hope that people really ignore the bad reviews and try it for themselves because smoko is the only product that worked for me.

  6. Don’t buy these, customer service treat you like you are lying and their false claims that each filter is equivalent to 40 cigarettes is ludicrous! At best they are equivalent to ten but recently only lasting a day. I am fed up with complaining and getting fobbed off. Someone needs to report them to trading standards and Asa for false advertising.

  7. Good appearance, and despite reports, the battery has been fine. the taste of the original flavour is good, and I’m not bothered about the fancy flavours. However at £14 for five, cartridges are ridiculously expensive!!

    Some cartridges will give about 40 fags, but others nearer 20. I’ve had no duds as yet though.

    If you like the cigarette looking e-cigs;
    Recommendation: go for 10 motives instead. Available at loads of shops and about £7 for 5 cartridges which last as long with a better taste.

  8. When I first got the Smoko device with the “old stock” cartomizers (white packs), all was good and I did get the equivalent of 30-40 cigs from each cartomizer. However, since Smoko changed their manufacturers, I get less bang for my buck. Packs cost £2 more and I only get 20 cigs equivalent now. Did contavt Smoko about this but never heard back from them 🙁 Now going to try alternatives as a result.

  9. Switched to this product after VIP cartomizers went downhill (from a maximum of one a day to one every few hours). All fine, then they swtiched to UK flavours and increased price, and hey presto, lasted less time and were not the same quality.

    Tried to contact support, and nothing. Age of communication, I do not think. I even left a negative review – just ignored and left my original good review when cartomizers worked!

    NOT a happy shopper

  10. They are too heavy as well in the long run your fingers will ache worst is the flavor specially (the original) and the customer service they just want to sell what they can and get rid of you, they find lots of excuses not to sort any problems, vapor production is not bad it is solid but heavy, starter kit may look cheap £20 that is how they convince you but be careful 5x refills are £14 twice as Jac Vapour 5x refills £6.79 which I’ll order a second kit today. And thanks to for informing me to find whats best for me. After the reviews I ordered Jac Vapour and it’s the best so far.


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