The word ‘stentorian’ means loud and powerful and while their mods certainly are powerful, I’m guessing the ‘loud’ part refers more to their innovative features and unique superficial design choices than their mods’ actual auditory operating volume!

Shenzhen Stentorian Technology Co., makers of the beautifully simplistic RAM BF Squonker in wood and resin options, as well as the totally flashy AT-7 Box Mod, with its see-through finish and water cooled chassis, now bring you the Stentorian Basilisk 200W box mod, which easily sets itself apart as a collectors piece.

What Can We Expect From The Stentorian Basilisk

In an age of foot long feature lists and more complications than most of us need, the Basilisk 200W Box mod is a dazzling ode to simplicity, a return to basics in the form of a WATTAGE ONLY device, although it is complete with power curves, by means of its ‘rebuild’ mode and, of course, ‘standard’ through ‘powerful plus’ modes.

There’s a lot to like about this modern classic but do I like it enough to rate it as best buy box mod?… Let’s get on and see!

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x basilisk Box Mod
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 3 x plastic scratch protectors


  • Dual in series 18650 powered
  • External charge only
  • Resin and zinc alloy construction
  • 85 x 55 x 26 mm Dimensions
  • 0.91″ OLED Screen
  • 5 to 200 W output
  • 0.1 – 3 Ohm resistance range
  • 0 to 7.5 Voltage range
  • standard, powerful, powerful plus and rebuild modes (power curve)
  • Low Voltage, Current, Output Short Circuit, Load, Low Resistance

Build Quality & Design

Well, it’s easy to understand why the guys at Stentorian opted for this see-through plastic display box, the Basilisk is a mod that wants to be seen.

The construction is zinc alloy (the top, base and control panel) with resin, which is available in red/blue, pink/blue, yellow/green (I’ve got that one), purple/yellow and black/red.

Every individual Basilisk will have a different marbled effect and no two will be identical.

With that said, the quality of the resin finish and the etherial marbled design, which is impossible to rest your eyes on properly, is absolutely beautiful. On top of that, the resin is as soft as velvet to the touch.

At both the base and top of the 55 x 85 x 26 mm box, (which is very rectangular, with only ever so slightly rounded edges) you’ll see that the zinc alloy extends over the edges so that, effectively, all edges are zinc finished and not resin.

These zinc sections taper to opposing points either side of the mod, if this sounds a little confusing, check out the photographs to see what I mean.

Atop the mod, next to the edge opposite the deep, very springy 510, you’ll see fine, cursive branding that just says ‘Basilisk’ discretely.

The 510 pin, which is gold plated and accommodating, is not surrounded by any decent seating for an atomiser, meaning…the top of the mod is sure to get scratched with screwing on and off of Tanks, RDTAs and RDAs.

The 3 disposable, plastic, atomiser-base-shaped rings included in the pack are certainly not something I see myself using on a regular basis, they are just pieces of cheap plastic! I definitely would have preferred to see measures taken in the construction, instead of plastic scratch guards as an afterthought.

Indeed, they looked so out of place next to this gorgeous mod that I threw them away, thinking they must have fallen into the package accidentally. I later found out what they WERE. Sorry that I’ve not included them in photos but…I wouldn’t have wanted to use them anyway, they were ugly things!

On the base of the mod you’ll find the regal looking Stentorian Branding, though small and discreet, as well as three grooves that serve as grip for opening the very nicely designed and very easy to use hinged battery door.

The outer groove cuts right through the door and doubles as both ventilation for your battery chamber and a place to put your nail and pull and swing that door open, should your fingers be a little juicy.Basilisk Battery door

The chamber, for dual 18650s, is snug with individual chambers for each cell, separated by a nice measure of insulation.

Now’s a good time to mention, this mod has no on-board charge…a factor I actually, really appreciate as I think external charging should be encouraged at all times. What better way to encourage battery safety than with a mod that requires you to invest in an external charger! Good job there, Stentorian.

The zinc alloy control panel, which has a round cornered rectangular 0.91 “ OLED display at its centre, reminds me of one of those vintage TVs, something about the shape of the screen and the round, indented buttons, which protrude slightly and are ever so clicky!

There’s a small round, fire button at the top of the panel and two round adjustment buttons of half that size at the bottom of the panel.

The whole mod somehow has a vintage look to me, which isn’t that odd, since this vape mod really is all about returning to basics with a NO TC, ONLY WATTAGE MODES approach.

Slide in your 18650s and the name ‘Stentorian’, in capitals will display itself briefly on the screen before the screens goes dark again. Then you’ll 5 click on, to see the name displayed again before your actual display lights up.

With fine but intensely bright lettering, you’ll see your wattage on the right of the screen, taking up the two upper lines, with your resistance and voltage easily readable on the left of it. Under these a thin line runs across the display, below which your mode and your charge levels will be indicated.

The screen print matches the mod, classic and very noticeable.

How Does The Stentorian Basilisk 200W Perform?

There are a good many things to love here…not only is the 26mm width accommodating to a good number of tanks and RDAs, the screen bright and comprehensive but the controls simply couldn’t be easier.

That, of course, has a good deal to do with the fact that this mod features no complicated TC mode and settings, only a handful of wattage based settings.

One such setting is the ‘rebuild mode’ which is, effectively, a power curve setting feature, a setting I enjoy making use of as an added feature on some TC mods, even when I’m not much interested in their TC. So there you go, the best of straight forward wattage based vaping, no complications, no unnecessaries.

0.1 Ohm Build

I fitted a number of tanks, RDTAs and RDA’s, explored the bottom resistance (which isn’t particularly low) of 0.1 Ohm with the Combo 2 RDTA from iJoy and also the Anarchist Riot, I ventured up as high as 190W with the Combo on a 0.1 Ohm dual clapton build and felt that the vape was so hot and the wattage so true (and even feeling a touch higher than your average 180W) that I could go no further.

I say the vape was hot but the mod itself stayed cool to the touch, I assure you.

1.5Ohm Build

I eventually settled on my the Baal RDA which has the same classic, back to basics feel as the mod and was particularly matchy matchy. A 1,5 Ohm single bird’s nest build and so my Stentorian Basilisk will stay for a time, with a happy middle ground of 120W working just right for both coil and mod.

I have to say, ramp time is very impressive on the Basilisk. I mean that, well above average with a negligible wait on firing that I wish I had some instrument to measure effectively…just  to check if its as little as I suspect, being about 22ms: which is insanely low but I’m just guessing.

I have definitely noticed some issues with readings, not for new attys but for charge levels.

Not only does the indicator register battery sag during a draw but I’ve found that readings seem to get locked in places.

For example, on my Basilisk right now this dual 18650 setup reads 100% charge…it’s been there since this morning, a good 3 hours of vaping having elapsed. I’ll pop them in another mod now to check…as I suspected, these 18650s are at 80% and not 100%.

That’s the third time this has happened at 100% and it’s happened once or twice at other levels. That’s a bit of an issue and can leave you in a fix if you go out with the mod, no question.

I’d not be happy if I went out thinking my battery was full and ended up vape-less for the rest of the night because of a faulty reading.

How To Operate the Menu System

  • 5 clicks on fire to power on
  • 5 clicks on fire to power off
  • when on, quick press on fire and + to access modes
  • once in modes, + will scroll through standard, powerful, powerful + and rebuild
  • To adjust in rebuild mode, click fire to access settings and then fire to scroll ad + to adjust and – with + to exit
  • When in standard mode, + and – will quickly scroll through 0-200W
  • + and – will lock/unlock keys
  • fire and – will flip the screen

Battery Life

Difficult to quantify with a faulty charge reader but as far as I can tell, it’s a little bit above average for leading dual cell mods on the market now. Very power efficient, I’m getting about 12 hours consistent use off a charge and the screen sleep which takes effect almost instantaneously helps toward that conclusion.

What I Liked

The simplicity and ‘back to basics’ approach of the Stentorian Basilisk. The lack of on board charge which encourages external charge. The resin finish, great buttons and display. The fast ramp and easy controls. The power curve function and true, full wattage vape. The battery door design.

What I Dislike

The lack of a scratch resistant seating for the 510 pin. The faulty charge indicator.

Final Review Verdict

The visual appeal of the Basilisk 200W by Stentorian is undeniable, plus the hand-feel with that velvety resin really adds to that appeal.

I also find the ramp time, battery life and trueness of the wattage levels to be excellent. This mod achieves 200W with ease, scrolls fast with responsive buttons and has no tendency to overheat.

It’s certainly simplicity at its best and is all that non-TC users could ask for in a dual 18650 box mod.

That said, the top of the mod scratches very easily when fitting atomisers and the battery charge indicator is definitely faulty. This are my only issues here, otherwise, I’d certainly buy the Stentorian Basilisk mod again if I lost it.


  • Beautiful 1 of a kind resin finish
  • Simplistic controls for non TC users
  • No on board charge (a pro in my book)
  • Responsive buttons with fast scroll
  • Outstanding ramp time
  • Stays cool even at high wattage levels


  • Faulty charge indicator
  • No scratch resistant atomiser seating
Build and Design
Vaping Performance
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