Today we’re looking at something that could become a game changer in the realm of vaping atomizers, the Aspire Quad Flex Survival kit.Quad-Flex Packaging

You’re all familiar with the Transformer movies, yeah? You know, the one where the Autobots & Decepticons transform into different objects like cars and planes!!? Well this latest release from Aspire is a bit like a Transformer and before you ask, no it doesn’t turn into a robot, a car or a plane!

The Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit Introduction

The Quad-Flex Survival Kit is a 4-in-1 atomizer. An RDTA that can be converted, very quickly, into an RDA, or a Squonking RDA or a clearomizer, namely the Nautilus X.

That’s pretty cool wouldn’t you say!

An all-in-1 kit that provides you with the ability to graduate through different style of vaping from tight draw ‘mouth-to-lung’, through to flavour beast and cloud chasing.

So, has the Quad-Flex Survival Kit covers all bases……..!! Can it be the best sub ohm tank and best RDA in one package?

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Quad-Flex RDTA
  • 1 x Replacement Nautilus X 2ml Frosted Pyrex
  • 1 x Nautilus X Top Hardware
  • 1 x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 1 x Capillary Screw
  • 1 x Top Hardware with Top Airflow
  • 1 x RDA Base
  • 1 x Nautilus X 1.8ohm Coil
  • 1 x Bag of Organic cotton
  • 1 x Allen Wrench
  • 2 x Pre-Built Clapton coils
  • 4 x Extra Grub Screws
  • 1 x Extra O-ring Sets


  • Quad-Flex RDTA Genesis style Drop-wick tank with dual or single Airflow
  • Quad-Flex RDA with Turboline Side Airflow
  • Quad-Flex squonker (bottom feed) RDA with Turboline Top Airflow
  • Nautilus X 2ml Top Airflow flavour tank

Build Quality & Design

When I heard that I was going to receive the Quad-Flex Survival Kit to review, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

Was it something I would need for those times when I find myself lost in the jungle (happens pretty regularly I can tell you) with nothing to vape on.

So what is the Quad-Flex Survival kit!?

Essentially it’s a new 4-in-1 tank kit, based around the Nautilus X clearomiser, all packaged up in a very neat little box.

When you first open the survival kit box it’s a bit like opening one of those old Airfix model kits. All the individual components, and the fully assembled RTDA, are neatly packaged & labelled in the base of the box, while on the flip open lid you have four easy to read diagrams each labelled with the components required to assemble each atomizer.

Seems simple so far!

Quad-Flex Diagrams
As I mentioned earlier, the Quad-Flex RDTA is already fully assembled and virtually ready to go bar installing coils and some wicking, which are included in the kit.

But for this review I’m going to follow the typical cycle someone new to vaping would probably take, so I’m starting with the Nautilus X clearomiser.

Aspire Quad-Flex Nautilus X Tank

Quad-Flex Nautilus X (1)

Assembling the Nautilus X is very simple and it comprises of just four parts.

  • The Nautilus X Base (f)
  • Nautilus stock coil
  • Clear glass tank section (e1) or frosted glass (e2)
  • Nautilus top section (i) which incorporates an Airflow Control Ring and non-removable drip tip.

The Quad-Flex’s Nautilus X comes complete with a stock coil rated at 1.8Ω. This is recommended for use at between 12 and 16 watts.

This new style coil incorporates something Aspire call ‘U-Tech’ coil technology, where by the air flows through a U-shaped chamber and passes the Kanthal coils twice before being inhaled.

This new airflow process is said to providing unrivaled flavour and E-Liquid taste and I would have to agree.

Airflow can be adjusted between a ‘Mouth To Lung’ or a ‘Restricted Direct Lung’ type draw by rotating the top ring of the tank.

Aspire Quad-Flex RDTA

Quad-Flex RTDA (2)

Lets now jump to the Aspire Quad-Flex RDTA. Constructing this is relatively quick and simple.

Take the Nautilus X Base (f) with the glass tank section (e1) or (e2) installed and connect it to the RDA deck (c) using the RDTA tank adapter (d).

Next, connect the airflow sleeve (b1) to the RDA deck (c) and then screw on the drip tip (a) RDTA assembled!!

The Quad-Flex comes with two adjustable airflow sleeves, a Top Airflow (b2) and a side Airflow Sleeve (b1).

Although the assembly instructions show the RDTA with the side Airflow installed you could use either to suit your individual style of vaping.

Coiling and wicking the RDTA is a doddle thanks to a spacious velocity style two post deck design which is sufficiently large enough to accommodate Clapton’s.

As with any RDTA, the most important thing to remember is not to over do it when it comes to wicking. Less is more as they say!!

Try not to pack out the wick holes in the deck with masses of cotton. This will restrict the flow of the juice and you’ll end up with dry hits. Just enough cotton to fill the holes stopping any surplus leakage.

There’s a temptation to fill the tank with cotton to ensure it’s always soaked in juice. Don’t do it. Try keeping the wick relatively short inside the tank.

Aspire Quad-Flex RDA

Now let’s have a look at assembling the RDA.

Take the RDA base (h) and screw it onto the RDA Deck (c) making a very low-profile RDA deck.

As with assembling the RDTA you have a choice when it comes to Airflow. Side (b1) or top (b2)!

Select and install which one suit your individual style of vaping. And finally screw on the drip tip (a).

I’m not going to talk about the deck in the RDA as it’s exactly the same one that was in the RDTA, so coil & wick and you’re good to go!

Quad-Flex RDA (1)

Aspire Quad-Flex Squonker (Bottom-Feed) RDA

Finally, the one I’ve been personally been looking forward to is the Aspire Quad-Flex Squonker a.k.a. bottom feed (BF) RDA which I believe is a first for Aspire.

So, putting this little fella together is very easy.

Just take your previously built RDA and unscrew the pin from the 510 and replace with the bottom-feed capillary screw (g2). Then attach the top Airflow sleeve (b2) and you’re ready to start squonking.

The top Airflow is a must when using the bottom feed RDA as it will prevent excess e-liquid leaking out if you inadvertently over-squonk. An occupational hazard of squonking I’m afraid.

Quad-Flex Squonk RDA (1)

All in all I was very impressed with the build quality and design of each of the Quad-Flex atomizers.

Aspire have done a great job reverse engineering the Nautilus X and designing three further atomizers around the original base.

How Does The Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit Perform?

Performance wise, I was incredibly surprised by the Quad-Flex Survival kit!

Quad-Flex RTDA (3)

All four atomizers performed exceedingly well providing extremely good flavour without any leaking issues. And all devices I used the atomisers on connected without a single problem.

I did have a minor issue with the airflow control on the Nautilus X as I found the adjustment ring to be very small and a little difficult to grab hold of and rotate.

Also, on the RTDA the build deck has two very tiny filling holes which are too small even for a needle-nose bottle to go through.

In the end I unscrewed the deck from the glass tank section and filled to tank directly.

Not the best solution but hopefully something Aspire will address in future versions.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Quad-Flex kit and flavour from my Manabush Nokomis e juice was very good..

What I Liked

I really like and enjoyed using the Quad-Flex Survival kit.

It’s innovative, simple to configure, very convenient and provides the users with an incredibly good vaping experience.

If I had to pick one particular atomizer as being the better of the four, for me even with its shortfalls, hands down it would be the Quad-Flex RDTA.

The vape provided by this atomizer was extremely good. Flavour was exceptional and cloud production was pretty immense.

What I Dislike

I have two minor and possibly subjective gripes with the Quad-Flex Survival kit.

Firstly, the airflow control ring on the Nautilus X is too small to be able to adjust successfully.

If it was slightly bigger or maybe had some knurling, I think it would be easier to hold between the fingers and rotate. But maybe it was just my chunky fingers!!

Secondly, on the RDTA the two filling ports in the base of the deck are so small their virtually unusable.

So, you will either have to decant your e-liquid into needle-nose bottles and fill the tank through the wicking or unscrew the deck from the tank and fill it that way.

Both methods are a bit of a pain to say the least.

Final Review Verdict

Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Quad-Flex Survival Kit and can see myself using it on a regular basis, particularly the RDTA & Squonker RDA.

From a price point of view you’re getting four atomizers for the cost of one! A no brainer really!!Quad-Flex Nautilus X review

I’m not completely sure who Aspire were aiming this particular produce at. Possibly new vapers looking to dip their big toe in the huge vaping pond.

This kit would certainly give them a good starting point and they also have the ability to development their vaping experience by progressing through the different types of atomizers.

Well done Aspire! We are suitably impressed.


  • Build quality is good for the price
  • Large & spacious Velocity style deck makes building very easy
  • Flavour from all atomizers was extremely good


  • Airflow control ring on the Nautilus X is a bit small (Subjective)
  • No usable filling port on the Quad-Flex RDTA
  • RDTA can only be set up in dual coil configuration
Build Quality
Ease of use
Cloud production
Likelyhood of replacing if lost or damaged
Smoker for 25 years but now a seasoned vaper of four years. Started my vape journey on Cig-a-likes before moving very swiftly onto CE4's and Ego’s, which were to remain my preferred vaping hardware for a considerable length of time. When the infamous Nautilus clearomizer was released I move completely away from my beloved CE4 and also dumped my Ego for a tube type variable wattage device. Shortly after this I was on to RTA’s, RDA’s, VW mods and rebuilding. Recently I discovered the joys of Squonking and have become completely hooked.


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