With a finely tuned balancing act from Apollo E-liquid, here’s the FAQ flavour range and my review for you!

Established 2010 in the San Francisco Bay area, Apollo E-liquid are known as pioneers in the e-cigarette/vape industry.

Apollo Eliquid FAQ review

They currently serve millions of customers in over 90 countries and are globally recognized as a leading brand name. Their focus is on customer satisfaction and are pro active in responding to their ever changing preferences.

Apollo E-liquid manufacture to extremely high standards from a state of the art ISO 8 certified clean-room facility in Livermore, California with mixologists that are not only self confessed vapers themselves but share experience as Chemists with PHD degrees.

A UK distribution office can also be located in Croydon, London.

The FAQ range come in 60ml shortfill bottles ready to receive a 10ml 18mg nicotine shot to provide an overall 3mg level when vaped.

Please note: When adding a nic shot remember to shake the bottle vigorously and allow the air bubbles to disperse prior to vaping. I would personally recommend leaving the bottle for 24-48 hours.

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What Can We Expect From the FAQ E-Liquid Range?

Apollo E-liquid are catering for a mixed audience with this particular range and there is something here for the fruit,dessert and bakery loving vaper.

Mixed to a 70VG/30PG blend, this is a range that’s suitable for basic starter kits as well as more evolved tank set ups. Cloud production should at least be of adequate quality and flavour will translate across a wide range of set ups.

This sounds like quite a sweet selection so only time will tell if my cotton and coils are up to task.

For an up close and personal opinion I’m running a single fused Clapton at 0.24ohm on my trusty OFRF Gear RTA at 35w for all five juice reviews.

I would like to thank Apollo Future Technology Ltd UK Distribution for providing the FAQ range free of charge for the purposes of review – and must stress that these are my own opinions.

Taste is subjective, folks!

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Green Party

Apollo Eliquid Green Party

Apollo E-liquid Says:

Here’s a party for your taste buds with Green Party! Tart kiwis balanced to perfection with great green apples!

I Say:

Let’s get this party started!

A satisfyingly juicy green apple with plenty of full bodied appeal can be found during the exhale of Green Party and there is just the right balance of sweetness which continues long after the vape ends.

The authenticity of this single fruit content more than makes up for the absence of Kiwi but there’s certainly an element of tart to round off a generally enjoyable experience.

Works great with a glass of cider!

Guava Blast

Apollo Eliquid Guava Blast

Apollo E-liquid Says:

Blast with flavour with Guava Blast! A fantastic juicy guava balanced with just a bit of lemongrass to not give you an overwhelming guava punch, but rather a guava blast!

I Say:

There’s no guava blast with this.

Instead there’s a very refreshing mix of fruits all thrown together in a very impressive manner!

Of instant recognition is the citrus element incorporating a clever fusion of orange and lemon which, as the profile description mentions, does not overwhelm so extra kudos to Apollo E-liquid for delivering what they promise with Guava Blast.

On occasion there is a back-note of pineapple to sustain interest levels for what could easily become an all day vape and as with Green Party, the sweetness to the vape is probably its hook!

Funky Monkey

Apollo Eliquid Funky Monkey

Apollo E-liquid Says:

Get funky with the monkey! Ripe bananas masked with strawberries with just a touch of killer kiwis for a fruit medley your taste buds will appreciate all day!

I Say:

I’m not the biggest fan of mixing banana with strawberry.

It’s usually one or the other for me but with Funky Monkey any issues I may have are put firmly on the back burner. Why?

Apollo E-liquid has done a damn good job of the balancing they refer to.

Predominant is the banana which still nods more to the candy variety but there are some pleasant back-notes of a sweet berry running through the whole exhale.

Again I struggle to pick out any killer kiwi but the intensity of the fruit is pitched just enough to make it an enjoyable experience albeit one that leans more towards a candy sweet profile than anything fresh and ripe as is suggested.

It’s a jungle out there when it comes to this kind of monkeying around but there’s no underarm scratching on this occasion.

Miss Samoa

Apollo Eliquid Miss Samoa

Apollo E-liquid Says:

Come and knock on our door if you have a bottle of Miss Samoa!

Delicious crunchy cookie layered with chocolate, drizzled with caramel and only gently kissed with a hint of coconut for the perfect balance for the perfect cookie vape!

I Say:

I must confess I’ve been waiting for this one.

As much as I can appreciate a finely produced fruity flavour, Miss Samoa is my kinda vape!

I’m not left wanting either.

From the very first vape I’m blown away by the authenticity of the desiccated coconut which works perfectly on the taste buds while allowing the creamy milk chocolate to melt away on the exhale.

A biscuit base is very clearly definable and I can almost pick out a hint of ginger, reminiscent of those hard ginger snap cookies.

This is by far the most complex arrangement on offer within the FAQ range and has been produced with a high degree of precision. Everything that is promised has been delivered.

A beauty of an e-liquid profile!

Coney Apple

Apollo Eliquid Coney Apple

Apollo E-liquid Says:

A flavour straight from the Island next to the city that never sleeps, Coney Apple is a delicious green apple covered and coated in sweet, sticky caramel!

I Say:

Not quite the toffee apple I was expecting instead a layer of caramel that unfortunately has the effect of muting what should have been a much more prominent and sweet cooked apple.

As a combination, Coney Apple is borderline synthetic in flavour output and none of the ingredients pull together effectively enough, rendering it the worst in the FAQ range.

Had toffee played a part in the creation instead of the rather lame caramel back-note, I may have been able to enjoy it more but as things stand, unlike the city, I won’t be losing any sleep tonight.

Final Review Verdict

Apollo Future Technology have done a grand job with some artistic colour splashes to the bottle and labeling, whilst the style of font is large and clear.

It’s a shame that like so many other manufacturers there’s nothing to tell of what to expect from the vaping experience itself.

It’s a minor gripe but given the amount of real estate on a 50ml bottle is there really any reason not to provide this?

The FAQ range will appeal to the average vaper that enjoys fruity, sweet e-liquids and certainly won’t disappoint.

Although an odd decision I found Miss Samoa to be a very welcome distraction from the banana, strawberry, guava and apple influences.

I refrain from mentioning kiwi because I just couldn’t pick it out.

On a more positive note, it’s always good to see a manufacturer broadening their profile spectrum within any given range, instead of playing to one specific type of vaper.

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Green Party
Guava Blast
Funky Monkey
Miss Samoa
Coney Apple
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