The Tonics Vape Co e-liquid review and these are a booze based trio of juices – so is it cheers or tears?

There’s nothing quite as nice in the evening as a Gin and Tonic, especially with the lovely sunny weather we’ve been having recently.

Tonics Vape Co Full Range

Even during lock down however, it’s not really appropriate to be having a G&T at 11 in the morning, so I’m interested to see if this gin and tonic flavoured e-liquid can scratch that itch!

[Editor: “speak for yourself mate – a G&T at 11am is perfectly acceptable – it’s always 5pm somewhere in the world lol”]

What Can We Expect From Tonics Co Vape Juice?

I haven’t been able to find out a lot of information on Tonics Vape Co, as unfortunately their website doesn’t seem to be up currently.

However I was able to find a Facebook group, which is where I got their descriptions of the flavours.

There was a bit of a trend a year or so ago for Gin and Tonic flavoured everything.

A quick Google finds me G&T flavoured crisps, sweets, even yogurts! Not to mention G&T flavoured drinks, which seems to be missing the point a little…

So can these three e-liquids manage the subtlety and complexity of a well crafted cocktail? Only one way to find out!

For all of these taste tests I used my Wotofo Profile, with the 0.18Ω mesh, freshly wicked each time.

These all come in at 50ml 70/30 VG/PG blends in a 60ml bottle to allow you to add your own nic shot.

Rhubarb & Rose Gin – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Tonics Vape Co Rhubarb and Rose Gin

Tonics Vape Co Say:

A lovely sweet rhubarb with botanical rose notes served with tonic

I Say:

Smelling this one was not a terribly pleasant experience! Rhubarb and Rose are quite dominant smells, and they seem weird and artificial here.

However, the proof of the e-liquid is in the vaping!

On the inhale there’s a strong rhubarb element. It manages to have that almost spicy taste that lingers on your tongue after your vape.

Exhaling lets the rose flavour come through, it can be quite a sickly flavour normally, but playing against the rhubarb means this feel like a very pleasant vape.

Really good balancing of two strong flavours here, quite a rich vape, so not sure it’s one I’d want to vape all day.

Sloe Gin & Cucumber – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Sloe Gin and Cucumber

Tonics Vape Co Say:

The quality taste of aged sloe gin finished with cucumber tonic

I Say:

Again this one smells very artificial, but as I learned on the first one, that doesn’t necessarily say anything about the quality of the vape.

Sloe Gin is fantastic, and if you’ve never tried it before, it’s a rich complex berry flavour.

Normally it’s something that you find getting trotted out in the winter, where those warming flavours are appreciated!

You definitely get the sloe flavours coming through strongly, but before you even get to exhaling, that’s balanced off with the cucumber.

I really enjoy cucumber, it’s a good way of giving a clean refreshing taste without being too overpowering.

With the cucumber balancing out the richer, spicy notes of the sloe, this is a vape that I would happily vape all day.

Strawberry & Lime Gin – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Strawberry and Lime

Tonics Vape Co Say:

Ripe Strawberry Blended with citrusy lime served with tonic

I Say:

There’s a definite smell of strawberries coming from this one. But it’s also got an undertone of… washing up liquid.

Vaping it and you get the strawberries first, a very rich fruity taste.

However on the exhale, that washing up liquid comes back!

It tastes like they’ve probably used a kaffir lime flavour. Unfortunately this overpowers any other flavours in this liquid.

This is definitely the most disappointing of the flavours for me, and it tastes like a bit of bargain basement flavour.

Final Review Verdict

Out of the three flavours I tried, Tonic Vape Co managed two really interesting and well blended flavours, a clever one/two punch of slightly more unusual flavours.

The Strawberry & Lime was definitely the low point, although I can see what they were going for based on their other flavours.

All three of the flavours have a warmer, fruit base, and then they’re lightened up by the secondary flavour – similar to having a combination of an interesting gin, and a lighter tonic.

As for whether these taste like Gin & Tonic..?

No, not really! But that’s actually not a criticism, what they have managed to do is create a couple of flavours with an interesting balance of tastes.

And surely that’s the aim of a good G&T!

So – is this a trio of flavours you’re interested in trying?

Have you tried the Tonics Vape Co e-liquid?

Let me know in the comments below.

Rhubarb & Rose Gin
Sloe Gin & Cucumber
Strawberry & Lime Gin
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