The Skywalker is a new RDA by UD. But What do I Think About it? Find Out Below!

Today we will be looking at the UD Skywalker RDA, a new addition to UD’s collection of drippers.

UD or ‘Youde Technology’ are a company based in china well known for their affordable vaping devices, atomisers and accessories.

They have previously released products such as the Balrog, and the Goblin Mini V3 and Zephyrus series of atomisers.

The UD Skywalker RDA is available in black and stainless steel finishes.

As always my opinions are honest and my own.

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What’s In The Box

  • Skywalker RDA
  • Spare O-Rings & Post Screws
  • BF Squonk Pin
  • 2 x Fused Clapton Coils
  • Warranty Terms Leaflet
  • Information Leaflet


  • W: 24mm H: 29.5mm
  • Weight: 120g
  • 4mm deep juice well
  • 2 posts design with 3mm wide vertically slotted posts
  • SS, Delrin & Ultem Construction

Build Quality & Design

So let’s start from the top! At the top of the Skywalker, you have an 810 or ‘goon style’ drip tip. On the black version you get a delrin drip tip, and on the SS version, you will receive an SS drip tip.

Beneath that is the Ultem or PEI airflow control barrel. This has one o-ring in the top to secure the drip tip and one external o-ring so that it grips the outer airflow barrel.

This has three slots in it to allow dual or single coil builds on the deck. I have found that it is quite tough to adjust the airflow on this atty.

The outer airflow barrel is made from stainless steel and has two dual horizontal cyclops airflow holes, and as you can see from the picture, they are split in the middle.

You also have a logo with two Lightsabres behind it, along with “Skywalker RDA” beneath it.

The deck features two massive posts, with big and chunky post screws which are adjusted with a flat head screwdriver.

These posts can acommodate up to 3-4mm wide coils quite comfortably.

The juice well is also roughly 4mm deep. Around the outside of the deck are two o-rings which secure the outer airflow barrel.

At the bottom of the deck, the user can choose to use either the solid 510 pin, or the hollow pin for squonking depending on what device they are using it on.

This is easy enough to change with a flat headed screwdriver.

Overall, this RDA is built very well.

There were no signs of machine oil, no sharp edges or any defects that need addressing.

The only slight downfall is the noisy airflow which may bug some people.

I believe that this is due to the bar that splits the airflow into two.

Here are a few pictures of the Skywalker RDA on various devices:

The Sigelei KAOS SpectrumThe COV WraithThe Lost Vape Drone BF

Prebuilt Fused Clapton Coils

Included in the Skywalker RDA are two prebuilt fused claption coils. They fit nicely on the deck and produce some good flavour and reasonable clouds!

The Dodgy Branding

The UD Skywalker features text, font and logos which are under trademark with Disney/Star Wars/Lucas Arts.

This, in my opinion, is a bad move from UD and puts this RDA in a bad light.

Extremely lazy branding indeed. How hard is it to think up a name of an atomiser without infringing copyright or IP laws?

For example, they could have called this “The Cloudbuster RDA 3000” without any problems… Feel free to use that one in the future, UD!

I personally do not agree with or endorse the branding on this atomiser from UD.

How Does the UD Skywalker RDA Perform?

Coil Performance (Included Fused Clapton Coils)

The included fused clapton coils come out to 0.14Ω when paired, which is a great resistance for dripping, but the coils do tend to pop and spit at high wattages.

I wicked the coils with some Texas Tuff Cotton.

40w Test:

An extremely tepid and ‘meh’ vape. The coils ramp up nicely, but aren’t producing much flavour or clouds

50w Test: 

I would say 50w is the bare minimum to vape with the included coils. They start to crackle and pop, but not too badly. The flavour is pretty standard at this wattage, and so are the clouds.

60w Test:

Now we’re getting somewhere! The flavour and clouds are coming through nicely. A warm vape, but nothing too bad. This RDA can still go higher!

70w Test:

Again, some nice flavour and clouds, the vape is becoming a lot warmer and I’m getting the odd spit of hot e-liquid on my tongue.

Sweet Spot:

I personally like vaping this at around 64w, you get a great combination of flavour and clouds, and not a lot of hot e-liquid hitting your tongue.

Ease Of Build On The Skywalker RDA

The Skywalker RDA is extremely easy to build on. The wide post slots allow coils up to 3mm wide to fit comfortably.

I would recommend cutting the legs off the first coil before installing the second coil though.

The posts and post screws are built very well and I haven’t experienced any weakness, bending or warping when clamping down the coils.

See The Skywalker In Action With My Video Review & Build Tutorial

What I Like

It’s a lovely looking RDA. I like the contrasting black and Ultem sections on the Skywalker.

The deck is extremely easy to build on and wick as well.

It produces reasonable flavour and clouds no matter what build you put on it. The hollow squonk pin.

What I Dislike

The branding – A massive no-no.

The Ultem may bug some people, but that’s completely subjective.

Stiff airflow control. The noisy airflow.

Final Review Verdict

A great RDA, easy to build on and use, but it’s a shame that the branding lets it down.

Would I buy the UD Skywalker RDA if I lost or broke it?

If it was re-branded. Yes. But in its current state, not at all.

Have you used the Skywalker RDA? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


  • Very easy to build on
  • Great looking RDA
  • Decent flavour and cloud production


  • Branding – Not a good move for me
  • Stiff and noisy airflow

Sale on Via Link Below

Build Quality
Ease Of Build
Likelihood of Replacing if Lost Or Damaged
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