What Triggered This Tracker?

We recently shared in our Vape News about an study on the World Vapers Alliance (WVA) website which asks the question “How biased is the media about vaping?

The study in question was written by Michael Landl (Director of the WVA) and passionate vape advocate.

michael landl

It studied articles about vaping in the media during the week 23/4/22 to 1/5/22 to determine how many were Positive, Negative or Neutral on the subject.

There were only 4 articles from the UK and 3 of those were positive and 1 Neutral.

Continuation Of The Study

I thought I would like to continue this study – so I will be looking out on mainstream media including national newspaper websites and national news sites for any articles which are vaping related.

This started on May 1st 2022 and I am aiming to continue monitoring for 6 months.

I will then classify if they are..

  • Positive – the article promotes vaping.
  • Negative – the article warns against vaping.
  • Neutral – either it is just a factual article or it does cover both sides of the argument equally.

Michael’s experiment was global and he found that 40% of the articles he studied were Negative and 29% were Neutral / Positive each.

I will keep adding to this as more articles are published and the chart will help display how the UK media portrays vaping in general.

Obviously this is not a scientific experiment more just to see the general opinion.

I have not included any sources behind a paywall as I am not able to fully read the article to assess whether it is positive or negative sadly.

Please also share any mainstream media articles in the UK I might have missed in the comments section!

UK News Sentiment

  • Positive
  • Negative
  • Neutral

News Source – July

Sadly July has brought a lot of negative news mainly related to disposable vapes. The ASH Youth Vaping survey showed that youth vaping has slightly increased but more under age people are using disposable vapes – which seems to be one of the triggers.


  • None so far (up to 20th July 2022)



News Source – June

It is worth noting a lot of news articles are about the Khan Review into Tobacco control which was published June 9th 2022.

Vaping was a huge part of this review so was mentioned in articles with headlines relating to other measures in the review.




News Source – May




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