The Untold eliquid review and this is a brand new range from someone very close to Ecigclick.

Yup the flavours have been created by our very own reviewer Harley!

He’s a very busy man – writing reviews for us and also running and presenting the VapeMill YouTube channel which is well worth a view or two – he really is a whacky dude bringing a ton of energy to the screen 🙂

Aaaaand apart from being a family man, he also owns and runs the extremely popular VapeMill vape shop!

A man of very many talents…

OK, I asked Harley to tell us a little more about his life – vape shop and obviously, all about the Untold eliquid range.

Update: Chapter Two – Candy Tide now added!

Harley On Vape Reviewing – His Vape Shop and the Untold Eliquid Range

How long have you ran Vapemill – is it your business and where is it?

I opened Vapemill in April 2019. I’m originally from Sheffield and my favourite shop was at Hillsborough, when I moved up here (Nottingham/Derby) there wasn’t really any shops that had the same “vibe”.

A chilled out place with music a sofa and more importantly every flavour in a tank ready to be tested (using a disposable drip tip).

After taking a friend on a tour around about 20 vape shops, I decided we need more shops like that.

Untold Eliquid review chapter one

So I opened Vapemill.. although it’s become more “standard” since opening. For example, the reality of running a vape shop in a residential area, and having 42+ liquids on 42 tanks ready to be tested, isn’t actually that sustainable.

But it’s pretty much how I like to run VapeMill, trying to find new and better ways to do things.

I even designed an open source coil/tank compatibility database, way before I had an online store. I didn’t and don’t operate Vapemill to maximize profits. It’s about helping people. –

What made you get into vape reviewing?

I’d never actually watched reviews before I started, I didn’t even really know they existed.

A friend suggested it, so pretty much a month after opening the shop I uploaded my first review: the Smok Nord.

Untold Eliquid vapemill youtube vape channel

What’s the best and worst thing you’ve reviewed?

LostVape Lyra is the worst i think. It’s certainly in the bottom 3. It was just completely flavourless.

The best… Hmm, I think the highest scoring one on ecigclick is the Wotofo RDTA, I do love me a good RDTA. But we’re in a time where the standards are pretty high and it must be super hard to stand out in a good way.

What made you create a line of e-liquids?

I don’t know!

Haha it’s me, I’m constantly moving forward, wanting to do more. I’ve actually fully 3d deigned a few hardware pieces already.. and they come before the idea to start e-liquid.

I’ve been vaping for years and was mixing before people even know what a “mod” was, the only reason, I’ve never done it commercially, is the legality that comes with it… I really don’t want a clean room.

But then a while ago I was talking to a lab and it’s just grew in my mind ever since, I have no reason not to do it.

Just out source the mixing.

Where did you get the inspiration for the flavours?

There is a mix of what I like, what other people like…

And just what I thought would fit in with the story. Haha sorry no major secret there.

I don’t think you can go far wrong with a flavour profile, there will always be someone who likes it… For me it’s more about the experience and the prominence.

vapemill vape shop Harley

Are they only available from your vape shop and online – or will they be distributed?

It is currently Vapemill only until November/December.

I am currently in contact with distributors, and we have prices agreed and eager to go.

The only reason it’s not currently being distributed is, for obvious reasons the distributors weren’t happy to do the staggered launch dates.

So we agreed that we would send them to the distro(s) after all of the current chapters are launched. So all being well your local shops should be able to stock it before Christmas.

What’s different about this range of e-liquids than any others?

It’s mine!


Untold is different inside and out.
From the continuous story that describes the flavour profile to the the actual flavours, which are all thick smooth and bursting with flavour.

I’m not a fan of following the crowd, I’m not going to release an just because Heisenberg because it’s popular and will sell.

Starting a fresh brand with fresh new flavours is definitely harder than copying what already works but the packaging /story is already turning heads and I’m pretty surely the flavours will do the same.

vapemill harley

OK…scene set…

Thanks to Harley for taking the time out from his extremely hectic schedule to tell us more about himself and his new line of e-liquids.

Right, on with the taste test!

I’ll be using my go to dripper, the awesome and extremely flavoursome Augvape BTFC RDA.

Untold Eliquid Review – Chapter One – It Has Begun!

untol eliquid review - chapter one

Untold Eliquid Says:

As the chanting began and the tensions rose, cocktails flew through the air, the stacks of Coconut bombs grew and spiky pineapples lined the floor.

It has begun.

I Say:

No doubting what the aroma is coming from the bottle!

I’m getting a glorious Caribbean collision of coconut and pineapple…

Man – I’m whisked back to sunny days – warm nights – reggae on the beach and lashings of potent fruity cocktails…oh my…

The inhale is pure sweet coconut – think Malibu and a Bounty bar mash up.

The pineapple arrives just as the thick unctuous vapour hits your taste buds stopping it from becoming too rich.

It’s on the exhale where this e-liquid hits my vaping sweet spot.

Voluminous clouds of aromatic goodness combine, creating a tropical storm of seriously sexy flavours in your mouth and room…wow…

Yeah he might be my mate – but man – this is some magical mixing!

Untold Eliquid Review – Chapter Two – Candy Tide

untold-chapter-2-candy-tide- review

Untold Eliquid Says:

Dashing to find cover from the frontier of flying fruit, you find yourself stuck to the floor by the river of fruit, so sweet and sticky like the richest candy you could every know.

I Say:

The flavour notes suggest this might be a little too sweet for my palate…so is it?

The inhale is surprising, with an almost citrus kick – faint but definitely there.

I’m immediately thinking of boiled sweets/candies that you use for long journeys – Fox’s Fruits for instance.

Its very clever blending for whilst it is indeed sweet its not over sugary or syrupy.

The sweetness kicks up on the exhale but again not overpowering.

At a push this could be an all day vape for me even though it’s on the very edge of my sweet tolerance.

Very nice indeed and I have to say the smell from this is divine.

Final Review Verdict

Its actually not the final review verdict – we still have 2 more Chapters to review…

However like I said – Harley has decided on a staggered release – nothing like keeping us all in high anticipation ha!

What I can say is I’ve been lucky enough to taste this quartet of flavours and well…

Like a good book – you really don’t want to know the ending 😉

Chapter One - It Has Begun!
Chapter Two - Candy Tide
Neil Humber
I began vaping in 2012 and found it easy to give up a 40 per day roll-up habit! DTL: Lost Vape DNA75C BF - Dead Rabbit SQ - MTL: JacVapour Sandstorm DNA 75 + Augvape Merlin Nano RTA...Daily set-up Lost Vape DNA 250c and Geekvape Zeus X I'm a former journalist and now a writer and author.. I'm an Army veteran - adore dogs and never happier than with a good book on a beach.


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