The Uwell Valyrian II kit follows on from the Valyrian sub ohm tank, a standalone product.

Uwell have decided to move forwards with an upgraded tank and this time, a three battery mod for company.The Valyrian II Kit

They’ve cemented their place in vaping history with the likes of the incredibly popular Crown range of tanks, as well as their Nunchaku kit which has recently received an overhaul.

These days no review is complete without the mention of a pod system and here, the Uwell Caliburn excels.

To class the Valyrian II as a starter kit, however, is somewhat misleading. Anything that requires the use of three batteries is going to be tailored (at a minimum) to the intermediate vaper from the get go.

Meanwhile, Valyrian itself is a fictional language that you may recognise from Game of Thrones. For the purposes of review I will continue in English. If that’s ok with you! lol.

What Can We Expect From The Valyrian II By Uwell?

The Valyrian II box mod and Valyrian II sub ohm tank can be purchased separately if so desired. At the time of writing there only appears to be a TPD compliant version of this kit but Uwell do offer a 6ml glass extension.

So what can we expect? To be honest, as with any three battery mod the claims of running at 300W for any extended period of time are ludicrous and in my opinion, quite a dangerous practice.

Run the Valyrian kit at up to 150-200W and expect to get half decent battery life. As far as power output is concerned less is always more especially with this kind of device.

I would like to extend my thanks to New Vaping for supplying this product free of charge for the purposes of review.

I’ve no idea what to expect from the device so join me as I offer my honest opinions on the Uwell Valyrian II kit.

What’s In The Box?

  • Valyrian II Mod
  • Drip Tip Cover
  • User Manual
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Valyrian II Sub Ohm Tank
  • 0.32ohm UN2 Single Mesh Coil
  • 0.14ohm UN2-2 Dual Mesh Coil
  • Spare O-Rings

Uwell have also included a battery safety card which clearly demonstrates the condition they should be kept in. I give them full kudos for this!

Uwell Valyrian II Kit Unboxing

Specifications And Features

The Valyrian Mod Specifications

  • Zinc Alloy, PC+ABS & Stainless Steel
  • Size: 49mm Depth 41mm Width 74mm Height
  • Weight: 148g
  • Power Range: 5W – 300W
  • Voltage Range: 0.7V – 10V
  • Resistance Range: 0.1ohm -3ohm (VW) 0.1ohm – 1ohm (TC)

The Valyrian Mod Features

  • An innovative SS904 TC mode tailor made for the SS904L Uwell coil
  • Triple 18650 batteries supplying maximum 300W
  • Individual battery chambers increasing the level of safety during use
  • Internal chipset coated to prevent corrosion and increases the lifespan of mod
  • Reliable, fast firing performance rated at 0.008 seconds
  • Smaller than most triple 18650 battery mods. Ergonomic design

The Valyrian II Tank Specifications

Valyrian 2 PMMA glass tube O rings and airflow

  • Stainless Steel & PMMA Glass
  • 27mm diameter 57.5mm height
  • Weight 69.4g
  • Tank capacity 2ml (TPD compliant)
  • Thread 510
  • UN2 single mesh coil rated 90W – 100W
  • UN2-2 dual mesh coil rated 80W – 90W

The Valyrian II Tank Features

  • Self cleaning technology to absorb leaking from airflow ports
  • Flip cap design for easy juice filling
  • Innovative UN2 coils heat evenly to produce great flavour
  • Single, Dual, Triple and quadruple coils are available
  • FOCS flavour testing technology provides an excellent vape experience
  • Hand polished parts to present ingenuity

Design And Build Quality

The Valyrian Mod

The Uwell Valyrian 2 mod comes in four different colour schemes. Red, Blue, Purple and the one I’m reviewing which is white.
Uwell Valyrian II Mod

First Impressions

Every part of this mod is a fingerprint magnet, from the colour panel wraps to the chrome on the front fascia which extends along the top and bottom.

Within a week I noticed some deep scratches which prematurely aged its appearance. For some reason it also feels rather “sticky” in the hand.

That’s a shame because the minimal height means that it fits quite comfortably in the hand, especially when compared to the similarly designed Wismec RX GEN 3 mod.

510 Pin

The gold plated 510 pin is situated towards the front of the mod so Uwell have missed a trick there.

For a mod that is technically capable of hitting 300W you would expect to find more room for larger diameter tanks, rta’s and rda’s.

Unfortunately anything over 25mm is going to lead to that dreaded “overhang” we all know and hate!

The 510 pin is spring loaded and has a very good throw or range of movement.

It’s Always Good To Vent

Uwell have included adequate battery venting ports at sensible locations around the lower sides of the mod. They are also incorporated into the door hinge on the underside.

Let’s move on to that, shall we?

Door Hinge And Battery Sled

It takes a certain amount of force to release the battery door and in doing so you may notice how loose the hinge is.

Valyrian II Kit Door Hinge and Venting
Bottom door hinge and venting ports

There’s plenty of movement so only time will tell how long it’s gonna hold up.

Valyrian II Kit Battery Placement
There are clear markings to indicate battery placement.

Full Kudos again to Uwell for letter co-ordinating the battery positions. Not only that but they include plus and minus symbols at the bottom of the sled too. Even though this should be a mandatory requirement with all external battery mods in my opinion.

Expect plenty of shake, rattle and roll from the three 18650’s when inserted. Expect none when you close the hinged door. Phew!


The fire button is placed at the top of the mod. There’s a natural tendency to use the thumb for a more comfortable grip. It will however, obscure your view of the LED screen.

This isn’t an issue when using the menu buttons as they can be found underneath the screen. All buttons are clicky and reassuringly responsive so that’s good.

Let’s Get Funky With The Functions

The mod has a large OLED backlit screen that performs perfectly in all lighting conditions.

Valyrian mod showing power menu screen
The Valyrian mod showing power mode display during use.

Five clicks of the fire button are required if you’re ever going to use this device and a further five clicks will power it down.

Locking And Unlocking

To lock the device

  • With the mod switched on, hold the fire and left menu button for two seconds to lock.
  • While the mod is locked, hold the fire and left menu button for two seconds to unlock.

To lock the menu functions (vape mode)

  • With the mod switched on, hold the fire and right menu button for two seconds to lock.
  • While the mod is locked, hold the fire and right menu button for two seconds to unlock.

Mode Selection

To enter mode selection press the fire button three times within two seconds. The current selected mode will flash.

  • Use the left or right menu buttons to cycle through the available modes.
  • Use the fire button to make appropriate adjustments.

A Note On Temp And Temperature Control Modes

The Temp mode has been designed to work only with Uwell SS904L coils.

The temperature control mode is designed to work with DIY coils and stainless steel is recommended.

Unfortunately I’ve never dabbled with temperature control so that won’t be covered during this review.

The Valyrian II Tank

Uwell Valyrian II tank component break down
Individual components of the Valyrian II tank

The tank is available in black and stainless steel.

Airflow Control

The diameter of the tank is actually 25mm at the base but is described as being wider and that’s due to the knurling on the airflow ring sitting above.

Speaking of airflow, there are three sizeable ports and the Valyrian has to rate as one of the easiest to use.

Those adjustments are the silkiest and smoothest I’ve encountered on a sub ohm tank!

They really are that good. As always, whatever changes you make on one port are reflected on the others.

PMMA (Acrylic) Tube, Threads And O Rings

Technically this is a toughened acrylic tank. Whether this is up to more citric based juice, only time can tell. I would certainly have preferred a more traditional standard glass tubing but it is what it is. On the plus side it’s not likely to be as fragile..

The threading is a bit squeaky when unscrewing from the base but smooth enough around the top cap when releasing the cap from the chimney. You will need to do this to replace or maintain the tank.

How To Maintain The Tank

  • Hold the base by the knurling to unscrew the top cap in a counterclockwise motion.
  • Pull the tube up and away from the seal on the base.
  • Re install by re seating onto seal of base and screwing the top cap back clockwise.

Substantially sized O rings are employed under the top cap and around the base of the tank ensuring a snug fit for the acrylic tank. You’ll encounter no leaking here.

Top Cap And Filling

Valyrian II tank top cap filling mechanism
The Valyrian II tank uses a spring mechanism to lift the cap.

Working very much like the pod of the Vapmor VGO and thanks to the “flip cap” button sitting flush around the top cap, the tank is pretty much child proof.

It’s a very simple yet well thought out design and very easy to use. Again, I do have reservations as to the longevity of the spring/hinge as it moves around as freely as that of the battery door.

Under the top cap are two mid sized fill ports that are 3.8mm in diameter. Not the biggest so take this into consideration when using larger nozzles.

Drip Tip

The drip tip itself is removable and made of Delrin with a decorative metal ring at its base. It certainly looks and feels very much at home and during tests remained cool to the touch. There are no O rings used on either this or the inside of the top cap. The first one of my own fitted perfectly which indicates you should be able to use one of your choice.

Rather thoughtfully, Uwell have taken into considering various working environments by including a rubber drip tip cover. A very nice touch and something of a rarity.

How To Fill The Uwell Valyrian 2 Tank

  1. Turn the airflow ring into the closed position.
  2. Press the flip cap button to open the top cap.
  3. Insert juice into one of the two fill ports. NOT down the centre hole!
  4. Close the top cap and allow the juice to sit for ten minutes. (Applies to new coil)

Valyrian II Tank filling process pic

How Does The Uwell Valyrian II Kit Perform?

The Mod

There’s no two ways about it. The mod is always going to be a weighty beast with three 18650 batteries installed. You won’t be carrying this around in your pocket without getting some seriously odd looks! It’s inherently designed to be left upright on a flat surface.

Combined with two monster coils the mod really comes to life. It’s true to say that the fire response times are up there with any Voopoo Gene chip on the market.

Yup! The Valyrian mod is that good.

This does, however mean it suffers with PFM (premature Firing Mode). Quite embarrassing when out in public places! lol.

I’m not a fan of the panels on the mod as they feel very slippery meaning that it’s possible to lose this out of the hand. They feel almost too smooth and reminiscent of white ceramic bathroom tiles.

The reduction in height means that the mod remains comfortable in the hand and during use. I couldn’t say that about my old Wismec Reuleaux RX2.

It’s The Little Things (So The Wife Tells Me)

Just a quick mention about the screen display. There’s no way of adjusting the brightness levels which are set quite high.

Not only that but it takes a whacking 60 seconds of inactivity to time out.

That’s inexcusable even for a three battery mod and surely a waste of good vaping time.

How often have you used a mod where vital statistics of the battery life/health have only been available while vaping?

Not so with this mod as Uwell have cleverly suspended these details for a few seconds allowing you to take note of the finer points displayed on the screen. It’s the little things that make a big difference. That’s a very nice touch and something other manufacturers might like to take note of.

Battery Performance

Absolutely phenomenal!

I got 14 hours regular vaping use out of this kit while running at a constant 90-100W.

Always within the guidelines of the coil capacity with the occasional chain vaping session. I barely noticed any drop in performance and it wasn’t until the mod actually displayed a “low battery” message that I knew!

That instant firing ability remained right up until the final tug. Awesome performance.

Tip! If you’re planning on purchasing the Uwell Valyrian II kit please make sure that you fully charge three batteries of the same type before using.

This allows a “marriage” ensuring an even and constant drain across all three during use.

Never mix batteries from different suppliers. Of course you may already know this but it never hurts to be reminded, does it?

UN2 Coil

The tank comes with the UN2 0.32ohm single mesh coil pre installed. It makes sense to start here, I guess.

Uwell UN2 Single Mesh CoilNegative Neil. He comes and goes! lol.

The coil was registering at 0.29ohm which is something that really annoys me. Had Uwell stated it was 0.3ohm I could have accepted that as a standard coil resistance but to be this slap happy with their claim? That’s not really good in my opinion. The plus side is that the resistance held during the test period.

Tip! It’s always a good idea to let the juice settle for a short period of time when using a new coil. This is especially apt given the size of these ones. They’re bloody huge!

So give it five to ten minutes before you first vape.

ValyrianII UN2 Single Mesh Coil
Bullet Time! The pre installed UN2 single mesh coil.

The UN2 coil is rated at between 90-100W so another useful idea is to bring the coil up to this level from a much lower wattage to help with the coil heating process.

It always works for me and just acts as another safeguard especially when purchasing more expensive coils.

Useful tips and at no expense to your wallet.. I’m good like that! lol

Standard Liquid Ratio

I carried out my first flavour and cloud test using the remains of Miss Samoa, a 70VG/30PG blend from Apollo E-liquids FAQ range.

This coil appears to require no break in period because the chocolate and biscuit base of the profile was instantly prominent. Flavour production was superb from the get go although it took a little bit longer for the cloud output to follow even vaping at the 90W setting.

During this period I was using my usual restrictive direct to lung airflow setting, with two thirds dialled off. The PMMA (or acrylic) tank was coping just fine, remaining Luke warm throughout periods of heavy vaping. All good stuff.

High VG Ratio

You just gotta love a high VG homebrew concentrate! Especially when it’s one of the botched ones I create. lol

Next up was my very own Nom Nomz Jamerang with around an 85VG/15PG ratio for good measure and even better cloud production. I’ve never found the jam content to be that authentic but it affords a very good level of sweetness especially when using a good flavour RDA.

This was what I was looking for in the Valyrian II tank. It was slightly lacking, preferring to expose more of the synthetic nature of the jam.

Cloud production was unaffected and billowed satisfyingly thick white plumes into the living room. Clearing to reveal the furrowed brow of the Wife..!

Curiously enough I did encounter some seeping from the ports with airflow fully open. As an additional surprise I also experienced warm liquid on the tongue. I can’t really say why that happened but the Valyrian II is certainly not the only culprit anyway.

80VG/20PG Ratio

Valyrian II tank with air bubbles
Hot Stuff! Superb wicking from the Valyrian II tank.

Having used two very different flavour profiles with the UN2 coil I moved onto my final test. A menthol cold blast of Zeus Juice very own Black Reloaded, this time hitting the 100W mark.

The coil performed like a trooper! There was no other way to vape than with airflow half open as tighter restrictions were now heating the drip tip and making the vape very uncomfortable.

Both cloud and flavour was exceptionally good and indeed on par with any self respecting RDA. Easily eclipsing the performance of my beloved Dead Rabbit RTA!

With the airflow wide open I was still suffering from warm liquid hitting the tongue. It’s the only thing preventing a gush fest.

I had zero issues switching the coil over to the dual mesh coil included in the kit.

Changing The Coil

    1. Twist off the base in a counterclockwise motion.
    2. Unscrew the coil from the base in a counterclockwise motion.
    3. Make sure the O rings are firmly attached before screwing the new coil in.
    4. Twist the base back on in a clockwise motion.

UN2-2 Dual Mesh Coil

The coil is rated at 0.14ohm so I was happy to accept the 0.13ohm as registered by the mod. For the purposes of review I opted for another personal favourite juice in the form of Wick Addictions Skewered Bananas & Caramel. This is your standard 70VG/30PG ratio.Uwell UN 2-2 Mesh coil

As with the single mesh coil there was very little break in time required after allowing the cotton to saturate for a short period.

My first port of call was to test the coil with full airflow. Let me tell you here and now!

I’ve never experienced such good flavour production from a tank on this setting!

Tremendous performance.

There was hardly any degradation in quality which I was extremely impressed with.

At my usual restrictive lung setting (airflow two thirds closed), the caramel notes fell out cleanly, following on from the ripe banana and leaving a sugary texture to bounce around on the tip of the tongue. A perfect vape experience.

I will say that the overall flavour quality is not quite as intense as that of the UN2 Single mesh coil but that takes nothing away from the enjoyable vape experience. This coil also doesn’t appear to be as power mad either and was slightly quieter too across the airflow restrictions.

Neither did I suffer with juice in the mouth. For these reasons I favoured this coil over the single mesh.

Subsequent experiments with other ratios saw the coil perform equally as well and there was no leaking at any time.

I can conclude that the coils are best suited at: a

  • 70VG/30
  • 80VG/20 ratio

This is where I discovered both optimal flavour and cloud production. Quite possibly the best vape on any sub ohm tank in my opinion.

Floored By A Few Flaws

A couple of issues occurred during the testing of the Valyrian II Kit and they can both be isolated to the tank itself.

As good as the underdeck juice recycling system works, Uwell have overlooked a problem the other end. That’s to say, the flip cap or what happens whenever you refill the tank.

Uwell Valyrian II Flip Cap condensate
Liquid condensate is ever present under the flip cap.

There’s just no getting away with it! As efficient as the rubber seal is there is always enough of a gap to allow liquid condensate to form and settle under the flip cap. I found myself regularly wiping it away and thinking how it kind of cancels out the technology employed further down the tank.

The other annoyance was partly down to a lack of information in the instruction manual and concerns the coils themselves.

It wasn’t until I switched the coils that the issue surfaced and could have left this review incomplete.

Uwell ValyrianII coil adaptor
On the left is the coil adaptor, essential to the tank. Essential if you want to use it!

The UN2-2 coil came as pictured above, leaving me with one of my (not uncommon) head scratching moments. Obviously it looked incomplete but there is nothing in the instruction manual to tell you that the coil/chimney adaptor is actually an included part of the tanks anatomy! It hides, already fitted to the pre installed coil.

If you decide to purchase this kit, please remember to unscrew this adaptor from the spent coil before responsibly disposing of it… like I almost did!

Don’t lose it either, as I’m not sure how replacement coils are shipped.


  • Incredible battery life. Quite possibly the best experienced on a three battery mod.
  • Fantastic flavour from the included coils.
  • Won’t leak. Can’t leak. Pro-FOCS technology works a treat.
  • Rubber tip cover a nice touch, not often included.
  • Excellent battery venting.
  • Clear, concise battery insertion markings.
  • Silky smooth airflow control ring. One of the best out there.


  • Unacceptable screen time out period.
  • Inability to adjust screen brightness.
  • Feels slippery in the hand (subjective con).
  • Liquid seeps into mouth with airflow fully open. (Applies only to UN2 single mesh coil)
  • Flip cap and battery door hinges are loose and look fragile (subjective con).

Final Verdict

The included coils are bloody huge subsequently taking up most of the real estate within the 2ml acrylic tank. They certainly live up to their reputation as being juice guzzlers because I was refilling every 25 minutes.

At the base of the tank there’s more than adequate knurling to ensure easy airflow adjustments while attached to the mod. It’s one of the better designed tanks in this respect and I had no issues with its silky smooth motion.

The flip top cap is a dream to work with. It only takes a few seconds to refill the tank in order to start vaping again. I will warn that it’s a bit lively so you may want to cradle the back of the cap with a thumb to take some of the strain off that hinge.

Uwells Pro-FOCS flavour technology may have been working too efficiently if indeed the juice I was tasting was caused by the recycling of liquid condensate at the core of the coil. There’s no other reason why I should have been suffering from this annoyance with airflow wide open.

The tank isn’t the quietest out there but I didn’t notice any whistling and flavour was astonishing when dialled down to half restriction or less.

On the subject of flavour..

It Feels Like I’m Getting To Know Uwell

Admittedly there are a few design issues with this kit as I’ve pointed out but I have to go on record as saying that it features one of the best sub ohm tanks on the market right now. The Valyrian II consistently delivers on flavour and cloud.

I’m not really in to chucking clouds but the option is there if you’re partial. With the dual mesh coil you won’t suffer with any flavour loss either which is a mahoosive achievement from Uwell.

Overall expect a much more concentrated flavour from this tank and stick with the power guidelines for best performance, even though the mod is capable of much more.

You can expect the coils to last between 7-10 days and possibly longer if you stick to less sugar intense e-liquids.

You’re not just restricted to the two coils Uwell provide in the pack. At the time of writing, also available are:

UN2-3 0.16ohm triple mesh coil rated at 90-100W
Quadruple 0.15ohm mesh coil rated at 100-120W

Whose Wish List Should The Valyrian II Kit Be On?

This is the perfect kit for anyone that has or is using a two battery mod. Why? because there’s no real sacrifice to form factor thanks to three closely housed batteries.

I found it took a matter of hours to get used to the added depth inherent to the mod.

There’s even less sacrificed in terms of height when compared to some dual battery mods.

Furthermore, with the increased power output there’s the option of partnering the mod with your favourite RTA or RDA. Advanced vapers are going to enjoy the versatility as well as the battery life.

This takes nothing away from the Valyrian II tank though. It’s one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing.

neil cozens
Neil Cozens

My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.

Build Quality (Mod)
Build Quality (Tank)
Design (Mod)
Design (Tank)
Ease of use
Flavour/cloud - 0.32 single mesh coil
Flavour/cloud - 0.14 dual mesh coil
Replace if lost?
My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.
uwell-valyrian-ii-kit-reviewA powerhouse of a mod that uses sensibly rated coils to ensure prolonged battery life. Combined with an excellent tank that oozes flavour, the Valyrian II kit is an essential purchase for any serious minded sub ohm vaper.


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